New Release: Rep Fitness PR-5000 V2 Power Rack

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Overview - Garage Gym Lab
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I don't see  any other companies disrupting the market as much as Rep Fitness. They are putting out impressive pieces with real innovation at a rapid pace... and at really strong prices to boot. After releasing the PR-5000 series a few months back, they went back to the drawing board to refine...

New Release: Rep Fitness Aggressive Stainless Power Bar

Rep Aggressive Stainless Power Bar - Garage Gym Lab
You can read my full review of the Rep Fitness Power Bar EX Here The long awaited aggressive power bar in stainless steel from Rep Fitness is finally here! I was actually able to get my hands on this bar before its release, so in this article we'll take a look at the specs as well as my initial thoughts on...

Rep Fitness PR-4000 Rack Release

Rep Fitness PR-4000 Rack Release Cover - Garage Gym Lab
Rep Fitness has released their new PR-4000 power rack, which is going to disrupt the market, in my opinion. This highly customizable rack has a number of options including size, color, storage, attachments, etc... You can purchase the rack as a 4-post rack or a 6-post rack, with prices starting at $621 and $895, respectively, which is an outstanding entry...

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack Color Release

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Cover Image - Garage Gym Lab
Rep Fitness just released their PR-5000 power racks in colors, which now include five different finish options: matte black, metallic black, hammertone red, metallic silver, and hammertone blue. If you noticed prior, Rep also released the same five colors as finishes on some of their bench frames, including the FB-5000 and AB-5000 that I reviewed here and here. This is...

New Release – Rep Fitness Change Plates

Rep Fitness Change Plates - Garage Gym Lab
If you're looking for KG change plates, Rep Fitness has recently released a fantastic looking option at a great price. While change plates aren't overly unique across most companies, the Rep Fitness version offers an interesting feature: steel inserts. Change plates from places like Rogue Fitness are fully covered with a rubber coating, including the opening. Not the Rep Plates. For the vast...

New Release: Titan Fitness Lever Arms

Titan Fitness just keeps releasing equipment at crazy prices. One of their recent releases is a pair of lever arms designed for the T-3 power rack. Lever arms are great training implements to provide movement variety, and they're especially good for generating explosiveness. The arms are affixed to the rack posts and can be used on both push and pull movements....

Rep Fitness Releases a Competition Flat Bench

Rep Fitness has released a competition flat bench that meets IPF specs at a very attractive price. This bench is made with 3x3 11-gauge steel and weighs 62 lbs - it's built to handle just about as much weight as you can throw at it. The bench's dimensions out of the box are 17" high (to top of the pad), 48" long...

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