DIY Reverse Hyper – Table Top Edition

DIY Reverse Hyper Garage Gym Lab
Let me guess... You want a reverse hyper... But you either don't like the high price tag or you don't have the space for one... Well, I have good news... Thanks to Nate Evans, you can build your very own reverse hyper ON YOUR RACK for around $60 (or less) in total. So not only do you avoid the $500-$1,000 price tag (depending on...

DIY Yoke for $100

The Yoke is an awesome implement for building a ton of strength in your upper back, posterior chain, legs, and hips. A typical Yoke is constructed with two steel uprights with a fat crossmember and four cornered posts for plate loading. They typically run several hundreds of dollars from places like Rogue, Titan, etc... In this post, I'll show you how...


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