Adam Hensley

Adam founded Garage Gym Lab in 2017 as a side hustle to help home gym enthusiasts build the gyms of their dreams. In 2020,Adam left his 12-year career to pursue Garage Gym Lab full-time,where he still aims to deliver authentic,in-depth,and valuable content related to fitness equipment,home gym design,training,and more. He’s a proud husband and father of two,and when he’s not training and creating content,you can find him spending time with family,playing mediocre golf,watching sports,and enjoying a cold beer…not necessarily at the same time.


Board of Experts

Aaron Horschig

Dr. Aaron Horschig is a sports physical therapist,Olympic weightlifting coach,strength and conditioning specialist,and author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book ‘Rebuilding Milo’ and The Squat Bible.’ As the founder of,Aaron shares his innovative approach to help millions of athletes and coaches across the world move better,decrease their aches and pains,and reach their true athletic potential. As a physical therapist,he works with elite level Olympic weightlifters,powerlifters,and strongmen along with athletes from the NFL and MLB,and international level soccer players. Aaron lives in St. Louis with his wife Christine.

Be sure to check out Aaron’s Popular book,“Rebuilding Milo”and check out his website.


Chad Wesley Smith

Chad is the owner and founder of Juggernaut Training Systems,as well as being one of the most highly regarded strength coaches and athletes of the modern era. As an athlete,Chad has posted Top 10 All-Time Total in wraps (1055kg/2325#) and sleeves (1010kg/2226#),won 2 National Championships in the Shot Put and earned his Pro Card in Strongman. As a coach,he has helped cultivate the talents of some of the world’s strongest powerlifters,World Champions in jiu jitsu,professional MMA fighters,NFL players and Olympians in Track &Field and Bobsled.


Nick Best

Nick Best is a record-setting powerlifter and a long-time elite Strongman competitor. With over 39 years of training,Nick has become one of the faces of the sport of Strongman. 2020 marked his 10th year competing in the World’s Strongest Man event. He holds numerous top 3 finishes in various high-level Strongman competitions and he continues to train at a champion level. Nick lives in Las Vegas,Nevada with his wife,Callie,and their two children,Dylan and Jessica.


Dana Santas

Known as the “Mobility Maker,” Dana Santas CSCS*D,E-RYT,is a breathing,mobility,and mind-body coach in professional sports. She’s also a health &wellness expert for CNN,author of the book “Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief,” breathing and mind-body expert for the FocusCalm neurofeedback brain-training system, inventor of the “Mobility Maker Bench,” and an international presenter on ways to breathe,move and feel better for performance enhancement and healthier,happier living.

Specializing in training athletes in MLB,NHL,NBA,NFL,MLS,PGA,WTA &WWE,Dana has nearly two decades of experience with thousands of athletes worldwide and more than 45+teams,including the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning,Tampa Bay Rays,New York Yankees,New York Giants,Toronto Blue Jays,Philadelphia Phillies,Pittsburg Pirates,Atlanta Braves,Minnesota Twins,Minnesota Timberwolves,Orlando Magic,Houston Texans and many more.


David Otey

David Otey is the Chief Content Officer for the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification as well as Lead Master Instructor. Otey is a member of the Men’s Health Advisory Board who has been featured for his expertise in the field of Personal Training. With 14 years of experience as a Personal Trainer working for such brands as Equinox and Crunch, David has presented education internationally for organizations such as the NSCA,Universities,and private facilities.

David has been a long time fitness writer featured on Men’s Health,Muscle and Fitness,Onnit,and Weight Watchers as well as featured in numerous worldwide publications.


Ray Zingler

Ray Zingler is a Strength Coach,Entrepreneur,&Consultant. He is the owner of Zingler Strength &Conditioning LLC.,an industry leader in performance training for the youth &developing athlete. In addition to his brick &mortar gym,he consults current &perspective gym owners on business structure &implementation. Beyond consulting gym owners,Ray consults with High School Sport &Strength coaches aiding in the development of program structure &design. Finally,Ray does contract work within local high schools,implementing programs within the team settings of a variety of sports.

Ray &his Wife Courtney own &operate Zingler S&C in Marietta,GA and reside in Woodstock,GA with their two-year-old son,Raymond Mac,a daughter on the way,&a mini farm full of a plethora of animals!


Alex Goode

Alex Goode is a training solutions specialist at Sorinex,where he works to craft beautiful and functional strength equipment for massive facilities,home gyms,and more. Alex is a natural bodybuilder with a passion for strength training. He is well known for sharing creative ways to use equipment,particularly with Jammer Arms. Alex played running back at Clemson University from 2011 to 2014,and he still lives in his native State of South Carolina with his wife,Rachel.