Fringe Sport Camber Bar

  • Manufacturer: Fringe Sport
  • Purpose: Cambered Squat Bar
  • Bar Weight: 75 lbs
  • Length: 88″
  • Camber Drop: 16″
  • Shaft Finish: Powder coat
  • Sleeve Finish: Powder coat
  • Olympic-Sized Sleeves: Yes
  • Made In: Import
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Fringe Sport Camber Bar

The Fringe Sport Camber Bar is well made and well-designed camber bar with a few nice features, including olympic-sized sleeves, a sporty endcap, and a lifetime warranty.

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From the Manufacturer

Our camber bar focuses emphasis on the lower back and hammies. The camber bar also alleviates severe strain that’s put on wrists, elbows and shoulders using an Olympic barbell which requires significant external rotation.

The camber bar lowers the weight position to slightly above waist level, and due to much less external rotation needed for bar grip, stress on the upper back and shoulders drops off the map.

The big reduction in shoulder stress and the reduced role of the upper back using a camber bar dials in training focus more on your leg and core strength. Your upper body stays vertical enabling a range of motion that concentrates on proper form for max depth and explosiveness throughout the lift.

Camber bar lifts provide more stability, by lowering the overall center of mass. Camber lifters experience less left/right sway and are able to adjust better with tactile feedback if their posture wavers. The lower balance center tells a lifter sooner if posture correction is needed, faster than standard squat bars.

The camber bar makes you fast, strong and adapts your body to lifts under all bar types.

Our powder coated, matte black camber bar is fully rackable and compatible with all Fringe Sport racks, cages and J-cups.

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