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New Release – Rep Fitness Change Plates

If you’re looking for KG change plates, Rep Fitness has recently released a fantastic looking option at a great price.

While change plates aren’t overly unique across most companies, the Rep Fitness version offers an interesting feature: steel inserts.

Change plates from places like Rogue Fitness are fully covered with a rubber coating, including the opening.

Not the Rep Plates.

For the vast majority of people, this really won’t make a difference so long as you’re using a collar. If you’re not using a collar, the Rep plates will slide around like a conventional bumper plate. This differs from full rubber change plates in that those plates provide more friction on the sleeve. More friction = less slide.

Again, it’s not a big deal unless you lift without a collar.

Let’s take a look at some of the specs and compare to some of the other popular offerings…

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Rep Fitness Change Plates

As one would expect, the Rep Fitness change plates are colored per IWF specs. The diameter and thickness are also consistent with other IWF-spec’d change plates.


The breakdown is as follows:

  • 0.5kg (white): 133mm diameter / 13mm thickness
  • 1.0kg (green): 170mm diameter / 15mm thickness
  • 1.5kg (yellow): 178mm diameter / 18mm thickness
  • 2.0kg (blue): 190mm diameter / 18mm thickness
  • 2.5kg (red): 210mm diameter / 18mm thickness
  • 5.0kg (white): 230mm diameter / 26mm thickness


While Rep Fitness doesn’t claim a weight tolerance like some other manufacturers such as Eleiko and Rogue Fitness, I don’t believe there would be any meaningful deviations from the stated weight.

The differences in specs between other manufacturers are minuscule. We’re talking about +/- 1-2 millimeters in diameter & thickness.

For example, take a look at the 2.0 kg plate:



You can purchase the Rep Fitness change plates in individual pairs or as a 25kg set:

  • 0.5kg (white): $9.99
  • 1.0kg (green): $19.99
  • 1.5kg (yellow): $29.99
  • 2.0kg (blue): $34.99
  • 2.5kg (red): $39.99
  • 5.0kg (white): $84.99
  • KG Change Plate Set: $209.99

When you consider the other top contenders of Rogue Fitness, Eleiko, and Vulcan, the Rep Fitness change plates come in at savings of 36% off, 39% off, and 30% off, respectively.

That’s a very sweet deal, indeed!

Rep Fitness Change Plate 5kg Garage Gym Lab

Rep Fitness Change Plates – Pros and Cons


  • The price is unbeatable compared to the other providers.
  • The specs of the plates are consistent with other manufacturers.
  • The steel insert is nice looking, and it’s a unique offering. This could also be a con (see below).


  • The change plates are not IWF certified. In order to be certified, the plates must be within 10 grams of the stated weight. While I’m confident most of these plates will fall into that category, there may be some outside of that tolerance. Still, I think it would be very minimal.
  • The steel inserts do not provide as much friction as rubber coated change plates. If you’re lifting without a collar, this could post problems.

All in all, if you’re looking for a cheaper option for KG change plates, the Rep Fitness change plates are going to be very difficult to beat.

In my experience with the company, Rep Fitness makes quality gear. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these over the more expensive options from Rogue, Eleiko, Vulcan, etc…

If you own these Rep Fitness change plates, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. What do you like? What could be improved? 

The bar is loaded,


Rep Fitness Change Plates - Garage Gym Lab
Exceptional Value
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