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Best Black Friday Gym Equipment Deals (2021)

There is simply no better time to shop for gym equipment than on Black Friday. While sales aren’t uncommon in the fitness space throughout the year, companies generally save their best deals for Black Friday.

Whether you’re looking to start your home gym during Black Friday (like I did) or you’re just looking for solid deals on pieces to add to your existing gym, this is the place to find the best equipment deals for 2021.

2021 will be a unique year in the gym equipment space. Given the current environment, fitness supply chains have been stressed and material costs, especially steel, have seen large increases.

So while some companies won’t offer quite the same level of sales as they have in years past, you can expect some solid deals this year, especially compared to 2020.

The most common deals during Home Gym Black Friday will be standard price markdowns, free shipping, and tiered deals with free gifts or scaling discounts.

Be sure to bookmark this page and refer to it often, as I will be updating it throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. At the bottom of this article, I have my top 5 tips for shopping for gym equipment during Black Friday to help you maximize your experience.

Let the deals begin!

Best Black Friday Gym Equipment Deals in 2021

Current Notable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • REP’s Black Friday Sale is live. Up to 25% off all of their benches, 10% off their best racks, big sale on barbells, and more.
  • Rogue Fitness has a solid Black Friday sale. Save big on plates with Hundo pricing. Racks, barbells, accessories, and more are also on sale nicely.
  • The Titan Fitness BIG Black Friday Sale is officially live. Up to 15% off barbells and benches, up to 20% off weight plates, up to $225 off machines, and more.
  • LUXIAOJUN has up to 50% off Barbells and up to 40% off Plates.
  • Fringe Sport has launched their BIG 2021 Black Friday Sale. Save up to 50% off sitewide.
  • GET RX’d has launched their full Black Friday Sale, which includes big sitewide savings (one of the best overall 2021 Black Friday sales).
  • Buy the Preacher Pad at Abmat for 15% Off with Code ‘EARLYBIRD2021’ at checkout.
  • American Barbell’s Black Friday Sale is live! 15% off store with code ‘Thankful2021’.
  • Torque Fitness’ Black Friday is live. $100 off the Tank M1, $50 off the Tank M4, up to $1,200 of home gym packages, up to $400 off dumbbell sets, free shipping, and more.
  • Griffin Fitness has up to 30% off racks, barbells, benches, plates, and more.
  • Vulcan Strength has announced their Black Friday Sale with a tiered structure and up to 15% off select items.
  • Gungnir of Norway has up to 25% off for their Black Friday Sale. Save $250 off the Allrounder Bar, $50 off the Dumblers, or $388 of the bundle.
  • Save at Strength Co. across their site for Black Friday. Spend $250 and save $25, spend $500 and save $50, and spend $1,000 and save $150.
  • PRx has up to 20% off bars, racks, and more.
  • Kleva Built has $30 off the Adroit Landmine, $10 off their Genesis Jack, and they launched their new Genesis Jack Pro.
  • Bells of Steel has launched their Black November Sale.
  • Fray Fitness has 20% off their store with code BLK20.
  • Elitefts is running their Black Friday event with up to 45% off sitewide.
  • Fitness Factory has 20% Rugged Fitness.

REP Fitness

REP Fitness 2021 Black Friday Sale

REP has climbed the home gym equipment ranks very quickly since launching a few years ago. They’re making very good equipment at reasonable prices and with free shipping.

REP has officially launched their 2021 home gym Black Friday event. The sales change every week, but here are the current details:

  • $50 off the AB-5200 (My Favorite Bench)
  • $50 off the AB-5000 Zero Gap
  • $60 off the AB-5100
  • $40 off the FB-4000 Comp Lite Bench
  • 10% off their best racks (PR-4000 and PR-5000)
  • $50 off their SR-4000 Squat Rack
  • $1,000 Starter Home Gym Package (Rack, Bar, 320lbs of plates, and clips)
  • Up to 25% off select flat benches
  • Many barbells on sale for up to $120 off
  • Plates, kettlebells, dumbbells on sale

Shop All REP Fitness Black Friday Deals

Rogue Fitness

Rogue Hundo Pricing - 2021 Black Friday

Rogue is quietly having a very solid Black Friday Sale. Save big on plates with hundo pricing and markdowns on racks, bars, accessories, and more.

Rogue has been known to run one big sale a year, and that’s the Matte Black Friday event. Unfortunately, due to issues stemming from COVID-19 (supply chain, steel prices, etc…), Rogue is running a leaner Matte Black Friday in 2021.

That said, they are still offering a few good deals:

  • In-stock plates will be eligible for Hundo Pricing. The more weight you buy, the higher the savings.
  • Qualifying Monster and Monster Lite racks will ship for no more than $75 per order.
  • Rogue will update its Hot Deals page with select deals over the next two months.
  • Poly Hex and Non-Branded Hex Dumbbells will be on sale for $1/lb

Shop All Rogue Fitness Black Friday Deals

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness 2021 Black Friday

Titan has officially launched their BIG home gym Black Friday sale. Up to 15% off barbells and benches, up to 20% off weight plates, up to $225 off machines, and more.

Titan is already known as a value provider in the gym equipment space. They run sales throughout the year on various pieces of equipment.

Over the past couple of years, Titan’s equipment has improved considerably in terms of overall quality. They’ve also shown a commitment to the space by introducing some interesting pieces to the market. They’re not necessarily innovative, but they do bring some nice pieces to the table, especially for the budget-minded.

Shop All Titan Black Friday Deals

Get RX’d

Get RX'd 2021 Black Friday

Get RX’d has really elevated their gym equipment catalog since 2020. They’ve added several well-designed power racks, an outstanding adjustable bench, and several other products. They also carry highly-regarded cardio pieces in the XEBEX line.

Get RX’d has officially launced their 2021 Black Friday deals, and they’re very solid. The sale runs through December 2nd, 2021.

  • Up to 30% off Barbells
  • Up to 20% off Power Racks
  • Up to 20% off Benches
  • Up to 20% off Xebex
  • 5% off Cart for $1,000+
  • 7% off Cart for $3,000+
  • 10% Cart for $5,000+

Shop All Get RX’d Black Friday Deals

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport 2021 Black Friday

Fringe has officially launched their 2021 Black Friday event – save up to 50% off sitewide!

Fringe Sport typically delivers big on Black Friday. Fringe Sport CEO, Peter Keller, recently announced that Fringe Sport will be increasing prices as a result of supply chain constraints, rising steel prices, etc…

I expect Fringe Sport to still offer some solid Black Friday Deals, but with the increased prices, I don’t expect them to be as juicy. Stay tuned, however, because they could have something special in store.

Shop All Fringe Sport Black Friday Deals


LUXIAOJUN Mastery Power Bar End Cap on Sorinex XL Rack

LUXIAOJUN has launched their 2021 Black Friday Sale. They are offering up to 50% off Barbells and up to 40% off Plates.

LUXIAOJUN was started by legendary weightlifter, Lu Xiaojun. A young company, LUXIAOJUN is making some very high-quality, aesthetic, and value-packed gym equipment. I own two of their bars and their E1 Training Plates, and I have been very impressed with their products so far.

Shop All LUXIAOJUN Black Friday Deals

PRx Performance

PRx Performance Black Friday

PRx Performance is the pioneer behind the wall-mounted rack. As seen on Shark Tank, their racks have become the top of the line in the folding rack market.

PRx has announced a very solid 2021 event, which includes the following:

  • Up to 16% off Profile PRO and Profile ONE racks
  • Up to 20% off Barbells
  • Up to 15% off Benches
  • Up to 20% off storage, accessories, and the Concept2 Model D Rower

In addition PRx has launched their new Limitless Series of racks, which are standalone power racks, half racks, and squat stands.

Shop all PRx Performance Black Friday Deals

Torque Fitness

Torque Fitness is known for their variable resistance Tank sleds, but they also carry racks, accessories, and even complete home gym packages.

Torque has officiall launched their 2021 home gym Black Friday sale, and it’s very solid:

  • $100 off the Tank M1
  • $50 off the Tank M4
  • Free accessory kit with Tank MX purchase
  • Up to $1,200 off home gym packages
  • Up to $400 off the F9 Functional Trainer
  • Up to $400 off dumbbell sets
  • Free shipping on all bar/plate sets, racks, and any order over $2,000

Shop All Torque Fitness Black Friday Deals

Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel Black November Sale 2021

Bells of Steel is a fast-rising company in the gym equipment space. Historically, they’ve been a great option for those in Canada, but now they’re fully operational in the USA. Shipping is also free in the lower 48 states.

Bells of Steel just announced their “Black November Sale”:

  • Spend $200 and get a free gift of your choice: workout chalk, arm blaster, or white mini band
  • Spend $400 and get a free gift of your choice: loadable dumbbell handle, glute ham slider, or a pair of pulley attachments
  • Spend $1,000 and get a free gift of your choice: set of deadlift pads, a 3-in-1 plyo box, or a pair of loadable dumbbell handles
  • Spend $4,000 and you receive all 9 gifts for free

Shop All Bells of Steel Black Friday Deals

American Barbell

American Barbell California Bar - Best Barbells

American Barbell is another underrated company in the gym equipment space. They make extremely high-quality barbells as well as some of the best plates and dumbbells on the market.

American Barbell has announced their 2021 Black Friday Sale.

Get 15% off the store with code ‘Thankful2021’ at checkout.

Shop All American Barbell Black Friday Deals

Griffin Fitness

A relative newcomer on the scene, Griffin Fitness has been dropping some nice equipment. They have a great 3×3 power rack that rivals high-end brands, they offer several benches, a very impressive power bar, and more. They also just introduced a new power rack, half rack, and squat stand.

Griffin has announced their 2021 Black Friday sale:

  • 15% off GR3 Lite and GR3 Lite attachments
  • 10% off racks, bumper plates, and kettlebells
  • $80 off their stainless steel power bar
  • $25 off their competition flat bench
  • $30 off their adjustable FID bench

Shop All Griffin Fitness Black Friday Deals

Vulcan Strength

Vulcan Bumper Plates Urethane Loaded 4 - Garage Gym Lab

In my opinion, Vulcan Strength is one of the most underrated gym equipment companies out there. They produce very high-quality pieces, from barbells to racks and everywhere in between. I own numerous pieces from Vulcan, and I’ve been happy with all of them.

Vulcan has just released their home gym Black Friday deals for 2021. While stock is limited due to supply chain constraints, they are bringing back a tiered discount sale similar to prior years:

  • 5% off $0-$1,000
  • 7% off $1,001-$5,000
  • 10% off $5,001-$10,000
  • 15% off $10,001+

In addition to these, they have several “locked” discounts of 10%, 12%, and 15% off select items regardless of your tier. They have also included in-stock items as well as pre-order items in the sale.

Shop All Vulcan Strength Black Friday Deals

Kleva Built

Kleva Adroit Landmine - Barbell Loaded - Garage Gym Lab

Kleva Built is an Arizona-based equipment company that is creating unique and innovative pieces. They’re most well known for their Genesis Jack, but their Adroit landmine is excellent (review), and they have a growing pipeline of products.

For their 2021 Black Friday Sale, they will offer $30 off the Adroit landmine and $10 off the Genesis Jack. They’ve also just released their Genesis Jack Pro, which is a full-size version of the Genesis Jack.

Kleva Built Black Friday Deals

Strength Co.

The Strength Co Iron Plates - Best Weight Plates

Strength Co. is a veteran-owned California-based gym and equipment provider. Many of their products are sourced and made here in the USA, including bars, plates, and more. Their Olympic iron plates are some of the nicest plates that I’ve used and I highly, highly recommend them.

Strength Co. has officially launched their 2021 Black Friday sale:

  • Spend $250 and save $25
  • Spend $500 and save $50
  • Spend $1,000 and save $125

Shop All Strength Co. Black Friday Deals

Kabuki Strength

Kabuki Strength Trap Bar

Kabuki is making some of the nicest and most innovative equipment around. Their power bar is outstanding and their specialty bars, including the Trap Bar HD, Transformer Bar, the Kaddilac Bar, and the Duffalo Bar, are some of the best money can buy.

In years past, Kabuki has offered markdowns as well as free gifts based on cart total, but it doesn’t look like they will be offering a Black Friday sale in 2021.

You can use code ‘GARAGEGYMLAB5’ for an additional 5% off during the entire year.

Shop Kabuki Strength

Fray Fitness

Fray Fitness has been a fast-growing gym equipment company over the past couple of years. They’ve garnered a lot of attention for selling Hammer Strength-style machines for much cheaper. They also sell quality 3×3 racks and a whole catalog of other fitness equipment including bars, plates, benches, storage systems, and more.

Fray runs various sales throughout the year, and I expect big savings during their 2021 Black Friday event. Stay tuned for their announcement.

Shop All Fray Fitness Black Friday Deals


Obviously, Amazon is going to run some really nice Black Friday deals across just about every industry you can imagine. There are lots of fitness-related items to be had on Amazon, as they sell several of the big names.

Shop All Amazon Fitness Black Friday Deals

Force USA

Force USA is known best for their ‘MyRack’ and All-in-Trainers. The ‘MyRack’ is a highly configurable power rack with a slew of attachments and modularity. It, along with their all-in-one trainers, are currently on sale from $400-$2,500 off.

Use Code ‘LAB5’ for an additional 5% off orders over $1,200.

Shop All Force USA Black Friday Deals

Fitness Factory/Rugged Fitness

Fitness Factory has been around for many years reselling equipment at all levels. In the past couple of years, they’ve started producing their own equipment through the Rugged line.

For Black Friday, they are offering an additional 20% off sales price (excluding packages). Just use code ‘RUGGED20’ at checkout.

Shop All RUGGED Fitness Black Friday Deals


EliteFTS Safety Squat Bar with American Flag in background

EliteFTS runs sales all year long, but typically Black Friday is among the best. The weeks leading up to Black Friday are excellent as well. They call this the “Better than Black Friday” Sale.

You can expect some of their popular items to go on sale, including their very popular SS Yoke Bar.

Shop All Elitefts Black Friday Deals

Kettlebell Kings

If you’re looking for high-end kettlebells, Kettlebell Kings out of Austin, Texas is a great option. In years past, they have offered solid tiered cart discounts during Black Friday.

Currently, they’re offering an additional $20 off the sale price of Powder Coated LB Kettlebells. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Shop All Kettlebell Kings Black Friday Deals


Onnit is well known for their supplements, but they also sell some very cool strength equipment, including their Primal Bells, clubs, and maces.

Onnit typically runs very good sales during Black Friday, so stay tuned for their announcement.

Shop All Onnit Black Friday Deals

Freedom Fitness Equipment

Freedom Fitness Equipment is a new & used equipment reseller local to me in the Charlotte, NC area. They offer shipping if you’re not located in the region. They have deals going on for Black Friday including bumper plate sets, home gym packages, barbells, and more

Shop All Freedom Fitness Equipment Black Friday Deals

Tips for Black Friday Gym Equipment Shopping

Tip 1: Have a Clear Plan

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when so many deals are flying across the screen. Without a plan, you may find yourself missing deals out of analysis paralysis, you may buy more than you need, or you may have buyer’s remorse quickly after.

Write down what you’re looking to buy during Home Gym Black Friday and stick to the plan. When combined with the next tip, you’ll be able to act fast and buy with confidence.

Tip 2: Research, Research, Research

It’s one thing to write down what you’re looking for, but it’s another to understand the available options and what’s best for YOU. Thankfully, Garage Gym Lab has you covered.

If you’re looking for barbells, benches, and plates, check out the GGL Gym Equipment Finder. By answering a few short questions, you’ll get a personalized list of equipment that matches YOUR needs directly in your browser. No emails, no funny business, just helpful content.

In addition to the gym equipment finder, refer to the several ‘Best of 2021’ articles below:

Tip 3: Act FAST (Especially in 2021)

Black Friday comes around once a year, and once these deals are gone, they’re gone. In 2021, with reduced inventory, it’s essential that you act fast.

If you see a piece of equipment you want to buy on sale, don’t hesitate to hit buy. There’s a good chance it won’t last long.

Tip 4: Factor in Tiered Discounts and Free Shipping in Your Decision Making

Some of the best deals will come in the form of tiered discounts and free shipping. Therefore, it may make sense to consider buying from a single company if you’re looking to buy a lot of equipment.

For example, if a company has a tiered structure where at $3,000 you get 15% off, then it may be smart to buy everything from that company. If you’re short of the tier threshold and you’re holding out for a specific piece from somewhere else, then pivoting to the single company could save you a lot of money. Afterward, if you still want the piece from the other company, you can consider selling, potentially at a profit, and then purchasing the other at retail.

Similarly, consider shipping deals. Some companies offer free shipping during Black Friday. Sometimes, this could be at a certain dollar value. Either way, it can save hundreds of dollars depending on what you buy.

Tip 5: Bookmark This Post!

I will be updating this post constantly during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Be sure to check it frequently so you don’t miss out on any awesome deals.

Looking for general holiday home gym gift ideas? Check out this video!

Well, there you have it, friends. The best Black Friday gym equipment deals for 2021.

If you see any deals that you feel should be added to this list, please let me know at adam@garagegymlab.com.

Enjoy the event!

The bar is loaded,


Adam is the founder of Garage Gym Lab. He serves as the chief content creator with over two decades of training experience. When he's not testing equipment and writing about all things fitness, Adam loves spending time with his wife and two children.


  1. I can’t find the Adroit landmine on the Black Friday deal for $30 off. Website shows the regular price of $130. Can’t find any customer support on their website.


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