Rogue Color Training Plates 2.0 – LB

  • Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness
  • Plate Type: Rubber Training Bumper Plate
  • Insert Type: Zinc Steel Disc
  • Weight System: LB/Pounds
  • Weight Increments: 25LB-55LB
  • Durometer Rating/Bounce: 86/Medium Bounce
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 15 Grams
  • Diameter: 450mm
  • Hole Size: 50.4mm
  • Color: Color
  • Made in: Import
  • Warranty: N/A

Read below to get a detailed look at the Rogue Color Training Plates 2.0 (LB) including product details, features, real user feedback, and more.


Rogue Color LB Training 2.0 Plates

Rogue Color LB Training 2.0 Plates are built similarly to Rogue’s Competition LB Plates. The main differences are a lower durometer rating, a different coating on the center hub, different aesthetics, and price (these include shipping).

These plates are ideal for CrossFit, general training, Olympic Weightlifting, and powerlifting.

This is the LB variant – you can find the KG version here.

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Features & Highlights

  • Medium Bounce – These plates have a 86 durometer rating, which is a respectable rating. The lower the rating, the softer the material, and the higher the bounce. The black version of these plates has a durometer rating of 90 while the LB Competition Plates have a much higher rating of 94. A rating of 86 won’t produce the same dead bounce as higher ratings, but you also won’t be chasing it around the gym. 
  • Zinc-Plated Steel Disc – The Rogue Color LB Training 2.0 Plates have a zinc-plated center hub that, in my opinion, doesn’t look as nice as the chrome-plated hubs.  The hole opening measures 50.4mm, which is standard for this style of plate. This creates a snug fit on an Olympic-sized barbell.
  • Raised Flanges– The outer edges of the plates are raised to help when picking the plates up from a flat position or otherwise carry them. There is also a raised flange around the center disc to prevent metal-on-metal contact and to extend the life of the plates.
  • Weight Offerings – Rogue LB Training 2.0 Plates can be purchased from 25LB up to 55LB and they’re sold in pairs. They’re also available in sets ranging from 210LB up to 320LB. Unlike the Competition plates, all of these plates ship free, not just the sets.
  • Plate Width – These plates offer a narrow width profile, which is great for adding more plates on the bar.  While the 25LB plate and 35LB plate are slightly larger than the LB Competition Plates, the 45LB plate is slightly smaller, and the 55LB plate is the same. Plate widths are as follows:
    • 25LB – 1.33″
    • 35LB – 1.75″
    • 45LB – 2.12″
    • 55LB – 2.50″
  • Durability – These plates are very durable, whether in a commercial setting or in a home gym. They are built to handle a lot of drops while maintaining performance.
  • Weight Tolerance – The Rogue Color LB Training 2.0 Plates have a very accurate weight tolerance of +/- 15 grams.
  • Aesthetics – These plates look nice, but in my opinion, they don’t look as nice as the Competition Bumpers without the raised lettering and pebble grain.

What They’re Saying at

Rogue Color LB Training 2.0 Plates receive positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.8/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “I have had these plates for just under 2 years and I have no complaints. I use them 5 days a week on average for Olympic and power lifts and they still look and feel great. They have not broken down like crumb plates I have used in the past. The plates do have some scuffs but, I consider that normal wear and tear for plates I am dropping from overhead a hundred times a week. They are quality plates that I have enjoyed using and look forward to using for many years.”
  • “Bought two sets of 45LBS about a 30 days ago. All of my other plates are the Comp series and love those as well. They were out of stock, so I added these. They are very similar with different graphics and the plates. Letters are not raised and the color is a darker blue than the comp ones. Great quality!”
  • “I’ve gotten several pairs of these over the last year and they’re wonderful. I do mostly powerlifting so these are great all around accurate plates, and you don’t pinch your fingers like you do with iron. “
  • “I bought one pair of these to cushion the impact from deadlifting. I already use 3/4 inch horse stall mats in my basement, but it was shaking the house and even my neighbors house far away! These helped absorb the impact for heavy deadlifts and not annoy my parents as much.”
  • “These bumper plates are made out of very dense rubber, which is great because it means they’re not as wide as a bumper plate made from cheaper rubber. Are use these in my basement with a half inch rubber mat underneath them. I am confident between the absorption of the mat and the absorption of the bumper plates, that I will not damage my subfloor. Frankly, I view these plates as a long-term investment, as with minimal care they will likely last a lifetime.”
  • “Been working with these plates for months now and they are up for the challenge every day.”


  • “Great plates. Denser rubber so thinner than regular bumpers. But while cleaning off the powder substance from shipping the color comes right off on my hands. Surprising for this price point.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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