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Exxentric kBox4 Review

I've owned and used a lot of pieces of exercise equipment in my time. Of all those pieces, the Exxentric kBox is one of the products I've been most excited to try. This is a tool...

Trueform Trainer Review

I have a confession... I've never been a big runner. I've always found it to be a bit boring, the thought of running in the elements never excited me, my form was suspect, and the idea...

Kleva Adroit Landmine Review

When it comes to strength training, mobility training, etc... the landmine is one of the most useful tools out there. It's an especially useful tool in the home gym space given that it's small, extremely...

Gripedo Trainer Review

Have you ever played with that toy 'Bop It' where you twist it, pull it, bop it, etc...? It's a fun and challenging game if you haven't tried it. The Gripedo, pronounced Grip-Eee-Doh, like a torpedo,...


Insightful articles including buying guides, equipment benefits, tips & strategies, and much more.

13 Best Weight Benches to Buy in 2021

A weight bench is one of the most important pieces of gym equipment that most lifters can own. I consider it to be one of the 'core four': a power rack, a barbell, some...


Step into real home gyms around the world to find inspiration, get ideas, and read stories of actual home gym owners.

Step into Shawn Donaldson's Basement Gym

Meet Shawn. Shawn is a former collegiate offensive lineman at Kent State and now a father, husband, high school teacher, curator of morninglifter.com, and a podcast host. Shawn is one of the most consistent guys I...

Step into This Navy Veteran's Incredible Garage Gym: Illuminati Iron

Meet Joe. Joe is a veteran U.S. Navy Officer and current Certified Personal Trainer living in San Diego, CA. I first learned of Joe and Illuminati Iron on Instagram, where he posts some great motivational content...

Step into Robbey's Amazing Garage Gym

Meet Robbey. Robbey is a performance coach with an awesome garage gym. His space is equipped with quality gear from some of the biggest names in the industry and, believe it or not, he can...