REP Iron Plates

  • Manufacturer: REP Fitness
  • Plate Type: Steel Plate
  • Steel Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight System: LB/Pounds
  • Weight Increments: 2.5LB-45LB
  • Weight Tolerance: +/-3%
  • Diameter: Varies (160mm-450)
  • Hole Size: 50.6mm
  • Color: Black
  • Made in: Import
  • Warranty: N/A

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REP Iron Plates

REP Iron Plates, as the name on the plate implies, are standard iron plates with no fancy specs. They’re thin enough to load very heavy, they have an old-school look and feel, they’re available as pairs or sets, and they get good overall feedback.

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Features & Highlights

  • Accuracy – REP Iron Plates have a weight tolerance of +/-3%, which is common for standard plates but less accurate than the majority of other iron plates.
  • Weight Offerings – These plates are sold in pairs from 2.5LB to 45LB. They’re also sold in four different set options ranging from 175LB to 355LB. Neither the pairs nor the sets include shipping.
  • WidthWith standard plates, you get a thinner width than some other plates, which allows you to load a lot of weight. In fact, you can load over 900LB on the bar with these. Plate widths as follows:
    • 2.5LB – 0.5″
    • 5LB – 0.75″
    • 10LB – 1″
    • 25LB – 1.5″
    • 35LB – 1.5″
    • 45LB – 1.5″
  • Diameter – Iron plates don’t offer the same consistent diameter that you would find on bumper plates. That said, the REP Iron Plates do offer the standard 450mm on the 45LB plate, which means you’ll be pulling from the same height with at least 135LB on the bar. Plate diameters as follows:
    • 2.5LB – 160 mm (6.29″)
    • 5LB – 197mm (7.75″)
    • 10LB – 226mm (8.89″)
    • 25LB – 277mm (10.91″)
    • 35LB – N/A
    • 45LB – 450mm (17.7″)
  • Hole Size – These plates have a hole diameter of ~50.6mm, which accommodates Olympic-sized bars without concern. They aren’t as tight as a 50.4mm plate, but this is a fairly standard hole size for iron plates.
  • Flange – Standard plates offer a single-side fairly deep raised edge that helps to carry/handle them. When lying flat, these won’t be as hard to pick up as something like a calibrated plate.
  • Aesthetics/Finish – These are very basic-looking plates, living up to their old school reputation. I don’t like the smaller font on these as much as some other standard plates, but you don’t buy these for their looks.
  • Durability – These are cast iron plates and overall durability is very good. As with any plate, durability will come down to frequency of use and how they’re used. These plates should last years and withstand a lot of abuse.

What They’re Saying at

Rep Iron Plates receive positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.7/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “I am very happy with all the iron plates I have received so far from Rep Fitness. They are priced just right. I have managed to order and receive 2x45lbs, 4x10lbs, 4x5lbs and 4×2.5 lbs. I just need to get my hands on a pair of 25lbs and Ill be set. One think that I was pleasantly surprised about is the quality of each plate. I had read that there are frequent imperfections like sharp points sticking out or rough edges. This was not common on my plates. I might have spotted one or two, but very minor and not distracting. Also I want to give a shout out to Rep Fitness on the excellent packaging.”
  • “Great deal! Arrived in great shape. Still no chipping after tons of abuse so far. Weight accurate. Also had a great experience buying from Rep: answered questions quickly, and plates shipped in a very reasonable amount of time given the current circumstances. Will definitely be buying more of these plates and from Rep in general!”
  • “I bought around 570lbs of these plates during the first round of pre-orders. Wasnt expecting much due to the price. When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how well they were packaged. Not a single plate was damaged or chipped. The coating looked clean and feels rugged. I weighed each plate out when receiving them and found that the average variance was 1.3%, which was quite impressive for iron plates. These plates have now been in my garage gym for almost two months and have been put through the wringer. I am hard on my equipment and having a few powerlifter friends, and I am preparing to peak. After being deadlifted, dropped, scraped, and thrown around, these plates only have a few minor chips on the coating. Great quality at a great price. Definitely will be buying more.”
  • “These are a really well done basic plate, but done in a way that makes them feel premium. Great finish on what would usually be a mediocre plate with other manufacturers.”
  • “I purchased all of the plate sizes available. These things bang! They all look sleek, shiny, are heavy as hell and are all normal sized. That’s honestly what sold me. The 45s are beautiful for the price. They weigh what they should and I don’t feel cheated. They hug the barbell (Axel/Swiss bars too ) nice and snug. Perfect fitting. Love these plates for the price. I couldn’t ask for better. Cop you some of these plates while they still have them in stock!”


  • “Finish is not perfect. You can tell where there are imperfections in the casting.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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