2019 Black Friday Gym Deals

2019 Black Friday Gym Deals - Garage Gym Lab


*Updated 12/2/19 @ 9:50 am*

There is simply no better time to shop for gym equipment than on Black Friday.

As 2019 deals are announced, I'll be posting them below and highlighting some of my favorites in the ‘GGL's Top Picks' section. 

Until those deals are announced, you can see some of the 2018 offerings below to give you an idea of what you might expect.

I'll be updating this list constantly throughout Black Friday, so keep your eyes peeled.

Don't miss out on these amazing deals, as many of them come around only once a year.

GGL's Top Picks

2019 Black Friday Gym Deals

Rep Fitness

If you've been following me for a while, you know I love Rep Fitness. In my opinion, they make some of the best equipment for the money. They're an innovative company who is really pushing the boundary on both quality and value.

You can read my reviews of the following:

You can also read my detailed overviews of the following:

Rep Fitness Black Friday Poster

Here are some notable Rep Fitness Black Friday gym deals for 2019:

Rogue Fitness Black Friday

Rogue is switching it up BIG TIME this year. Instead of running their normal Black Friday event during the last week of November, Rogue Fitness is opening up the sale for the entire month!

Remember that Rogue cycles their black Friday deals, so just because you don't see something listed for sale on one day, it doesn't mean that it won't go on sale later.

In general, Rogue has Hot Deals throughout the year… they have boneyard sales throughout the year… but they have their Mack Daddy sale one time per year… Matte Black Friday… and man is it good. These deals happen FAST… really fast… so keep hitting refresh on this page to stay up to speed. Not only do they have super hot deals, but they also offer hundo pricing on various items… the more the weight, the more you save. Oh, and they offer $5 shipping when you buy 5 or more qualifying items. SHA-WING!

Here are a few of my Rogue reviews:

Rogue Black Friday Gym Deals - Garage Gym Lab

Here are some notable 2019 Rogue Fitness Black Friday deals (check back for more as they're posted):

Vulcan Strength

In my opinion, Vulcan is one of the most underrated companies in the equipment space. They're making some of the best barbells out there, they have a stellar lineup of plates, and they have a load of other quality pieces ranging from benches to dumbbells to racks.

You can read my following reviews here:

vulcan black friday

Here are some notable Vulcan Strength Black Friday gym deals from 2019:

Plus tiered pricing discounts based on cart total:

  • 7% off cart total of $0-$1,000
  • 10% off cart total of $1,001-$2,000
  • 12% off cart total of $2,001-$3,000
  • 13% off cart total of $3,001-$4,000
  • 14% off cart total of $4,001-$5,000 (+ free shipping)
  • 15% off cart total of $5,001+ (+ free shipping)

vulcan tiers

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport is another great value provider. Their plates are well known as being durable and high performing. I've handled their competition plates and I can attest to the quality.

You can read my following reviews below:


Here are some notable Fringe Sport Black Friday gym deals for 2019 (more to come):

Titan Fitness

Let's be honest, Titan Fitness runs sales ALL THE TIME. They make some of the most inexpensive equipment out there. If you're on a budget, Titan is a great place to start. Their quality won't match the likes of Rogue, Rep, etc…, but their stuff is definitely improving. Their Safety Squat Bar v2 comes to mind.

Titan Pre Black Friday - Garage Gym Lab

Here are the Titan Fitness Black Friday gym deals from 2019 (more to come):


Obviously, Amazon is going to run some really nice Black Friday deals across just about every industry you can imagine. There are lots of fitness-related items to be had on Amazon, as they sell some of the big names.

amazon logo

Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel is another company that has been hitting the scene hard. Historically, they've been a great option for those in Canada, but now they're also well into the U.S. given their expansion into Chicago. Shipping is also free in the lower 48 states.

Here are some notable 2019 Black Friday gym deals:


EliteFTS runs sales all year long, but typically Black Friday is among the best. The weeks leading up to Black Friday are excellent as well. They call this the “Better than Black Friday Sale.” Check out their sales below:


If you're looking for quality conditioning equipment such as a rower, a bike, or even an air runner, XEBEX is a popular option. Right now they have really nice discounts on those pieces.

Getrx BF - Garage Gym Lab

Here are their 2019 Black Friday Gym deals:


As seen on Shark Tank, PRx specializes in creating space-efficient rack setups that are ideal for home gyms. They make various accessories, bars, etc… Their storage solutions are very cool. Here are their 2019 Black Friday Gym Deals:

PRX Black November

Fray Fitness

Fray Fitness is a rising company making some impressive-looking pieces at really attractive prices. Their racks and plate loaded machines are especially intriguing. They haven't been around for long, but I continue to hear favorable things from folks who have purchased from them.

Click image below to see their store!

Fray Fitness Black Friday 2019 - Garage Gym Lab

American Barbell

American Barbell is one of my favorite companies around. Their barbells are pieces of art… that happen to function brilliantly and lead to serious gains. I have several reviews of their bars that you can check out below:

Here are some notable American Barbell Black Friday gym deals from 2018:

Kabuki Strength

Kabuki is making some of the best, nicest, and highest-end equipment around. I own their New Gen Power Bar (review here), which is excellent.

This year Kabuki isn't running a sale like they have done in the past. Rather, they are giving away $10,000 work of equipment with 20 winners. The grand prize winner wins every bar that Kabuki makes and the other winners are as follows:

  • 2nd: The Kadillac Bar
  • 3rd: The Trap Bar HD
  • 4th: The Squat Bar (Black Oxide)
  • 5th: The Duffalo Bar (Black Oxide)
  • 6th: The Power Bar (Black Oxide)
  • 7th: The Transformer Bar
  • 8th: Tactical Shoulderok
  • 9th: Shoulderok (Black Oxide)
  • 10th: PainPill
  • 11th: Boomstick
  • 12th – 20th: Baby Boomer

Here's how to enter:

  • Every $50 spent gets you 1 entry


You've seen their kettlebells, right? Star Wars, Marvel Characters, Primal Animals, etc… They're freakin' amazing. They also product quality maces and clubs.

Black Friday Onnit Garage Gym Lab

Here are some notable Onnit Black Friday gym deals from 2018:

Strength Shop

Strength Shop is really starting to get on the map as of late. They're offering some nice products at great prices, including belts, bars, yokes, and a bunch of other stuff. Here are their 2018 Black Friday gym deals:

2019 Black Friday Gym Deals - Garage Gym Lab
2019 Black Friday Gym Deals
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