Rogue Froning RML-4100C Power Rack 3.0

  • Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness
  • Rack Type: 4-Post Power Rack
  • Tube Size: 3×3 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Size: 5/8″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside (1″ ) through bench zone. 2″ above and below.
  • Height: 100 3/8″
  • Footprint: 53″ Deep/53″ Wide (49″/49″ on uprights)
  • Interior Depth/Width: 43″/43″
  • Weight: 365lb
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: USA

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Rogue Froning RML-4100C Power Rack 3.0

The Froning RML-4100C Power Rack is a special edition Monster Lite rack from Rogue. It offers an exclusive matte black powder coat, laser-cut numbers, pre-drilled crossmembers for Slinger use, a taller 100″ height, and all of the other features of Monster Lite racks (Westside spacing, 5/8″ holes, etc…). It also includes safety straps as standard, which is a benefit over some other Monster Lite racks.

The rack compares most favorably to the RML-490C 3.0, with the main differences being this one only comes in one colors, it’s 10″ taller, and it includes better safeties.

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Features & Highlights

  • Steel Size – The Froning RML-4100C rack from Rogue is a part of their Monster Lite lineup. It’s constructed with 3×3 11-gauge steel and it’s easily assembled with a bolt-together design.
  • 4-Post Design – As a 4-post rack, you’ll save some space compared to a 6-post rack. There are two other differences worth considering: plate storage and stability. On a 4-post rack, while you can store plates on the back upright, you may find that the plates can interfere with your setup when lifting inside the rack. This is particularly true on the bench press. The workaround is to bench press from the inside of the opposite upright. In terms of stability, this rack will need to be bolted into the ground or onto a platform unless you buy the optional stabilizer. The stabilizer attaches to the bottom of the back crossmembers. Even still, if you’re lifting heavy on the outside of the front uprights or if you’re doing heavy pull-ups, bolting down is recommended (not required).
  • Hole/Hardware Sizing – This rack uses 5/8″ hardware, which is one of the most common hardware sizes used on power racks. The rack will accommodate all of Rogue’s Monster Lite Attachments/Accessories as well as some from other companies (read more in the compatibility section below). The 4100C does offer Slinger crossmembers as standard. You can find the Slinger here to add cable/band variety to your training.
  • Hole Spacing – The RML-490 Power Rack offers Westside hole spacing, which is a popular feature on 5/8″ racks. The holes are spaced 1″ apart through the bench zone, allowing for finer adjustments on your J-cups and safeties. This can be useful for people who are “in-between” sizes. Above and below the Westside section are holes with standard 2″ spacing between them.
  • Exterior Rack Dimensions – This rack is the second-to-largest in the Monster Lite family with a total length of 53″ and a total width of 53″ (includes footplates). In terms of the uprights themselves, the dimensions are 49″ deep and 49″ wide. A 49″ width is fairly common for 3×3 racks, but one of the downsides is you have less room between the uprights and the plates. This requires a more efficient walk-out/re-rack since there’s a greater risk of hitting the uprights with your plates. Some racks from REP and Sorinex, for example, have 47″ wide racks which provide more space to work with. The uprights stand 100″ tall, but with the footplates, the total height is slightly higher at 100 3/8.”
  • Interior Rack Dimensions – The interior lifting area measures 43″ deep, which is more than enough room to lift comfortably.
  • Safety Options – This rack includes safety straps as standard, which is nice benefit relative to other Monster Lite racks. Safety straps are much easier to set up and they function better compared to the pin & pipe safeties that come as standard on other versions. They also offer safety spotter arms with UHMW for the front of your rack (separate purchase), which I also really like since some people (like myself) enjoy lifting outside of their racks.
  • Hole Numbers – The Froning 4100C does offer laser-cut hole numbers on the fronts of the uprights. This is helpful when setting up attachments, especially with the tighter-spacing through the Westside zone.
  • No Color Options – Also unlike the RML-490C, the 4100C only comes in a black powder coat. If you want a rack with color options to match your gym’s scheme, the 490C is your answer. That said, the Froning edition does offer an exclusive Denim Matte Black finish, which differs from the standard black on other Rogue racks.
  • Made in America – The Rogue Froning 4100C Power Rack is made in Ohio.

What’s Included in the Box

The Rogue Froning RML-4100C Power Rack 3.0 includes several notable attachments as standard:

  • (2) Monster Lite J-Cups with UHMW Lining
  • (1) 43″ Monster Lite Safety Strap System
  • (4) Band Pegs
  • (1) 43″ Skinny (1.25″ diameter) Pull-Up Bar
  • (4) 43″ Crossmembers with Side Holes (Slinger Compatible)
  • (4) 100″ Uprights with Side Holes

Optionally, you can add a concrete anchor kit (bolting not required), 43″ strap safeties, or safety spotter arms directly on the product page. You can also purchase from a selection of bars (includes HG collars for free), benches, and plates on the product page and save on shipping while building out a complete set-up.

Attachment Compatibility

The Rogue Froning RML-4100C Power Rack 3.0 is constructed with 3×3 steel and 5/8″ hardware, which is compatible with Rogue’s Monster Lite Attachments.

Here you can add additional accessories to your rack or you can upgrade the ones that come standard with the RML-4100C. In general, the Monster and Monster Lite accessories are much more comprehensive than the Infinity/R-Series line.

Some attachments that I think are worthy of considering include the Rogue Matador, the Rogue Landmine, the Adjustable Monolift, the Sandwich J-Cups, and the X-43M Multi Grip Crossmember. If you want to use the Slinger, the crossmembers are already pre-drilled to accommodate it.

The Matador allows for a portable dip station, the monolift eliminates the squat walk-out and makes bench setup MUCH easier, and the landmines open up a ton of barbell movement versatility. The sandwich cups are a big improvement over the standard J-cups, and the X-43 provides additional pull-up variety,

As for attachment compatibility outside of Rogue Fitness, notable places to look are REP Fitness and Titan Fitness. Each of these companies offers attachments that will fit 3×3 and 5/8″ hardware (REP PR-4000 and Titan X-3). One thing to keep in mind is that imported racks use the metric system vs. the imperial system on USA-made racks. This means that hole spacing will be slightly shorter. If you find an attachment that has two pins (or a single pin with a second hitch pin) then it may not fit properly. Single-pin attachments tend to work fine.

What They’re Saying at Rogue Fitness

The Rogue Froning RML-4100C Power Rack receives great, but limited feedback from users. With an average rating of 5/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “An amazing piece of equipment. It is like having the framework of a building as the support to work out in. Solid is an understatement. I could not be more satisfied with my purchase”
  • “Received this April 2021 after a while on the ‘notify list’ and it was worth the wait. Assembled immediately and it was fairly simple and quick. Spent more time cutting boxes down than actual assembly. Have been lifting for a few days with it and was a complete game-changer for my garage gym. So glad I bought this. It completed my setup. I may never need to go to another gym ever again with this.”


  • None Noted

Garage Gym Lab Review

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