No Parking Banner – Black

Reserved for Lifting – NO PARKING!

Towing strictly enforced 24/7!… Unless you actually have to park a car… but it better not be in the lifting zone!

This banner comes in a pure black color and it measures 3′ tall x 2′ wide. It’s constructed with 13oz vinyl and the borders are heat welded together to create a high-quality finished edge. 3/8″ grommets are also placed in each corner, making it ridiculously durable and easy to hang. To put it simply, this banner is built to last.

All banners are dry-aged in creatine. This provides a cutting edge performance boost that is all but guaranteed to dramatically increase your lifts, merely by being in its presence. Congrats on your imminent PRs!

Proudly made in the U.S.A.


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