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EZ Curl Bar Weight + Product Comparisons (2024)

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We’ve tested and reviewed dozens of EZ bars here at Garage Gym Lab.

Olympic curl bars, standard curl bars, super curl bars, fixed curl bars, and even curl bar attachments – we’ve seen and used them all.

With so many variations, it’s not easy to know how much a curl bar weighs.

To save you the time and hassle of searching through numerous manufacturers, we’ve compiled some of the most popular options for you.

Let’s dig in.

What is an EZ Curl Bar?

Using a Curl Bar

An EZ Curl bar is a unique specialty bar with an ergonomic cambered shaft for biceps curls. The multiple angles of the shaft help isolate different parts of the biceps muscles. These bends also greatly reduce pressure on the wrists, making this a more comfortable bar than a traditional straight bar.

In addition to biceps curl variations, you can use an EZ bar for other exercises like triceps extensions, upright rows, back rows, and even front squats.

How Much does an EZ Bar Weigh?

Most EZ bars weigh between 10-35lbs or 5-16kgs. Unlike the uniform weight of Olympic Barbells, EZ curl bars range in thickness, length, materials, and more. Refer to the chart below to see EZ bar weights, dimensions, costs, and capacities by brand.

Rogue Curl Bar30lbs54.25″$225+N/A
Rogue Rackable Curl Bar35lbs74.75″$265+N/A
REP Curl Bar30lbs55″$149.99+N/A
REP Rackable Curl Bar35lbs74″$199.99+N/A
Synergee Curl Bar19lbs47.25″$79.95+450lbs
Synergee Super Curl Bar20lbs47.2″$79.95+400lbs
Titan Curl Bar14lbs47.13″$79.97200lbs
Titan Rackable Curl Bar31lbs71″$119.99400lbs
Holleyweb Curl Bar22lbs47″$59.99300lbs
Fringe Sport Curl Bar30lbs54.5″$2291,000lbs
Bells of Steel Curl Bar22.5lbs47.2″$129.99300lbs
Gungnir Curler24.2lbs23″$449N/A
Eleiko Curl Bar26.5lbs52″$4841,100lbs
Body-Solid Standard Curl Bar11lbs47″$49.95200lbs

Olympic EZ Curl Bar Weight

Olympic Curl Bar Weight

Best For: Most People | Weight: 16-35lbs | Shaft Diameter: 28-30mm | Length: 47″-75″ | Weight Capacity: 300lbs+ | Rotation: Bushing or Bearing

Olympic curl bars are the most popular type of curl bar and what we recommend to most people. Because they’re thicker and longer, they’re also heavier than other curl bars. On average, Olympic EZ bars weigh between 16-35lbs.

In addition to better build quality, these bars have higher-quality materials, rotating sleeves, longer warranties, and better user feedback. Olympic EZ curl bars get their name because they accommodate 2″ Olympic weight plates.

  • Diameter: Olympic curl bars typically have shaft diameters between 28-30mm.
  • Length: These bars will range between 47-75″ depending on whether they’re rackable or non-rackable. A rackable curl bar allows you to place the bar in your squat rack, making it easier to load plates. Rackable bars make some movements more efficient and open up additional exercises. Rackable bars range between 71-75″, while non-rackable bars range from 47-55″.
  • Weight Capacity: Olympic EZ curl bars have much larger weight capacities than standard bars. Most of these bars will have capacities of at least 300lbs.
  • Price: Because these bars are more premium, they’re also more expensive. However, curl bars are one of the most affordable types of barbells. While you can buy Olympic curl bars for over $450, most range from $75-300.

Olympic EZ Curl Bar Recommendations

Standard EZ Curl Bar Weight

Standard Curl Bar Weight

Best For: Budget Shoppers and 1″ Plate Owners | Weight: 10-15lbs | Shaft Diameter: 25mm | Length: 45″-47″ | Weight Capacity: <200lbs | Rotation: None

Standard EZ curl bars are the most economically priced and sized option. These bars accommodate 1″ standard weight plates and are much lighter than Olympic versions. On average, standard curl bars weigh between 10-15lbs.

In addition to being smaller and lighter, these bars have fixed, non-rotating sleeves. We typically recommend against standard EZ bars unless you’re on a tight budget or already own 1″ plates.

  • Diameter: Standard curl bars have 1″ (~25mm) shaft diameters.
  • Length: These bars range between 45-47″ long and are not available in rackable versions.
  • Weight Capacity: Standard curl bars have the lowest weight capacities because of their thinner diameters and materials. They commonly range between 150-200lbs.
  • Price: These bars are priced lower than others, ranging from ~$25-$50.

Standard EZ Curl Bar Recommendations

Super EZ Curl Bar Weight

Super Curl Bar Weight

Best For: Hammer Curls and Skull Crushers | Weight: 17-20lbs | Shaft Diameter: 25-28mm | Length: 47″ | Weight Capacity: 200lbs+ | Rotation: Bushing

Super curl bars are built like Olympic ones but with much more pronounced bends and sometimes thinner shafts. On average, super curl bars weigh between 17-20lbs.

  • Diameter: Super curl bars typically have shaft diameters ranging from 25-28mm. While you can find super EZ curl bars that accommodate 1″ standard plates, most are built for 2″ Olympic plates.
  • Length: These bars are normally 47″ long and are not available in a rackable form.
  • Weight Capacity: Super curl bars have weight capacities that range from 200-400lbs.
  • Price: These bars are generally less expensive than Olympic versions, ranging from ~$35-$115.

Super EZ Curl Bar Recommendations

Fixed EZ Curl Bar Weight

Fixed Curl Bar Weight

Best For: Convenience and Commercial Gyms | Weight: 10-110lbs | Shaft Diameter: 30mm+ | Length: 41″-49″ | Weight Capacity: 110lbs+ | Rotation: None

Fixed curl bars are the most convenient type of curl bar. Instead of loading plates yourself, these bars have pre-set weights coated in rubber. Fixed EZ curl bars weigh between 10-110lbs, usually in 10lb increments.

  • Diameter: Fixed curl bars are typically the thickest EZ bars, with diameters around 31.75mm.
  • Length: These bars range in length from ~41-49″.
  • Weight Capacity: Because these bars have pre-defined weights, their capacity is the stated weight.
  • Price: Fixed EZ curl bars are generally more expensive than others, especially if you buy multiple weight increments. For instance, a full set from 10-110lbs will cost over $1,000. You then need to purchase a storage solution since they take up more space than a single bar.

Fixed EZ Curl Bar Recommendations

EZ Curl Bar Attachment Weight

Curl Bar Attachment Weight

Best For: Cable Machines | Weight: 7-8lbs | Shaft Diameter: 28-30mm | Length: 28″-30″ | Weight Capacity: N/A | Rotation: Swivel Head

EZ curl bar attachments are great for cable machines like functional trainers, lat pull-down/low rows, and more. Because you don’t load these attachments with any weight, they’re much lighter than plate-loaded EZ bars.

EZ Curl bar attachments generally weigh between 7-8lbs, making them easy to store and throw into a gym bag.

  • Diameter: Curl bar attachments normally have a ~25mm diameter, but some versions include rubber coating, which increases the thickness
  • Length: These attachments are much shorter than bars, ranging from 28″-30″.
  • Weight Capacity: Because these attachments don’t load plates, companies don’t state a weight capacity.
  • Price: You can buy most EZ curl bar attachments for ~$50 or less.

Final Thoughts

EZ curl bars are affordable, effective, and versatile specialty bars. They aren’t an essential home gym item, but they’re a great addition if you want bigger and stronger arms.

Unlike traditional barbells, curl bars don’t have a uniform weight between manufacturers. With different sizes, materials, and designs, they can range from 10-35lbs on average.

Knowing how much your EZ bar weighs will help you progress your training by providing a benchmark and improving tracking accuracy.

Adam Hensley
Adam Hensley
Adam is the founder of Garage Gym Lab and has over two decades of fitness/training experience. He serves as the chief content creator and runs our YouTube channel and social media accounts. When he's not testing equipment or sharing his love for home gym life, you'll find him with his wife and two kids in sunny South Carolina.
Adam Hensley
Adam Hensley
Adam is the founder of Garage Gym Lab and has over two decades of fitness/training experience. He serves as the chief content creator and runs our YouTube channel and social media accounts. When he's not testing equipment or sharing his love for home gym life, you'll find him with his wife and two kids in sunny South Carolina.

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