New Release: Titan Fitness Lever Arms

Titan Fitness just keeps releasing equipment at crazy prices.

One of their recent releases is a pair of lever arms designed for the T-3 power rack.

Lever arms are great training implements to provide movement variety, and they're especially good for generating explosiveness. The arms are affixed to the rack posts and can be used on both push and pull movements. Additionally, they can be operated either bilaterally or unilaterally, adding even more possibilities. If your training calls for explosive movements, such as football, throwing, fighting, etc… lever arms can be a great addition to your equipment arsenal.

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Titan Fitness lever Arms

Titan Fitness designed these arms to bolt on the 2×3 T-3 power rack. The arms themselves are made out of 2×2 11-gauge steel and they measure 39.25″ in length. Each arm weighs approximately 24 lbs for a total ship weight of ~58 lbs.

Titan Fitness Lever Arm Handle Garage Gym Lab

Each arm comes with a pair of 1.3″ diameter multi-grip handles that can be used in different ways depending on the movement being performed. They can also be flipped end-over-end to add even more variety when bolting the handles onto the arm.

The sleeves on the arms are 11.5″ long and they are 1.98″ in diameter. Given that barbells are typically 1.96″, this means that tight tolerance plates (like competition plates) will not fit. You'll need to check to ensure you have the appropriate plates in order to use these lever arms.

To protect your rack from any cosmetic issues, Titan installed rubber bumpers along the inner edge where the arm meets the rack. As far as finish is concerned, the arms are powder coated in the same black as the T-3 rack.

Titan Fitness Lever Arms Garage Gym Lab

You will absolutely want to have your rack mounted to the floor before using these arms since you'll be using them in an explosive manner.

Titan introduced the lever arms for a staggering price of $194.95, which is significantly cheaper than competitors. For comparison, while Rogue doesn't offer lever arms for their 2×3 racks, their 3×3 option is $545. Furthermore, Titan offers free shipping on these arms, where others do not.

If you're looking to add some variety to your training and you've been interested in the idea of lever/jammer arms, the Titan arms are a really good option. Although they aren't easily adjustable given the bolt-on nature, they're efficient and very secure.

If you own these Titan Fitness Lever Arms, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. What do you like? What could be improved? 

The bar is loaded,


Titan Fitness Lever Arms
This is an awesome release from Titan Fitness. The lever arms are a great way to add variety to your training and they're quite functional. The price point on these is really attractive, and of course Titan offers free shipping. Give them a look and let us know what you think!
Awesome Value


  1. Nice Review, Adam.

    Titan has recently come out with an adjustable version to fit the T-3 racks. My racks are 3 x 3 but their by Rep Fitness. Do you think these new adjustable lever arms would fit?

    Titan was non committal when I contacted them about it. Warning me that I would need to foot the bill for a possible return.

    Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!




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