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Rep Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack Color Release

Rep Fitness just released their PR-5000 power racks in colors, which now include five different finish options: matte black, metallic black, hammertone red, metallic silver, and hammertone blue.

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Colors - Garage Gym Lab

If you noticed prior, Rep also released the same five colors as finishes on some of their bench frames, including the FB-5000 and AB-5000 that I reviewed here and here. This is very cool considering most off-the-rack (no pun intended) benches are simply black. Colored bench frames are typically found from manufacturers of commercial-grade equipment.

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Color Options - Garage Gym Lab

Their PR-5000 rack can either be purchased as a 4-post rack or a 6-post rack with a storage area. As such, it will closely compete with the likes of the Rogue Monster series, etc… which are quite a bit more expensive.

Rep Fitness PR 5000 Specs

Here’s a closer look at the specs (6-post rack):

  • 92″(upright height – 93″ to top of pull-up bar) x 48″(width) x 36″(depth w/o weight storage, 56″ with), foot plates add 1.5″ on each side
  • 30″ depth inside to inside, 42″ wide inside to inside
  • 5/8″ hardware, with 1″ diameter holes throughout the bench/squat area
  • 4 uprights with 3×3″ 11 gauge steel, laser cut and robot welded on 80+% for maximum precision
  • 8 weight horns, zinc-plated with welded endcaps.
  • 2″ hole spacing throughout working area
  • Laser cut odd-numbered holes(1,3,5,7, etc…)
  • Dual pull-up bars – 1.25″ standard or 2″ for extra grip training.
  • 1,500 lb capacity
  • Pin/Pipe safeties standard – flip-down and straps available as upgrades
  • UHMW lined J-cups to protect barbell knurl, Sandwich style J-cups available as an add-on

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Safety Options - Garage Gym Lab

The base level prices for the 4-post and 6-post racks are $799 and $1,198, respectively. Once you pick your colors, the price will go up to $1,218.

From there you can elect to upgrade portions of the rack. For instance, you can select flip-down safeties or safety straps in lieu of the standard pin & pipes. I recommend this personally. You can also add a lat/row attachment, barbell storage, etc… to really deck it out.

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Sandwich Cups - Garage Gym Lab

Here is a list of the options:

  • $139 (or $39 upcharge) – Flip-down safeties with UHMW liner to protect upright paint
  • $149 (or $49 upcharge) – Strap Safeties¬†with UHMW liner to protect upright paint
  • $49 – Landmine attachment
  • $99 – Dip attachment with UHMW liner to protect upright paint
  • $29 – Barbell tube stand storage attachment
  • $49 – Dual barbell hanger attachment
  • $25/pair – Additional band pegs for band/chains storage
  • $99/pair – Additional sandwich J-cups

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Rack - Garage Gym Lab

For those who have followed me for a while, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Rep Fitness. I think they’re making really nice equipment at excellent prices. The PR-5000 rack is going to be a strong contender for this style of rack, in my opinion. I don’t think it blows away the spec sheet when compared to the Rogue Monster Series, but at the price point (~$1,000 cheaper), it’s going to snag a lot of attention… and rightfully so.

I gotta say too, the matching bench/rack combo is going to be really slick.

If you want to read more about power racks or powerlifting equipment in general, check out my ultimate guide to building a powerlifting home gym.

If you have any questions about this rack in general, please leave a comment below. Likewise, if you own the Rep Fitness PR-5000 rack and you want to chime in with your own thoughts, please do so!

The bar is loaded,


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