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8 Best Safety Squat Bars to Buy in 2022

The safety squat bar is my favorite specialty bar. It offers several benefits, including strength, injury prevention, rehab, general comfort, and more.

Despite the name, there are a lot more ways to use a safety squat bar than just squats. From calf raises to overhead presses, the SSB is one of the most versatile barbells you can buy.

Safety squat bars can range in price, features, handle types, comfort, sleeves, etc… In this article, I'll take you through some of the best safety squat bars to buy in 2022 and give you some reasons why owning an SSB is a good idea. Whether you're an elite powerlifter looking for serious strength or an average Joe with shoulder issues, this article has you covered.

Let's dig in!

Best Safety Squat Bars in 2022

How to Find the Best Safety Squat Bar for You

Selecting gym equipment can be exhausting, overwhelming, and downright confusing when you factor in different features, prices, etc… safety squat bars are no exception, and it's important to filter them down to make the best buying decision for you.

In addition to this guide, which will detail everything you need to know about safety squat bars, Garage Gym Lab also has a very useful equipment finder that will filter it down for you based on a few quick questions. It takes less than 30 seconds – no emails, no funny business – just helpful content right inside your browser.

I personally own nearly 50 barbells and I've used well over that. Each safety squat bar that I have outlined in this article has either been personally owned/used by me or has been meticulously researched through spec comparisons, user reviews, and feedback from people I trust.

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Best Safety Squat Bar for Most People

Titan Safety Squat Bar v2

Titan Safety Squat Bar - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $304.99 w/ Free Shipping
Weight: 61lb
Handle Type:
Shaft Finish: Chrome
Sleeve Finish: Chrome
Olympic Sized Sleeves: Yes
Made in: China


  • Excellent value for a quality safety squat bar
  • Similar design to the Elitefts SS Yoke
  • Chrome finish with Olympic-sized sleeves
  • Short, removable handles with contoured grip
  • Comfortable yoke padding
  • Very positive user reviews


  • Not quite as well balanced as the Elitefts SS Yoke
Best SSB for Most People
Titan Safety Squat Bar

The Titan Safety Squat Bar is a budget-friendly SSB modeled closely after the Elitefts SS Yoke Bar. This bar ships for free and has excellent reviews.


The Titan safety squat bar v2 has become one of the most popular SSBs on the market. While it's not an exact clone, it's VERY similar to the highly-regarded Elitefts SS Yoke Bar at a cheaper price. For an in-depth comparison of the two, watch the video below.

I've owned the Titan SSB since 2019 and there are several things that I like about it. First, it offers a very familiar yoke design that's comfortable. The foam on the yoke is essentially very thick carpet padding and it feels good on the back. The vinyl, while not as soft as the Elitefts version, is durable and textured. It fits very snug around the yoke so there aren't any areas of loose vinyl that you can see or feel.

The balance of this bar is very good. I would consider the Elitefts bar to have great balance, so while the Titan may not be as good, most users will be very happy with it. What makes it slightly less balanced is a slightly thicker pad and a sleeve drop that's about 1″ shorter than the Elite version. The camber angle is exactly the same, roughly 22 degrees. This helps to create balance while also making for a challenging experience that safety squat bars are known for.

The handles on the Titan safety squat bar are contoured with individual finger slots. I love this handle design, which is again similar to the Elite bar. The handles are also threaded so you can remove them to perform various other movements, like JM presses. You can also attach different handles to this bar to make it even more challenging (how-to video near the bottom of this article).

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this bar over the Elite bar is that it has a chrome finish and Olympic-sized sleeves. The chrome looks a lot better than the clear coat over time and the sleeve diameter will accept traditional barbell collars. Thinner sleeves, like on the Elite, do not allow that.

For most people, especially in the home gym, the Titan safety squat bar is hard to beat for performance and value. I do think the Elitefts SS Yoke is the overall better bar, but it's significantly more expensive. For ~$300 shipped, Titan gets the nod from me for most people.

For further reading, you can check out my full review of the Titan safety squat bar.

Most Versatile Safety Squat Bar

Kabuki Transformer Bar

Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $669.99
Weight: 55lb
Handle Type:
Shaft Finish: Zinc
Sleeve Finish: Black Oxide
Olympic Sized Sleeves: Yes
Made in: USA


  • 6 camber angle adjustments
  • 4 sleeve drop adjustments
  • 24 total combinations
  • Comfortable high-density foam yoke
  • Knurled handles
  • Legible graphics make for easy and fast adjustments


  • Expensive for the average home gym owner
  • Black oxide sleeves will show imperfections over time
  • Long handles may be awkward for some lifters
Most Versatile SSB
Kabuki Transformer Bar

The Kabuki Transformer Bar is far and away the most versatile safety squat bar with 24 different adjustment options. It's extremely high-quality, and it's made in the USA.


There's nothing like the Kabuki Transformer bar. This bar is truly unique and amazingly versatile. It's pricey, but for everything it offers, it's an outstanding option.

The most notable thing about the Transformer bar is its adjustability. Kabuki gives lifters the option to change two primary variables: camber angle and sleeve drop. For more information on these two variables, see the below section about important factors to consider.

The first adjustment is the camber angle. This sets the type of lift that you're performing. There are a total of six options, including goblet squats, front squats, safety bar squats, high-bar back squats, low-bar back squats, and good mornings. The physical adjustment is made via a simple pop-pin and you don't even have to unload the bar, which is a great benefit.

The second feature is the sleeve drop. This sets the difficulty of the movement. It ranges from 1 to 4, with 1 being closest to the shaft and 4 being furthest. The further the load sits from the center of mass, the more challenging the lift will be. This adjustment is made by removing the sleeve and twisting it into place at the desired level. You will need to have the bar unloaded to change the sleeve drop unless it's a very small amount of weight.

All-in, the Kabuki Transformer Bar offers 24 total adjustments.

The yoke on this bar consists of high-density foam and it's very comfortable – considerably more comfortable than prior versions of this bar. The handles are long and angled, which some users like and others do not. I prefer shorter handles, but you can still grip higher on these. The ends are also knurled for additional texture.

The main shaft is finished in zinc while the sleeves have a black oxide coating. As a result, the sleeves will tend to show imperfections over time as plates slide on and off. The loadable sleeve length is 15.75″, which is about 0.5″ less than a traditional Olympic barbell – still plenty of room to load a lot of weight.

You won't find a more versatile safety squat bar on the market than the Kabuki Transformer Bar. I highly recommend it if budget is no concern and you plan to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Best Traditional Safety Squat Bar

Elitefts SS Yoke Bar

Elitefts SS Yoke Bar - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $445
Weight: 65lb
Handle Type: 
Shaft Finish: Clear Coat
Sleeve Finish: Clear Coat
Olympic Sized Sleeves: No
Made in: USA


  • Amazing balance
  • Short, removable handles
  • Ideal camber angle and sleeve drop
  • Very comfortable padding and vinyl
  • Longstanding history of solid performance


  • Clearcoat finish chips and flakes off almost immediately
  • Sleeves are not Olympic-sized, which prevents the use of standard barbell collars.
Best Traditional SSB
EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar

The EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar is the gold standard when it comes to the safety squat bar. This USA-made bar offers exceptional balance with a very strong reputation.


The Elitefts is widely considered to be the king of the traditional safety squat bar. It offers amazing balance, a great yoke, and removable handles.

When it comes to this bar, the first thing to point out is its balance. From the camber angle (22 degrees) to the sleeve drop (6″), and everywhere in between, it provides excellent balance. You can use this bar with or without your hands. If you're big on Hatfield squats, for example, the Elitefts SS Yoke is the best traditional safety squat bar that I've tried.

The yoke on the Elitefts bar is very comfortable. It has a combination of foam and a layer of what looks like what you would find on a pool noodle. When combined with the very supple and high-quality vinyl, it's one of the best yoke designs out there.

The handles are short and straight, which I prefer, and the grips include contoured finger slots. They're also removable and they accept 3/4″ threaded attachments for increased versatility. I love attaching eye bolts and using cannonball grips for an increased challenge.

The biggest downside to the Elite SS Yoke is the clear coat finish. This persists on the shaft and the sleeves and it will almost immediately begin to chip and flake as you use the bar. It's purely cosmetic, but it's my least favorite finish on any barbell. The sleeves are also not Olympic-sized, so you'll need to purchase collars that will fit. I recommend Proloc collars since they will work on any barbell, regardless of diameter.

I view the Elitefts SS Yoke Bar as the best traditional safety squat bar on the market. Its balance is largely unmatched and its performance has been well documented for years. It's more expensive, but if you want the best, it's hard to top this bar.

For further reading, you can check out my full Elitefts SS Yoke review.

Best Safety Squat Bar for Low Bar Squats

Marrs Bar

Marrs Bar - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $799.99 w/ Free Shipping
Weight: 64lb
Handle Type:
Shaft Finish: Zinc
Sleeve Finish: Black Oxide
Olympic Sized Sleeves: Yes
Made in: USA


  • Most well-balanced bar on the market
  • Excellent for low bar squats, front squats, and good mornings
  • Olympic-sized sleeves
  • Very comfortable foam/yoke design
  • Molded foam is very durable


  • Expensive for the average home gym owner
  • Not as versatile as some other safety squat bars
Best SSB for Low Bar Squats
Marrs Bar

The Marrs Bar is a unique and amazingly balanced bar that's ideal for low bar squats, front squats, and good mornings.

Check Price at Rogue Check price at Titan

The Marrs Bar is far and away my favorite specialty bar of all time. Nothing has transformed my training as much as this bar has. You can watch an in-depth review of the bar above.

The Marrs Bar really isn't a safety squat bar in the traditional sense. It looks like a safety squat bar with its yoke and cambered design, but it serves a different purpose. A traditional SSB wants to pitch the lifter forward, putting more emphasis on the upper back and the quads. The Marrs Bar is, among other things, a low bar squat alternative with a more hip/glute focus.

The yoke design on the Marrs bar looks much different than a traditional SSB. This bar has a ‘backpack' yoke that sits in the mid-thoracic and wraps around your shoulders. Simply put, a better-balanced bar does not exist. When the Marrs bar is on you, it's completely locked in. You can jump up and down, move side to side, squat, hinge, etc… it's not moving. The current version of the Marrs Bar includes a molded foam pad that's comfortable and very durable.

The shaft of the bar is finished in zinc while the sleeves are finished in black oxide. Similar to the Transformer bar above, this will result in the sleeves showing imperfections over time. The sleeves are 16.25″ long, which is great, and they're Olympic-sized.

While the Marrs bar excels at low bar back squats, it's also amazing at front squats and good mornings. I maintain that once you front squat with the Marrs Bar, you'll never front squat with a straight bar again. It's that good. The Good Morning is also better than with a traditional safety squat bar because it reduces the lever arm and makes it safer for your lumbar spine.

The downside to the Marrs Bar is that it's among the most expensive specialty bars available. If you have the budget, however, it's an amazing bar, especially if you're a low bar squatter.

Best Safety Squat Bar w/ Multiple Handles

Bells of Steel SS3

Bells of Steel SS3 - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $329.99
Weight: 20kg
Handle Type: 
Shaft Finish: Black Zinc
Sleeve Finish: Bright Zinc
Olympic Sized Sleeves: Yes
Made in: Import


  • Solid price point for most home gym owners
  • Removable handle system – comes with three types of handles
  • Olympic-sized sleeves
  • Rotating sleeves
  • Comfortable yoke designed closely after the Elitefts SS Yoke Bar


  • Not quite as well balanced as the Elitefts bar
Best SSB w/ Multiple Handles
Bells of Steel SS3

The Bells of Steel SS3 is a safety squat bar built similar to the Elitefts SS Yoke, but with several handle attachments included for added versatility.


The Bells of Steel SS3 is a unique safety squat bar that takes some of the design features of the Elitefts SS Yoke and adds a few of its own.

In terms of its basic design, the SS3 from Bells of Steel is built very similarly to the Elite bar. It has a similar yoke design, similar handle design, similar camber angle, etc… Where it mainly differs is in its sleeve design. These aren't just Olympic-sized sleeves… they're legitimately barbell sleeves… that rotate… with bushings. This is very rare on safety squat bars, which normally include fixed sleeves. Does this change the lift at all? Not much, in my experience, but I do appreciate the unique take on the design, especially as a traditional barbell lover.

Another unique quality of this bar is that it includes several handle options as standard. I mentioned earlier that the Titan safety squat bar and the Elitefts SS Yoke bar have removable handles that can be replaced with various threaded attachments. Those bars don't actually include them – you have to go out and buy the parts to create them yourself (see video in the below section). Bells of Steel gives you the regular handles, long handles, and chain handles with your purchase.

This is a BIG selling point, in my opinion. The different handles, mind you, are used based on preference or desired stimulus. For example, the chain handles make it harder for users to cheat using the bar by introducing some slack in the handle system. Again, check out the video below for more.

The shaft on the SS3 is coated in black zinc, while the sleeves are coated in bright zinc. The sleeves aren't as long (14.2″) as some other safety squat bars (15.75″+), so keep this in mind if you're a heavy lifter. This bar also weighs 20kg, which is lighter than other SSBs and makes gym math a little easier.

If you like the idea of multiple handles on your safety squat bar, I would definitely recommend the Bells of Steel SS3 since they include several out of the box. It's also well-priced in general for a safety squat bar.

Best Value Safety Squat Bar

Edge Fitness Safety Squat Bar

Edge Fitness Safety Squat Bar - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $250
Weight: 45lb
Handle Type: 
Shaft Finish: Powder Coat
Sleeve Finish: Powder Coat
Olympic Sized Sleeves: No
Made in: USA


  • Great value at $250
  • Weighs 45lbs for easy gym math
  • Pads are durable, but somewhat hard
  • Appropriate camber angle for a well-balanced experience
  • Edge has a long history of making quality USA products.


  • Sleeves are not Olympic-sized and have powder coating that will show imperfections
  • Long handles may be awkward to some lifters
Best Value SSB
Edge Fitness SSB

The Edge Fitness Safety Squat Bar is the best budget SSB on the market. This USA-made bar is high-quality at a very affordable price.


The Edge Fitness Safety Squat Bar has been around for years and it's earned a solid reputation as a high performer. This bar is made in the USA in a small Ohio-based strength shop.

This is a no-frills safety squat bar. The design and specs aren't going to blow you away, but it's a quality SSB. One of the more unique features of this bar is that the collar is a flat piece of steel that's individually welded to the shaft and the sleeves. These are hand-welded at an appropriate camber angle for a safety squat bar.

The Yoke is also a bit unique compared to the Elitefts style. It includes a smaller single section that has a relatively firm pad. The shoulder pads sit to the sides of this center section and they're noticeably firmer. They also ship unattached to reduce costs. The handles themselves are long and angled, again, which some will like and others will not.

The entire bar is finished in powder coat. The sleeves will show scuffs over time, but as with others, it's purely cosmetic. These sleeves are not Olympic-sized, which will require special collars, but the bar does weigh 45lbs for easy gym math.

The best part about this bar is the price. For $250, you're getting a very high-quality USA-made safety squat bar. If you're shopping on a budget, this is definitely one to consider. My strong friend, Joe Gray is a big fan of it. You can watch his review.

Most Unique Safety Squat Bar

Bandbell BrassKnuckle Bar

Bandbell BrassKnuckle Bar - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $490
Weight: 20lb
Handle Type:
Shaft Finish: N/A
Sleeve Finish: N/A
Olympic Sized Sleeves: Partially
Made in: Import


  • Uses kinetic energy, making it a very unconventional safety squat bar
  • flexes under load to activate stabilizer muscles
  • Much lighter than other SSBs
  • Comfortable yoke with high-quality vinyl
  • Bandbell is a leader in kinetic/oscillating barbells


  • No camber, so it doesn't act as a true safety squat bar
  • Sleeves are not conventional – they will fit most plates, but not plates with very tight tolerances
Most Unique SSB
Bandbell BrassKnuckle Bar

The Bandbell Brassknuckle Bar is a unique SSB that doesn't offer a traditional camber, but does include a yoke. This bar provides a very humbling oscillating effect to challenge stabilizer muscles.


The BrassKnuckle Bar from Bandbell is in a class of its own. It's similar to a safety squat bar in that it has the conventional yoke and handle design. It's different in that there isn't a camber and in its unique oscillating features. Bandbell is known as one of the leaders in kinetic energy training. Their Earthquake Bar is probably what they're best known for. I've owned and used that bar for years and it's excellent at targeting stabilizing muscles. It's also very humbling because it doesn't require as much weight as a traditional bar.

The BrassKnuckle Bar is a part of Bandbell's RhinoFlex series, which is stronger than the Earthquake Series bars. It still provides flex in the shaft that constantly requires the lifter to absorb the force and use their stabilizing muscles to do so.

This bar was created to offer a safety squat bar look and feel in the sense of the yoke and handles. So, if you like the idea of oscillating kinetic training but you have upper extremity limitations that make their regular bars difficult to use, this is a great option.

The bar is made of composite materials that include carbon fiber, ceramics, fiberglass, and poly-rubber compounds. There's little-to-no maintenance as on bars with exposed steel. It's also much lighter at only 20lbs, but don't let that fool you – Bandbell bars are extremely challenging.

At the end of the day, the BrassKnuckle Bar is a very niche bar – there's currently nothing else like it on the market. It's not a traditional safety squat bar by any means, but it has some unique training applications that some people will find beneficial.

Best Safety Squat Bar Attachment

Sorinex Top Squat

Sorinex Top Squat - Best Safety Squat Bar

Price: $139
Weight: 14lb
Handle Type: 
Shaft Finish: Powder Coat
Sleeve Finish: Powder Coat
Olympic Sized Sleeves: N/A
Made in: USA


  • Much cheaper than a full safety squat bar
  • Much more space-friendly than a traditional SSB
  • Works for back squats and front squats
  • Designed by renowned bodybuilder, Dave Draper
  • Includes UHMW lining to protect your barbell


  • Uses your straight bar, so there isn't a camber like on a safety squat bar
  • No exterior padding, so it may be uncomfortable for some users
Best SSB Attachment
Sorinex Top Squat

The Sorinex Top Squat is an SSB attachment that attaches around the shaft of an Olympic Bar to provide a yoke and handle system for comfort.


The Top Squat was developed by professional bodybuilder, Dave Draper. This is a solid option if you don't have the money, space, or desire to buy a dedicated SSB.

The Top Squat is a safety squat bar attachment that hooks directly onto your Olympic barbell. It includes two 22.5″ long handles that angle with a flat end to prevent your hands from coming off. The Top squat can be used for both back squats and front squats.

There are a couple of things to consider when looking at this attachment. The first is that you won't get any of the challenging benefits of a safety squat bar. That is, there's no camber since you're just working with a straight bar. In this sense, the Top Squat is ideal for lifters who have trouble externally rotating their shoulders or those who just want a more comfortable hand position.

The second is that the attachment does not include any padding on the back or handles. This may or may not be a big deal depending on your needs. Padding is more important on a traditional safety squat bar because of the load placement and force vectors. Being that this doesn't produce the same stimulus, padding isn't as important.

The Top Squat is powder-coated from end to end and it includes UHMW on the inner edge to protect your barbell's finish.

I don't particularly recommend a safety squat bar attachment when there are such high-quality and budget-friendly options out there for an actual SSB. However, if you do want to go the attachment route, the Top Squat is the best available.

Safety Squat Bar Benefits

The safety squat bar is one of the best and most versatile specialty bars that you can buy. It has carryover to various styles of lifting and it can be beneficial to a wide population of athletes. The SSB is one of the first specialty bars that I ever bought and it's one that I recommend to many people.

I'll highlight a few of the key benefits of the safety squat bar below, but feel free to check out my list of safety squat bar benefits for a more comprehensive overview.

Benefit #1: It's Safer for Your Shoulders, Elbows, and Wrists

Safety Squat Bar Comfort

One of the biggest reasons to buy a safety squat bar is because it produces much less stress on the upper extremities compared to a traditional Olympic Barbell.

A lot of people have mobility limitations in the shoulder joint that make it challenging to externally rotate for a back squat. Other people have elbow pain associated with back squatting and some others have wrist pain with back or front squatting.

The safety squat bar eliminates all of that because it keeps your shoulder neutral and removes the load from the elbows and wrists altogether. If you love to squat but you find it too uncomfortable because of issues in your arms/shoulders, a safety squat bar will change your life.

Benefit #2: Your Upper Back and Quads Will Explode

Safety Squat Bar Back Squat

The safety squat bar is a very challenging specialty bar. Due to the camber that tries to pitch you forward, you have to work hard to stay upright. As you fight that force, your upper back gets torched… in a good way. Since you're in a more upright position, the bar places a greater emphasis on the quads, so you can expect some solid gains in quad strength and size as well.

In addition to the upper back and quads, you can still manipulate the load to target other areas as well. A deeper hip hinge can help target the hips and glutes more effectively. A good morning will light up the entire poster chain, and a front squat will hit the quads even harder along with the anterior core.

The safety squat bar is a very effective bar at increasing general strength.

Benefit #3: It's Very Versatile

Safety Squat Bar Lunge

The safety squat bar is used for more than just squats and, depending on which bar you buy, they can be extremely versatile. As a general rule of thumb, shorter handles will provide more versatility, and removable handles will provide even more.

You can perform movements including squats (and variations), good mornings, lunges, step-ups, overhead presses, JM presses, calf raises, etc… Alongside the trap bar, I see safety squat bars as being among the most versatile specialty bars. Not only is that great for general strength and performance, but in the home gym, you get a single piece of equipment that can accomplish a lot of different things.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Safety Squat Bar

Best Safety Squat Bars - Factors

Camber Angle

One of the quintessential elements of a proper safety squat bar design is the camber, specifically the angle. An angle that is too far forward or not far forward enough will result in an unbalanced bar. The Elitefts SS Yoke is considered to be one of the best-balanced bars on the market. It uses a 22-degree camber angle.

Sleeve Drop

Another contributing factor to the overall balance and challenge of a safety squat bar is the sleeve drop. This measures how far below the sleeves sit from the main shaft. Too far below and the balance can get unwieldy – too shallow and the bar may not produce the appropriate stimulus. Most quality SSBs will have a sleeve drop of approximately 5″-6″, however, depending on the overall design of the bar, the drop could change and still be OK (e.g. Kabuki Transformer Bar)

Yoke Design

In addition to the camber angle and sleeve drop, the yoke design is another contributor to an SSBs overall balance. The yoke is what sits on your shoulders/back. The yoke consists of vinyl-wrapped foam which, in most cases, provides a comfortable lifting experience. Some bars are more comfortable than others. For example, the Rogue Safety Squat Bar, which did not make my top list, has a very firm foam that many people find to be uncomfortable (myself included). Others, like the Elitefts SS Yoke and the Marrs Bar, are very comfortable. Keep in mind also that the thickness of the padding, the placement of the padding on the body, etc… will all impact comfort and the balance of the bar.

Handle Design

Safety squat bars will vary in handle length and type. Some, like the Titan safety squat bar, have short and straight handles while others, like the Kabuki Transformer, have long and angled handles. This will come down to personal preference. Long handles can be awkward for some users. Some bars will also have removable handles, which allows for more movement variety and also allows for various handle attachments.

Sleeve Diameter

Some safety squat bars will have sleeves that are not Olympic-sized. This means their diameter will be smaller than a traditional Olympic barbell and you won't be able to use regular barbell collars. Rather, you need axel collars or Proloc collars. I highly recommend Proloc since they work on any barbell. I've been using them for years. Meanwhile, other bars will offer Olympic-sized sleeves. Typically, a powder-coated sleeve indicates a sleeve that is NOT Olympic-sized.

Bar Finish

The finish of safety squat bars will vary from company to company. You will commonly see powder coat, clear coat, chrome, or zinc on either the shaft or the sleeves. Powder coat and clear coat will show imperfections much faster than chrome or zinc, and they're not as good at fighting oxidation.

Bar Weight

Safety squat bars can range in weight, but they're often heavier than a traditional Olympic barbell. While some weigh 45lbs or 20kgs, most weigh between 55lbs-65lbs.


Price is always a consideration with strength equipment. Safety squat bars have traditionally been among the most expensive of the special bars, but there are now more value options than ever before. Bars like the Titan safety squat bar and the Bells of Steel SS3 can be had for very reasonable prices. On the other side of the coin, you can pay up for something like the Kabuki Transformer Bar and get a lot more versatility.


What is a Safety Squat Bar?

A safety squat bar is a type of cambered bar that sits high on the shoulders and places the load forward. This bar acts to pitch the lifter forward, which forces the lifter to fight that force to complete the lift. The safety squat bar is an excellent upper back and quad builder. It's also more comfortable because of the padding and front-facing handles. These handles eliminate the need to externally rotate the shoulders, making it a great bar for those with a history of shoulder/arm injuries.

Should I Buy a Safety Squat Bar For My Home Gym?

In my opinion, a safety squat bar is one of the best specialty bars to own. It works extremely well, it's comfortable, and it's a game-changer for people with upper extremity limitations. If you love to squat and you value the versatility that a safety squat bar can offer, I highly recommend them for your home gym. I see the safety squat bar and the trap bar as being the two specialty bars you should buy first (depending on your training).

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Who Makes the Best Safety Squat Bar?

I think that Titan makes the best safety squat bar for most people. Unlike traditional bars, trap bars, etc… the list of quality safety squat bar manufacturers is actually pretty slim. Here are a few that I recommend.

So, there you have it – my top-ranked safety squat bars to buy in 2022… and why you should think about buying one.

If you have any questions about safety squat bars, please leave a comment below. Likewise, if you own any of these barbells and you want to chime in with your own thoughts, please do so!

If you found this review useful, please feel free to share it on social media!

The bar is loaded,


Adam is the founder of Garage Gym Lab. He serves as the chief content creator with over two decades of training experience. When he's not testing equipment and writing about all things fitness, Adam loves spending time with his wife and two children.


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