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9 Best Adjustable Kettlebells in 2024: Top Picks for Your Home Gym

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Kettlebells are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your gym. They’re great for both strength training and conditioning.

However, buying multiple kettlebells can be costly and take up valuable space in your home gym.

Enter the adjustable kettlebell. These budget-friendly tools provide all the same benefits but without the dent to your wallet.

We’ve tested every type of adjustable kettlebell from some of the biggest brands in the industry. We’ve used them on swings, squats, snatches, carries, and much more. Here are some of the factors we considered when making our list (more below):

  • Ease of Use: How easy is the kettlebell to operate? What adjustment mechanism does it use?
  • Durability: Are the materials built to last? How is the warranty?
  • Weight Capacity: How much weight can the kettlebell hold? What are the weight increments?
  • Size: Is the size consistent with a traditional kettlebell? Are there any movement limitations?

In this article, I’ll share our picks for the best adjustable kettlebells for different prices, training goals, and more. Whether you’re an advanced lifter or just someone looking to stay fit at home, we’ve got you covered.

What’s the Best Adjustable Kettlebell?

We found the REP Adjustable Kettlebell to have the best blend of performance and value. We loved how quickly you can change the weight and that there are three options with weights ranging from 8-24 kg. The cast iron construction feels like a traditional kettlebell, and the balance is excellent overall.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

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Best Budget: Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

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Most Versatile: Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell

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Most User-Friendly: PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

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Best Competition-Style: Bells of Steel Adjustable Kettlebell

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Best for Beginners: Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

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Best for Heavy Swings: Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing

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Best Fillable: GORUCK Sand Kettlebell

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Best Ultra-Budget: Kettle Gryp

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Best Adjustable Kettlebell Overall: REP Adjustable Kettlebell

Best Overall
REP Adjustable Kettlebells

The REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell is made of heavy-duty cast iron and comes in three weight sizes up to 24kg. They each replace 5 traditional kettlebells, and the weight dial is very fast and easy to use.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 8-16kg, 16-24kg, or 20-40 lbs
  • Weight Increments: 2kg & 5 lbs
  • Replaces: 5 Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 7.9″
  • Adjustment Type: Weight Dial
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime



In my testing and experience, REP makes the best adjustable kettlebell for most people. It’s easy to use and available in several options based on your strength level and preference for kilograms or pounds. It also feels identical to a traditional fixed kettlebell.

One of the biggest benefits of this kettlebell is how fast and easy it is to operate. This bell uses a simple dial system on top to adjust the weight. When you turn the dial, it extends or retracts weight selectors on a vertical column inside the bell. This automatically adds or removes the necessary weight plates and makes for nearly instant adjustments. As a safety feature, you have to push the dial down to turn it, ensuring you can’t accidentally adjust the weight during a movement.

REP Adjustable Kettlebell

REP offers three versions of their adjustable kettlebell. The 8-16kg option is ideal for beginners, while the 16-24kg is better for heavier and more advanced lifters. They also have a 20-40 lb option for those who prefer pounds over kilograms. Each option has 5 weight settings with either 2kg or 5 lb increments. I like the smaller weight jumps over some kettlebells with larger increments.

Another feature I like about the REP Adjustable Kettlebell is the handle. It has a comfortable width for swings, an appropriate height for balance, and a great powder coated texture. With a 35mm diameter, it’s thicker than some, which I prefer. However, those with small hands may find thinner options more suitable.

Testing the REP Adjustable Kettlebells

This kettlebell is made mostly of cast iron, making it one of the most durable options. I don’t love the plastic on the dial, but it isn’t in a high-impact area and feels well-made. REP also offers one of the best warranties in the industry.

Price-wise, the REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell is consistent with other high-end offerings and includes free shipping. Given the high weight capacity, fast speed, and overall durability, it offers some of the best value on the market – especially for those wanting a traditional-feeling kettlebell.


  • Easy-to-use weight dial
  • Feels like a traditional kettlebell
  • Textured handle provides excellent grip
  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Three weight options for different training levels
  • Available in KG or LB


  • There are less expensive options
  • Top weight dial is made of plastic

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Best Budget Adjustable Kettlebell: Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

Best Budget
Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

The Titan Adjustable Kettlebell is an affordable plate-loaded option with a traditional kettlebell shape. It replaces 7 fixed kettlebells and goes up to 40 lbs (plates included).

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 10-40 lbs
  • Weight Increments: 4.6-6 lbs
  • Replaces: 7 Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 9.2″
  • Adjustment Type: Plate-Loaded
  • Warranty: 1 Year



If you’re looking for a budget option, I recommend the Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell. It’s not as feature-rich as some higher-end options, but it has some nice qualities.

As a plate-loaded kettlebell, it’s not as fast as dials or pins. However, it offers a unique plate design that maintains a round shape like a traditional kettlebell. Rather than loading plates onto a pin, this bell has a tiered column with slots that specific plates slide into.

Titan Adjustable Kettlebell

On top of the kettlebell is a large plastic locking mechanism. Sliding it to the right unlocks the column and allows you to add or remove plates. Each plate has a number on the flat surface to identify its slot in the stack, which is helpful considering each has a different size.

Although it’s generally easy to adjust, the varying plate sizes make weight math more challenging, especially with no markings on the outside. The kettlebell ranges from 10 lb (base handle) to 40 lbs, with 6 plates weighing between 4.6-6 lbs. I like that there are 7 total options, but the increments are unconventional, and a 40 lb maximum weight isn’t ideal for heavy lifting.

Testing the Titan Adjustable Kettlebell

Aside from the plastic lock, the kettlebell is made of cast iron and feels very durable. The 28mm diameter handle is great for smaller hands, but I wish the powder coat offered more texture. It’s also wider than some, which may interfere with some users’ range of motion on movements like swings.

Overall, this is a nice option for those building a budget home gym. It has a traditional feel and can do most of the same things as more expensive options. However, it has a lower weight capacity and odd increments.


  • Excellent price for an adjustable kettlebell
  • Seven total weight options
  • Round shape creates a traditional feel
  • Free shipping


  • Thinner handle diameter than most
  • Smooth handle may require chalk
  • Odd weight increments

Most Versatile Adjustable Kettlebell: Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell

Most Versatile
Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell

The Ironmaster Kettlebell offers excellent versatility and weight adjustments. You can load it up to 80 lbs in 2.5 and 5 lb increments. Its all-steel construction is extremely durable, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 22.5-57.5 lbs or 80 lbs
  • Weight Increments: 2.5 or 5 lbs
  • Replaces: 13+ Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 8.5″
  • Adjustment Type: Plate-Loaded
  • Warranty: Lifetime



Ironmaster is known for making excellent adjustable dumbbells, but they also make some of the best adjustable kettlebells. I often use these in my personal training because I can load them heavy, they feel great, and they’re indestructible.

Like their adjustable dumbbells, these use the Ironmaster Quick-Lock system and unique square weight plates. If you already own their dumbbells, you can use the same plates and only buy the handle system (less than $100). Otherwise, you’ll need to additionally buy one or both of their weight kits.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell

Ironmaster sells a 57.5 lb and an 80 lb weight kit. It’s important to note that they build on each other. The 80 lb kit includes a 22.5 lb weight and a longer locking screw. In other words, you’ll need to purchase both kits if you want to load to 80 lbs.

While I love that you can load these heavy, one possible downside is that the starting weight is 22.5 lbs (10.2kg), which may be too heavy for beginners or casual lifters. However, a serious benefit is that you get excellent adjustments. With 2.5 and 5 lb plates included, you can achieve dozens of increments and replace a lot of fixed kettlebells.

Testing the Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell

As a plate-loaded kettlebell, adjustments take slightly longer, but we’re talking less than 30 seconds. The Quick-Lock system is ultra-secure and easy to use overall.

Another of my favorite features is that there is no plastic anywhere, making this kettlebell virtually bomb-proof. The powder-coated handle feels great in the hand, and I love the ~35mm diameter.

The Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebells are some of the most expensive on the market, but you’re getting a premium product with a lifetime warranty.


  • 24 total adjustments for great versatility
  • Available up to 80 lbs
  • Textured handle feels premium
  • All steel construction
  • Ultra-secure Locking mechanism
  • Plates are compatible with Ironmaster Dumbbells
  • Lifetime warranty


  • More expensive than most
  • Takes longer to set up
  • Higher starting weight isn’t great for beginners

Most User-Friendly Adjustable Kettlebell: PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

Most User-Friendly
PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

The PowerBlock Kettlebells use a pin system and are the easiest to adjust. They come in two size options up to 62 lbs and carry a 5-year warranty.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 35 or 62 lbs
  • Weight Increments: Varies
  • Replaces: 4 Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 8.2″
  • Adjustment Type: Pin
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Check Price at PowerBlock Check Price at Amazon


PowerBlock is another example of a company known for making adjustable dumbbells that also makes quality adjustable kettlebells. This option is the easiest to use and is very durable, but not quite as versatile as others.

The best feature of the PowerBlock Kettlebell is the pin system. It’s so easy a caveman could do it. Seriously, just put the pin in the hole and start lifting. It’s easily the fastest adjustable kettlebell on the market.

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

However, its weight options are limited, and the increments aren’t as good as others. PowerBlock offers two kettlebell options: 35-62 lbs and 18-35 lbs. I actually like the range and appreciate the max load of 62 lbs, but each handle only offers 4 weight choices. For instance, the heaviest starts at 35 lbs and increases by 9 lbs at each level.

To be fair, these are very common fixed kettlebell intervals, so it’s a great option if you want to stay true to those. However, those looking for extra versatility will prefer kettlebells with more weight choices.

Testing the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

Sizewise, the PowerBlocks are outstanding. I love the compact design, and the balance is good overall. The ~33mm handle will fit most hands well, and the textured powder coat is excellent. I especially love swinging this kettlebell and find the handle width is perfect for my stance.

In terms of price, the PowerBlocks are on par with other high-end options. Depending on which option you pick, you’re looking at up to $300 with free shipping. They also come with a 5-year warranty, but with no plastic components, they should last much longer.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Ultra-compact design
  • The handle has a grippy powder coat
  • Up to 62 lbs of resistance
  • Strong warranty


  • Not as many adjustments as some
  • On the expensive side

Best Competition Adjustable Kettlebell: Bells of Steel Adjustable Kettlebell

Best Competition Style
Bells of Steel Adjustable Kettlebell

The Bells of Steel Competition Adjustable Kettlebell is an excellent plate-loaded option for advanced kettlebell users. You can load it up to 32kg in over 40 weight adjustments! It feels like a true competition kettlebell and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 12-20.5kg or 32kg
  • Weight Increments: 0.5-3kg
  • Replaces: 8+ Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 7.5″
  • Adjustment Type: Plate-Loaded
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime



Unlike traditional cast iron kettlebells, competition kettlebells offer the same dimensions regardless of the kettlebell weight, allowing you to master your technique. They also have a straighter handle and are… you guessed it… used in kettlebell competitions.

Now, most adjustable kettlebells already offer a uniform shape, but if you plan to compete in kettlebell sport, I recommend buying a competition-style option. I like the Bells of Steel version for a couple of reasons.

Bells of Steel Competition Adjustable Kettlebell

The first is that they offer two weight variations: 12-25kg and 12-32kg. They also sell a 13kg expansion set, but the max weight is 32kg (~71 lbs). Bells of Steel includes 5 weight plates for the 25kg model and 9 in the 32kg model. With weights ranging from 0.5-3kg, you can achieve up to 41 increments, which is more than any other option.

I also like that Bells of Steel offers a lifetime warranty. While slightly less expensive, the Titan version only offers a one-year warranty. The Kettlebell Kings version also offers a lifetime warranty but at a steeper price.

Testing the Bells of Steel Adjustable Kettlebell

The biggest downside to this style is that it takes longer to load than any others. The split body design is attached with a long bolt through the bottom that you first must remove. Once the bell is opened, you then have to remove a nut to add or remove the weight plates. From there, you add the nut back, close the bell, and retighten the bolt. It takes between 1-2 minutes from start to finish.

However, one of the biggest benefits is its construction and balance. The all-steel build is extremely durable, and I love the handle. The straighter design is awesome for single-arm kettlebell swings, and the raw steel texture feels great in the hand. When you lift this bell, the balance immediately reminds you of a fixed kettlebell, opening up all possible movements.

As you may expect, a competition kettlebell is more expensive than other adjustable kettlebells. It’s not for everyone, but I recommend one if you compete, need a higher capacity, or want loads of weight variety.


  • Feels like a true competition kettlebell
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Loadable up to 32kg
  • 41 total weight adjustments
  • Free shipping with a strong warranty


  • Takes a while to change the weight
  • Higher starting weight isn’t great for beginners
  • 32kg version is among the most expensive

Best Adjustable Kettlebell for Beginners: Bowflex SelectTech 840

Best for Beginners
Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

The Bowflex SelectTech 840 is a very easy-to-use adjustable kettlebell that replaces 6 traditional kettlebells. With a max capacity of 40 lbs, it's ideal for beginners.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 8-40 lbs
  • Weight Increments: Varies
  • Replaces: 6 Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 7″
  • Adjustment Type: Weight Dial
  • Warranty: 2 Years



Bowflex has been one of the most prominent names in at-home gym equipment, and they popularized the weight dial design on adjustable dumbbells. With the SelectTech 840, they brought the same easy-to-use dial system to a kettlebell.

First things first, I don’t recommend this kettlebell for advanced or heavy lifters. It has a less durable plastic shell, and its max weight capacity is only 40 lbs.

Bowflex SelecTech 840 Kettlebell

However, I think it’s an excellent choice for beginners. The biggest benefit of the SelectTech 840 is that it’s very easy to operate. Unlike the REP Adjustable Kettlebell where you have to press down on the dial, you just turn it with the Bowflex.

Now, don’t be alarmed – there’s still a security measure in place. To adjust this kettlebell, it has to be sitting in a special dock where a pin unlocks the mechanism. But the physical adjustment is ultra-simple.

Although this kettlebell tops out at 40 lbs, it can replace 6 kettlebells with a starting weight of 8 lbs. While you don’t get some of the fine-tuned adjustments as some others, I like the overall weight options of 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 lbs.

Testing the Bowflex SelecTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell

Despite a taller frame, I’m impressed with the balance of the SelectTech 840. It feels similar to a traditional kettlebell, and I like the handle width a lot. Unfortunately, the non-textured finish is slicker and doesn’t take chalk as well. It feels similar to the Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell above and also includes a 28mm diameter.

Buying the Bowflex gives you a complimentary 2-month trial of on-demand classes via the JRNY app. If you like following structured classes like this, it may be worth considering, but keep in mind that it converts to a subscription service once the trial ends.

I like the ~$150 price with free shipping and feel the 2-year warranty is good considering the amount of plastic. Again, I think it’s a great option for beginners and casual lifters.


  • The dial system is very simple to use
  • 6 total adjustments with an accessible starting weight
  • Very good balance
  • Attractive price
  • 2-year warranty


  • More plastic than most
  • Max capacity of 40 lbs
  • Handle can get slippery

Best Adjustable Kettlebell for Heavy Swings: Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing

Best for Heavy Lifters
Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing

The Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing has a whopping 500 lb capacity and uses Olympic weight plates (not included). It's ideal for big lifters looking to sling serious weight.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 8 lbs + (500 lb capacity)
  • Weight Increments: Varies
  • Replaces: Dozens of Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 11″
  • Adjustment Type: Plate-Loaded
  • Warranty: 1 Year



The Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing is ideal for those wanting to build serious strength. Unlike other adjustable kettlebells with maximum weight capacities of 80 lbs or less, you can load this bad boy to a staggering 500 lbs.

This is accomplished via a simple loading pin design with an attachable handle. The pin accepts Olympic-sized weight plates (2″ holes), which you slide on from the top. Once you have your desired weight, you pop a pin into one of nine adjustment holes to secure it.

Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing

The most important thing to consider with this style of kettlebell is that the strength curve is different than a traditional kettlebell since the weight is further from the handle. I found the longer lever put more emphasis on my erectors, which was a nice change of pace. Another consideration is that the pin may hit the ground for shorter users or those with especially long arms. For context, I’m 5’8″ and had several inches to spare.

Testing the Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing

The 33m diameter feels nice in the hand, and I like the textured powder coat. While the handle resembles a traditional kettlebell, this is a niche-specific option. It’s for kettlebell swings and other Strongman movements like power stairs, duck walk carries, deficit pulls, etc.

If you’re looking for a traditional kettlebell feel with high weight capacity, the Ironmasters above are the best bet. Otherwise, this is a fun and challenging option at a great price.


  • Extreme weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Longer than most in its class for extra weight
  • Textured handle feels good in the hands
  • Great starting weight of 8 lbs
  • Excellent price


  • Larger than most, which may alter the range of motion
  • Requires your own weight plates
  • Takes longer to set up

Best Fillable Adjustable Kettlebell: GORUCK Sand Kettlebell

Best Sand Kettlebells
GORUCK Sand Kettlebell

The GORUCK Sand Kettlebells are durable bags that kettlebell users will love. These range up to 53lbs and are made with high-quality materials.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 13-53 lbs
  • Weight Increments: Varies
  • Replaces: Varies
  • Handle Width: 7″
  • Adjustment Type: Fillable Sand
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Check Price at GORUCK Check Price at Rogue


The GORUCK Sand Kettlebell is one of the most unique adjustable kettlebells I’ve used, and it’s become my travel companion on our annual family beach trip. GORUCK is known for their quality rucking/outdoor gear, and they make some of the best workout sandbags on the market.

Unlike other adjustable kettlebells I’ve featured, this fabric-based option uses heavy-duty 1000D Cordura – the same stuff you’ll find on high-quality weight vests. Also unlike the others, this uses sand as the resistance, which has pros and cons.

GORUCK Adjustable Sand Kettlebell 1

On the plus side, sand is free or affordable and accessible at any home improvement store. It also creates a unique training stimulus since the sand can shift inside the bag on dynamic movements. It also allows for virtually infinite weight options.

However, getting a consistent weight is very difficult, especially if you want to add or remove sand (which can get messy). I recommend buying more than one of these and filling them to a specific weight.

Testing the GORUCK Sand Kettlebell

Another big benefit of the GORUCK Sand Kettlebell is that it’s super portable. Adjustable kettlebells are efficient travelers in general, but you can flat-pack an empty shell and fill it at your destination. It’s perfect for a beach trip.

GORUCK offers six weight options ranging from 13 to 53 lbs. You can perform any movement that you would with weight-based kettlebells, including swings, snatches, carries, etc.

At $50-$70, these sand kettlebells are among the most affordable, and they come with a lifetime warranty.


  • High-quality Cordura fabric
  • Available up to 53 lbs with 6 weight options
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Very space-friendly and easy to travel


  • Inconsistent weight if you add/remove sand often
  • Takes longer to adjust and may get messy

Best Ultra-Budget Adjustable Kettlebell: Kettle Gryp Handle

Best Ultra-Budget
The Kettle Gryp

The Kettle Gryp is an ultra-compact and budget-friendly option that uses your existing dumbbells. It weighs less than 1 lb but can hold up to 55 lbs, and it carries a lifetime warranty.

Key Specs

  • Weight Range: 1-55 lbs
  • Weight Increments: Varies
  • Replaces: 11 Kettlebells
  • Handle Width: 8″
  • Adjustment Type: Dumbbell Clamp
  • Warranty: Lifetime



I recommend the Kettle Gryp if you’re looking for maximum space and dollar savings. This unique, compact, and ultra-affordable adjustable kettlebell uses your existing dumbbells for resistance.

Made of ABS plastic, the Kettle Gryp converts a fixed dumbbell into a kettlebell by clamping around the shaft. It’s simple to operate and accommodates dumbbells with a minimum shaft length of 4.5″ and a max width of 1.5″ (38mm). Don’t worry, this covers most fixed dumbbells.

Kettle Gryp Adjustable Kettlebell

With a stated weight capacity of 55 lbs, you can load it heavier than several more traditional adjustable kettlebells. While I don’t necessarily recommend it, I’ve successfully loaded it heavier for less dynamic movements.

One downside to the Kettle Gryp is that its width is determined by your dumbbell. For example, a rubber hex dumbbell is longer than a urethane one. Depending on which one you own, the resulting width may be cumbersome for some exercises.

Testing the Kettle Gryp Adjustable Kettlebell

In my experience, swings, carries, and rows are the best movements with the Kettle Gryp. Presses feel pretty good, but I don’t like using it for snatches or anything “explosive.” The overall balance isn’t as good as other adjustable kettlebells, which is why I suggest simpler movements.

I like the molded urethane clamp lining for protecting your dumbbell and keeping it stationary. However, the 29mm diameter is on the thinner side, and the plastic doesn’t provide as much grip as textured powder coat.

Size-wise, there’s nothing better. Weighing less than 1 lb, you can easily throw it in a gym bag or hang it on a wall. The price is also great at under $35, and it includes a lifetime warranty. Again, I like the Kettle Gryp for space or money-conscious buyers. Otherwise, I recommend other adjustable kettlebells.


  • Ultra-low price
  • Easy-to-use clamp system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extremely compact and travel-friendly


  • Requires access to dumbbells
  • May limit range of motion if you have long dumbbells
  • Mostly plastic construction

Compare our Top Picks

Compare our selection of the best adjustable kettlebells below based on key specs. Scroll right to see more.

REP Fitness
REP Adjustable Kettlebell Table Image
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Titan Fitness
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Bells of Steel
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Kettle Gryp
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AwardBest OverallBest BudgetMost VersatileMost User-FriendlyBest Competition StyleBest for BeginnersBest for Heavy SwingsBest with SandBest Ultra-Budget
Max Weight24 kgs40 lbs80 lbs62 lbs32 kgs40 lbs500 lbs53 lbs55 lbs
Weight Increments2 kgs4.6-6 lbs2.5 or 5 lbsVaries0.5-3 kgsVariesVariesVariesVaries
Adjustment TypeWeight DialPlate-LoadedPlate-LoadedPinPlate-LoadedWeight DialPlate-LoadedSandDumbbell Clamp
Weight MaterialSteel & PlasticSteel & PlasticSteelSteel & PlasticSteelSteel & PlasticSteelCordura NylonPlastic
WarrantyLimited Lifetime1 YearLifetime5 YearsLimited Lifetime2 Years1 YearLifetimeLifetime

Benefits of Adjustable Kettlebells

Benefits of Adjustable Kettlebells

They’re Affordable

Adjustable Kettlebells are less expensive than traditional kettlebells since you’re effectively buying multiple kettlebells in one. Looking at the price per lb/kg, an adjustable kettlebell is significantly less expensive. For example, a 24kg REP kettlebell costs ~$4.20/kg, while the 24kg adjustable kettlebell costs ~$2.09/kg. Purchasing each of those traditional kettlebells separately would cost ~$415 vs. only $209 for the adjustable.

They Save Space

In addition to saving money, an adjustable kettlebell takes up less space in your gym. While traditional kettlebells are still space-friendly, an adjustable one takes up a fraction of the room, making it a great option for home gyms. Depending on how many traditional dumbbells you buy, you also have to consider storage solutions that take up even more footprint. You don’t have to worry about that with adjustable kettlebells.

They’re Great for Strength & Conditioning

Kettlebell Training is an excellent way to increase strength and conditioning. Firstly, the off-center weight of a kettlebell challenges your balance and coordination, leading to increased strength and better body control. Secondly, you can use them for a variety of exercises, including swings, squats, presses, carries, and more. Thirdly, you can use them in HIIT workouts to build muscular endurance and improve cardio. And lastly, you can progressively overload kettlebells easily, especially with adjustable options.

Types of Adjustable Kettlebells

Different Types of Adjustable Kettlebells e1686059583214

Adjustable kettlebells come in several varieties based on speed, maximum weight, durability, price, and more. I’ve summarized the most common types below.

Weight Dials

Example: REP | Ease of Use: Excellent | Speed: Excellent | Durability: Good-to-Excellent | Weight Capacity: Good | Price: Good-to-Great

Weight dials are the most convenient style of adjustable kettlebell. They’re very easy to operate and are among the fastest you can buy. These dial systems have built-in safety features that require you to press into the dial (like a pill bottle) or use a special base so you can’t accidentally adjust in use.

Price-wise, these range from very affordable to higher-end. Budget options typically include more plastic, making them less durable than steel versions. They generally offer good weight ranges but are usually lighter than plate-load options.


Example: Ironmaster | Ease of Use: Good | Speed: Fair | Durability: Excellent | Weight Capacity: Excellent | Price: Good-to-Excellent

Plate-loaded kettlebells can range from ultra-affordable with standard weight plates to high-end, competition-style. One of the biggest benefits of this style is they’re extremely durable thanks to their steel construction.

They’re also the best option for those who want to lift heavy, with several 32kg options and some even heavier than that. Further, they offer smaller increments, meaning you get more versatility.

On the downside, they’re the slowest to use since you have to load them with individual weight plates.

Weight Pins, Sand, & Water

Example: PowerBlock | Ease of Use: Good-to-Excellent | Speed: Good-to-Excellent | Durability: Great | Weight Capacity: Great | Price: Good-to-Great

Less common adjustable kettlebells include pin systems, like PowerBlocks, and others that use sand and water. Pin systems are incredibly easy to use and fast, while the others take a little more time to set up.

These generally have strong weight ranges, with options exceeding 60 lbs. Although sand and water kettlebells have virtually endless weight options, consistency is an issue. They also offer a unique stimulus since the weight may shift during movements, especially water-based options.

Prices range from very affordable to upper/mid-range, and durability largely depends on the specific system and materials.

How to Pick the Best Adjustable Kettlebells

How to Pick the Best Adjustable Kettlebell

Here are a few of the most important factors to consider when buying an adjustable kettlebell:

Maximum Weight

One of the first things to consider is how much weight you need now and in the future. If you’re planning to build strength, you should invest in something that offers a higher weight capacity. Otherwise, a lighter option may be more suitable.

Most adjustable dumbbells are weighed in kilograms, which may be an adjustment for some people living in the US. While several of them offer the pound conversion on the kettlebell, the math works out to 1kg = ~2.2 lbs.

I recommend adjustable kettlebells with at least a 24kg (~52 lbs) option for those wanting to build strength. Heavy lifters, in particular, should consider competition kettlebells, where you can achieve 32kg (~70 lbs).

Weight Increments

Progressive overload is an important factor in building strength, and one of the best ways to achieve it is to increase the amount of weight you’re lifting. Look at how many weight options each adjustable kettlebell offers and the increments in between.

Some, like the REP adjustable kettlebell, have consistent increments of 2kg or 5 lbs. Others can vary as you get heavier. For example, you may have small 2kg jumps at lighter weights and larger 4-8kg jumps at heavier weights.

Ask yourself what your goals are and pick one that best fits your needs. A more advanced athlete may want more adjustability to fine-tune their training (e.g., Ironmaster), whereas a casual athlete or beginner would be fine with fewer adjustments (e.g., Bowflex or PowerBlock).

Adjustment Mechanism

Adjustable kettlebells have various mechanisms to change the weight. Weight dials and plate-loaded are the most common, but others include pins, sand, and water. Each has pros and cons related to speed, maximum load, size, and more. Refer to the above section for more.

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Although all adjustable kettlebells are space-friendly, some are larger than others. The biggest consideration isn’t how much extra space it takes up, but rather, if it changes your mechanics and range of motion. For example, a larger kettlebell isn’t a good choice for someone who swings with a narrow stance because it will impact your performance and comfort.


The handle is a very important consideration for a few reasons. The first thing to look at is the coating. I prefer a textured powder coat because it enhances the grip and takes chalk very well. The second thing to consider is the width. A wide handle may interfere with or rub against your legs on swings if you have a narrower stance. Thirdly, pay attention to handle diameter. Most handles range from 28mm to 35mm. If you have small hands, I recommend a thinner diameter.

Lastly, you should look at the distance between the weight and the handle. While most are fairly consistent, height differences can impact balance and weight distribution. For example, the Titan Loadable Kettlebell Swing above places the weight plates much lower than the handle, which provides a very different stimulus than a kettlebell with a shorter distance.


Most adjustable kettlebells are made of steel and plastic, but others can be made of nylon, vinyl, etc. Some of this depends on the type of kettlebell it is (e.g., plates vs. sand), but it may also be a cost decision. In my experience, the more steel, the better.


Whether it’s material selection or craftsmanship, not all adjustable kettlebells are built to the same standard. Some, like the Ironmasters, will survive an apocalypse. Others with more plastic components, like Bowflex, are more likely to break or degrade over time.

If you’re a serious lifter pushing heavy weight, I recommend focusing on high-quality steel kettlebells. Otherwise, if you’re a casual lifter or just getting started, it’s safe to pick something less durable. You can always upgrade later.


You should strongly consider the warranty on any strength equipment that has adjustments and moving parts. Most high-quality adjustable kettlebells have warranties of at least two years, and several offer them for a lifetime/limited lifetime. This means the company will cover the kettlebell until it becomes unusable for reasons other than defects in material or workmanship.

You should also keep in mind that warranties are rarely transferrable, so they won’t pass along if you buy second-hand. You should also consider the company you’re buying from since the warranty is only as strong as the company servicing it.


Adjustable kettlebells are typically concentrated in the $100-$200 range, making them very affordable. With heavy and/or high-quality options, you can spend up to $350. Still, there is much less price discrepancy between adjustable kettlebells than with adjustable dumbbells and some other pieces of strength equipment.

Honorable Mentions

  • Titan Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell – The Titan Competition Kettlebell is the same as the Bells of Steel one listed above, but it doesn’t offer the smaller option and only carries a one-year warranty. However, it is less expensive, making it a good option for those who want to save money.
  • Apex Adjustable Kettlebell – The Apex adjustable kettlebell is a nice plate-loaded option for a great price. Its cast iron construction is durable, and it loads up to 50 lbs, but you’ll need to purchase additional standard weight plates to get there since it only comes with the handle and base (20 lbs total).
  • Exerbell Adjustable Kettlebell – The Exerbell has a fabric foldover design for sand or water loading. It’s great for travel, but I think GORUCK is a better option since this can only be loaded up to 30 lbs, and it’s made with polyester instead of Cordura.

FAQs About Adjustable Kettlebells

  • What are the Main Advantages of Using Adjustable Kettlebells?

    Adjustable kettlebells offer a lot of versatility without costing too much or taking up valuable floor space. An adjustable kettlebell set can replace numerous fixed kettlebells, which can save you hundreds of dollars. You can also quickly change the weight, still making your workouts seamless and efficient.

  • Can I use Adjustable Kettlebells for the Same Exercises as Standard Kettlebells?

    Yes, adjustable kettlebells are designed to be used for all traditional kettlebell exercises, including swings, squats, presses, carries, etc. However, some models may be larger or shaped slightly differently than standard kettlebells, which may impact grip or range of motion.

  • How Many Weight Options Can I Expect in an Adjustable Kettlebell?

    The weight range can vary between different adjustable kettlebell models. Most offer at least 4 increments, but others can offer as many as 40+. In addition to the increments, you should also consider the maximum weight. Some max out at 40 lbs, while others can go up to 80+ lbs.

Adam Hensley
Adam Hensley
Adam is the founder of Garage Gym Lab and has over two decades of fitness/training experience. He serves as the chief content creator and runs our YouTube channel and social media accounts. When he's not testing equipment or sharing his love for home gym life, you'll find him with his wife and two kids in sunny South Carolina.
Adam Hensley
Adam Hensley
Adam is the founder of Garage Gym Lab and has over two decades of fitness/training experience. He serves as the chief content creator and runs our YouTube channel and social media accounts. When he's not testing equipment or sharing his love for home gym life, you'll find him with his wife and two kids in sunny South Carolina.

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