Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates – KG

  • Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness
  • Plate Type: Calibrated Steel Plate
  • Steel Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight System: KG/Kilograms
  • Weight Increments: 0.25KG-50KG
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 10 Grams
  • Diameter: Varies (112mm-450mm)
  • Hole Size: 50.4mm
  • Color: Color
  • Made in: Import
  • Warranty: N/A

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Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates

Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates are high-quality, very accurate, ultra-thin, and IPF-approved powerlifting plates. If you’re a powerlifter, especially a competitive one, calibrated plates are an ideal choice for their accuracy, profile, and competition specificity.

This is the KG version – Rogue also carries LB Calibrated Plates.

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Features & Highlights

  • IPF Approved – These plates are approved to be used in International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) sanctioned events.
  • Accuracy – With a weight tolerance of +/- 10 grams, calibrated plates are the most accurate iron plate available. Each plate is equipped with precise calibration plugs on the back to dial in the weight to near perfection.
  • Weight Offerings – Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates can be purchased from 0.25KG up to 50KG and they’re sold in pairs. They’re also available in 159KG and 459KG sets. Neither sets nor pairs include free shipping. Unlike the LB version, the KG version includes an extra big boy plate (50KG), which is slightly thinner than two 25KG plates together.
  • WidthAnother major benefit of calibrated plates is that they’re extremely thin, which allows you to load much more weight onto the bar in comparison to standard iron plates. In fact, these plates will allow for a max capacity of 700KG+ loaded on the bar.
    • 0.25KG – 6mm (0.24″)
    • 0.5KG – 8mm (0.31″)
    • 1.25KG- 12mm (0.47″)
    • 2.5KG – 16mm (0.63″)
    • 5KG – 21.5mm (0.85″)
    • 10KG – 21mm (0.83″)
    • 15KG – 21mm (0.83″)
    • 20KG – 22.5mm (0.89″)
    • 25KG – 27mm (1.06″)
    • 50KG – 50mm (1.97″)
  • Diameter Unlike bumper plates, iron plates do not offer consistent plate diameters except for 20KG-50KG variants. On calibrated plates, most users are at least going to have two 20KG plates on the bar, so it’s not of major concern, but just know that you won’t be pulling from standard height unless you have one of the two variants loaded.
    • 0.25KG – 112mm
    • 0.5KG – 134mm
    • 1.25KG- 160mm
    • 2.5KG – 190mm
    • 5KG – 228mm
    • 10KG – 325mm
    • 15KG – 400mm
    • 20KG – 450mm
    • 25KG – 450mm
    • 50KG – 450mm
  • Hole Size – Calibrated plates fit very snuggly on the bar with a 50.4mm diameter hole. It’s important to have a quality-spec’d barbell when using calibrated plates. Otherwise, the plates will be difficult or not even possible to slide onto the bar.
  • Flanges – These plates do include flanges around the outer edge, but only on the front. This makes them great for grip strength, but not-so-great at picking up and handling. When these plates are lying flat on the floor, they’re difficult to grab.
  • Powder Coated Finish – Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates have a great-looking IPF color scheme with vibrant colors on 2.5KG+ variants. Plates less than 2.5KG are finished in a beautiful chrome. These plates are powder coated on 1.25KG+, so the paint will chip and scrape over time. Some users have complained about this, while others appreciate the look it eventually provides.
  • Durability – These are cast iron plates and overall durability is very good. As with any plate, durability will come down to frequency of use and how they’re used. These plates should last years and withstand a lot of abuse.

What They’re Saying at

Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates receive very positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.7/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “I’ve had these plates for a few months now and they are the best plates I’ve ever owned. Due to the pandemic I had to go the home gym route once again so I made sure I got calibrated plates. I currently own the following pairs( 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 15kg) They fit very snuggly on my Ohio Bar and they are perfectly balanced. Yes, there is a bit of paint chipping on the white 5kg plates and the paint has rubbed off a bit on the center holes, but that should not stop you from buying these calibrated plates. If you treat with some TLC they will stay looking as beautiful as the day you unpacked them. The colors are beautiful. From the mirror looking 1.25kgs to the kelly green on the 10kgs to the mustard yellow of the 15kgs. Not only are the colors spectacular, but the feel of these plates is something to behold. As I approach 60 years old I can testify that these are the best plates I have ever worked out with. Don’t hesitate to buy them.”
  • “I purchased 3 pairs (5kg, 2.5kg & 1.25kg) of Calibrated KG Plates a few months ago. Due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to use them until this week when my RML 490C rack and 20kg Ohio Bar arrived. The calibrated steel plates are absolutely beautiful to the eye. So it was a joy to finally load them on the Ohio Bar and feel the perfect balance. Balance is why I bought them and they did not disappoint. I love the look and the feel of them. I’m patiently awaiting for Rogue to make some heavier Calibrated KG Steel Plates available soon. I’ll buy them in an instant. In the meanwhile I’m making due with adding some Rogue Echo Bands to the bar for added resistance. I am very happy with my purchase.”
  • “Have had my kilos for months and continuously decided to buy more. Simply the nicest calibrated plates on the market. Buy once and don’t cry twice.”
  • “Ordered four plates, UPS delivered four beautiful plates. These have been great, weigh 50kg, and are flawless. They are tight on the bar, which is exactly what we wanted. Couldn’t ask for a better product!”
  • “Excellent quality, much like the rest of my Rogue Calibrated KG plates, this will out last me. Thank you for making excellent products.”


  • “These plates look cool, are precise in weight, and fit the barbell tightly. However, the paint job quality is not on part with the price. The paint chips very easily so be aware of that.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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The Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates were a winner in the Garage Gym Lab Best Weight Plate Awards.

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