Rep Fitness has released a competition flat bench that meets IPF specs at a very attractive price.

This bench is made with 3×3 11-gauge steel and weighs 62 lbs – it's built to handle just about as much weight as you can throw at it.

The bench's dimensions out of the box are 17″ high (to top of the pad), 48″ long (pad), and 12″ wide (pad). I personally think 12″ is an awesome width for a pad, but if you want something wider, this bad boy is compatible with the Thompson Fat Pad! Keep in mind if you do elect to swap out for the Thompson Fat Pad, you will add about another 1/2″ in height. You will also need the 4-bolt mount pattern on the pad. The standard pad that comes with the bench is 4″ thick, which is surely going to provide for a durable and comfortable bench.

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Rep Competition Flat Bench with Wheels

One really nice feature of this bench, especially considering its weight, is that it offers a handle with wheels for easy transport. The fact it only has three feet is also a nice touch, as it makes it easier to level. This also helps eliminate any concerns with the feet getting in the way of your foot positioning.

Rep Competition Flat Bench Feet

Right now the bench comes with standard vinyl, but there will be both a gripper pad with same dimensions and a wide pad available in February for an additional upcharge.

If you're looking to purchase a flat bench, regardless of whether or not you need a competition spec'd bench, this one is going to be a fantastic option. When you consider it's only priced at $119, it makes it even more attractive.

Rep is also know for excellent customer service. I've been very pleased with everything I've purchased from them. I highly doubt this will be any different.

If you own this bench and want to chime in on your own thoughts, please do so in the comments below!

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