York Legacy Iron Plates

  • Manufacturer: York
  • Plate Type: Steel Plate
  • Steel Type: Cast Iron
  • Weight System: LB/Pounds
  • Weight Increments: 2.5LB-100LB
  • Weight Tolerance: +/-2%
  • Diameter: Varies (165mm-457mm)
  • Hole Size: 50.6mm
  • Color: Black
  • Made in: Import
  • Warranty: N/A

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York Legacy Iron Plates

York Legacy Iron Plates are classic standard iron plates backed by a long history and a solid reputation. These plates are thin to load heavy, they’re accurate, and they have an old school look and feel.

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Features & Highlights

  • Accuracy – York Legacy Iron Plates have a weight tolerance of +/-2%, which is better than most standard iron plates (+/-3%).
  • Weight Offerings – These plates are sold in a variety of increments, all the way from 2.5LB to 100LB. They’re sold individually – no sets available for these specific plates. The price reflected here is for a pair of 45LB plates.
  • Width – These plates have a width that’s consistent with most standard iron plates. With a 1.5″ thickness on the 45LB plates, you can load over 900LB onto the bar. Plate widths as follows:
    • 2.5LB – 0.44″
    • 5LB – 0.75″
    • 10LB – 1″
    • 25LB – 1.25″
    • 35LB – 1.37″
    • 45LB – 1.5″
    • 100LB – 2″
  • Diameter – Iron plates don’t offer the same consistent diameter that you would find on bumper plates. The 45LB plate variant has a 445mm diameter, which is slightly less than standard height. The 100LB variant has a 457mm diameter, which is slightly more. These aren’t going to make much of a difference to most people, but it’s something to point out if you’re training with specificity. Plate diameters as follows:
    • 2.5LB – 165mm (6.5″)
    • 5LB – 191mm (7.5″)
    • 10LB – 232mm (9.125″)
    • 25LB – 305mm (12″)
    • 35LB – 378mm (14.87″)
    • 45LB – 445mm (17.5″)
    • 100LB – 457mm (18″)
  • Hole Size – York Legacy Iron Plates have a hole diameter of ~50.6mm, which accommodates Olympic-sized bars without concern. They aren’t as tight as a 50.4mm plate, but this is a fairly standard hole size for iron plates.
  • Flange – Standard plates offer a single-side fairly deep raised edge that helps to carry/handle them. When lying flat, these won’t be as hard to pick up as something like a calibrated plate.
  • Aesthetics/Finish – York plates have a very classic look to them. No fancy bells and whistles here. The black plate with raised white/black lettering is very old school cool.
  • Durability – These are cast iron plates and overall durability is very good. As with any plate, durability will come down to frequency of use and how they’re used. These plates should last years and withstand a lot of abuse.

What They’re Saying at roguefitness.com

York Legacy Iron Plates receive very positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 5/5, here are some of the things people have said at roguefitness.com.


  • “These plates look just like the plates I started lifting with over twenty-five years ago. Only difference is that with these, when I put a 45 on the bar, I know it’s 45 lbs, unlike the old plates which could be anywhere from 42 to 48 lbs.”
  • “I bought these plates and they were worth every single bit of my money. The shipping was a bit pricey but totally worth it. I wish you guys could restock on the 45s because I need to have them. Hands down the nicest and cleanest plates and you can tell their quality and will last a lifetime.”
  • “Classic, Just like the set I owned in the 1960’s. Work of art.”
  • “Just as they were 30 years ago. Continue to be great quality and the standard.”
  • “These plates are the bomb. I remember when I had york plates back in the 80’s in my basement. I’m definitely going to buy more of these plates in the future.”


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