Vulcan Elite Power Bar

  • Manufacturer: Vulcan Strength
  • Purpose: Powerlifting
  • Bar Weight: 20kg
  • Gender: Men
  • Tensile Strength: 196,000
  • Yield Strength: N/A
  • Knurl Type: Aggressive
  • Center Knurl: Yes
  • Knurl Marks: Powerlifting
  • Shaft Finish: Black Zinc
  • Shaft Diameter: 29mm
  • Sleeve Finish: Bright Zinc
  • Sleeve Type: Grooved
  • Rotation System: Bronze Bushing
  • Made In: Import
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Vulcan Elite Power Bar

The Vulcan Elite Power Bar is a USA-made powerlifting bar with a very aggressive knurl.

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Features & Highlights

  • Black Zinc Finish – Black Zinc is a cost-efficient plating that does an OK job at fighting off rust. You won’t get the same feel as you would with a non-plated finish like bare steel, stainless steel, etc… but you get a good blend of feel and rust resistance without the larger price tag.
  • Very Aggressive Knurling – This bar has one of the most aggressive knurls that I’ve ever felt. If you’re looking for a bar to set a PR, this may be a great option. As an everyday driver, the aggressiveness may be too much for some.
  • 29mm Shaft – The 29mm shaft on the Vulcan Elite Power Bar is consistent with IPF standards. It creates a very rigid shaft ideal for the big 3 power lifts. 
  • IPF Knurl Marks – This bar offers single powerlifting knurl marks spec’d to IPF requirements.
  • Tensile Strength – The 196k PSI tensile strength is in-line with other high-quality power bars.
  • Grooved Sleeves – The grooved sleeves will tend to keep the plates on the bar better than a smooth sleeve when not using collars, but they will also be louder. The sleeves are finished in bright zinc. 
  • Bushings – The bar offers a bronze bushing rotation system as expected with a power bar.
  • Center Knurl – This bar offers a 4″ center knurl.
  • Strong Warranty – This bar offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Made in America – This bar is made in the USA

What They’re Saying at Vulcan Strength

The Vulcan Elite Power Bar receives very positive feedback from users. With a 5/5 average rating at, here are some of the things people have said:


  • “Bar is very nice. Knurling is clean and uniform. No worries this bar will slip out of your hands or off your back. Collars have minimal side to side play with the correct amount of spin for a powerbar. Additionally being a veteran it is very rewarding to support a veteran owned company.”
  • “I have been using power bars since 1983, and this is one of the best bars I’ve ever use–regardless of the price (and I got it on sale for $309, which makes it a great buy). Sure some “international bars” cost three to four times more, but that doesn’t really make them “four times better,” especially for the daily grind of a gym. And sure the knurling is rather gnarly, but that is exactly what you want. If someone complains that the knurling is too aggressive, I would suggest that they take up badminton, not powerlifting!”
  • “This is a beautifully finished bar. Love the aggressive knurling, and the sleeves spin smoothly.”
  • “I’m very pleased with the bar I purchased from Vulcan. The center knurling is aggressive. Perfect for keeping the bar in place for squats”
  • “This bar is amazing. The knurling is deadly – in a good way! You’ll lose your fingers before you lose the weight. It has just enough spin to keep the weight where it’s supposed to be. There’s no whip at all and the bar flexes only a tiny amount if the sleeve is full. Not to mention, it looks fantastic. I have several bars from several manufacturers and this is easily my favorite. Great job!”


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