Vulcan Training Bearing Bar

  • Manufacturer: Vulcan Strength
  • Purpose: Olympic Weightlifting
  • Bar Weight: 20kg
  • Gender: Men
  • Tensile Strength: 191,000
  • Yield Strength: N/A
  • Knurl Type: Medium
  • Center Knurl: Yes – Less Aggressive
  • Knurl Marks: Olympic
  • Shaft Finish: Hard Chrome
  • Shaft Diameter: 28mm
  • Sleeve Finish: Hard Chrome
  • Sleeve Type: Grooved
  • Rotation System: Needle Bearing
  • Made In: Import
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Vulcan Training Bearing Bar

The Vulcan Training Bearing Bar is an affordable Olympic weightlifting bar with needle bearings and a lifetime warranty.

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Features & Highlights

  • Hard Chrome – Chrome is a cost-efficient plating that does a good-but-not-great job at fighting off oxidation. You won’t get the same feel as you would with a non-plated finish like bare steel, stainless steel, etc… but you get a nice blend of feel and rust resistance without the larger price tag.
  • 28mm Shaft – The 28mm shaft on the Vulcan Training Bearing Bar is consistent with Olympic Weightlifting bars. This diameter will offer a comfortable grip and a whippy shaft ideal for Oly lifts.
  • Tensile Strength – The 191k PSI tensile strength is in the wheelhouse for an Olympic bar, but on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • Grooved Sleeves – The grooved sleeves will tend to keep the plates on the bar better than a smooth sleeve when not using collars, but they will also be louder. The sleeves are finished in hard chrome.
  • Needle Bearings – The bar offers four needle bearings per sleeve, for a total of eight bearings.
  • Center Knurl – The Vulcan Training Bearing Bar does offer a center knur in a less aggressive pattern as the outer knurl. This will give you some tactile feedback while still maintaining comfort for higher rep/volume training.
  • Strong Warranty – This bar offers a lifetime warranty against bending, breaking, or seizing.

From the Manufacturer

The Vulcan 20 kg Bearing Barbell for men combines the latest technology in bearing bar design with extreme durability and performance at an affordable price. This bar spins just as well as the higher priced professional version with a decent amount of whip for a bearing bar in this price range. Our customers have told us that this Bar performs excellently for CrossFit® training without the higher expense of the Vulcan 20 kg Men’s Professional Olympic Bearing Bar. To reduce the bottom line cost of this barbell, tensile strength is lowered to 191,000 psi, which is still considerably more tensile strength than many 20 kg and 15 kg Bushing bars that sell at a higher cost. This is a true verified number. We use a Hard Chrome coating for this bar. This is the ultimate bar for full use in CrossFit® gyms based on customer feedback, as well as garage gym. The depth and pattern of the knurling on this Vulcan Bar is superbly crafted. This Olympic weightlifting Bar can be used for either CrossFit® workouts, Olympic Weightlifting, or conventional weight training exercises. This advanced multi-use bar utilizes 4 quality needle bearings in each sleeve.

What They’re Saying at Vulcan Strength

The Vulcan Training Bearing Bar receives very positive feedback from users. With a 5/5 average rating at, here are some of the things people have said:


  • “Best overall bar I have owned. It takes the place of several different bars without taking up the space. I have the center knurled version that allows me to do the big three lifts. The bearing bar teaches you to use your stabilizers and stay centered for your bench and your squat.”
  • “This review is for 20kg Oly training barbell. This barbell is high quality (so far) for the price point and strong enough for anything I will do with it. Knurling is positive for heavy lifts, but not so aggressive that it puts hands through cheese grater for longer workouts. Sleeves have nice spin.”
  • “The 20kg hard chrome 28mm with center knurl bearing training bar fit what I was looking for. Wanted a knurl less aggressive than my Absolute V2 power bar yet not to passive. This bar was it. Ordered on Saturday arrived on Wednesday. Excellent. Well done.”
  • “We have a mixture of recreational through international team weightlifters at our facility. All of them love these bars, and don’t care if they use these or our more expensive “European” made bars. In hindsight, I wish we would’ve just gotten more of these. The metal does tarnish a little but it’s hardly noticeable. Even though we lift in humidity during the summer it doesn’t seem to have had an effect on the bearings or quality of spin. I would highly recommend these bearing bars to anyone, regardless of skill level.”
  • “This is one of the best Olympic training bars we could find, especially for the price. Knurling is not too aggressive, spin is smooth and the whip is very nice. Great bar for training. We use these bars for all of our olympic lifting with our athletes.”


  • “The ribbed sleeves do tend to “sand” off a bit of my weight plate inners where they contact, but it’s not a huge deal, just not my favorite.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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