REP AB-5000 – Zero Gap

  • Manufacturer: REP Fitness
  • Bench Type: Flat/Incline/Decline
  • Adjustment Style: Telescoping
  • # of Back Adjustments: 7 (0-90 degrees)
  • # of Seat Adjustments: 5 (-15-45)
  • Flat Bench Height: 17.75″
  • Pad Dimensions: 12.25″ Wide, 53.5″ Long, 2.5″ Thick
  • Bench Weight: 117lbs
  • Weight Limit: 1,000lbs
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Tripod Design: No
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Made In: Import
  • Warranty: 10 Years on Frame

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Rep AB-5000 ZERO Gap

The REP AB-5000 is one of the best and most unique adjustable benches on the market. This is an FID bench, meaning it offers a flat position as well as incline and decline positions. The most important feature of this bench is the mechanism that allows for a zero gap between the seat and the pad in any position.

I own this bench in my personal collection – it’s excellent.

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Features & Highlights

  • Telescoping Design – The REP AB-5000 uses a telescoping design on the back and the seat. This style of adjustment isn’t as fast as a ladder style, but it is more secure and some prefer the aesthetics.
  • # of Adjustments – The bench offers 7 back adjustments and 5 seat adjustments. The back pad ranges from 0 degrees to 90 degrees (0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90) and the seat from -15 degrees to 45 degrees (-15, 0, 15, 30, 45).
  • ZERO Gap – The biggest benefit of the AB-5000 is that it offers a smart solution to create zero gap between the seat pad and the back pad. By using a sliding seat with a simple pop-pin, you can set the back pad position and slide the seat pad into it, thereby eliminating the gap. It’s a very clever feature that’s easy to use and practical – it’s also patented.
  • Leg Attachment – As an FID bench, you will need to use a leg attachment to perform decline movements. That piece is sold by REP separately here.
  • Weight Limit – The AB-5000 weighs around 117lbs and it uses a 3×3 11-gauge steel construction, which yields a weight rating of 1,000lbs. This is more than enough for nearly everyone. 
  • Not IPF Height (Barely) – Unlike the AB-5100, which is slightly shorter, the AB-5000 ZERO Gap is just outside of IPF specs… barely. This bench measures 17.75″ while IPF specs max out at 17.71.” This is really splitting hairs and most users will find the height to be comfortable and adequate for flat benching. Considering you can achieve a zero gap, users may find this bench to be suitable for everything with no need to have a separate flat bench.
  • Includes Wheels & Handle – Like most adjustable benches, this bench does include a handle and wheels. The handle is a fixed handle with a urethane coating. It’s comfortable and very easy to use. The wheels include wheel guards, which is another nice touch.
  • Front Foot – The front foot on this bench is slightly wider than some that use a more traditional single post design like the AB-5200. While it’s still not very wide, it may interfere with foot placement in certain positions.
  • Grippy Vinyl – This bench offers a textured vinyl that helps prevent lifters from slipping while benching. 
  • Upright Storage – The AB-5000 can be stored vertically very easily, making it very space-friendly when not in use.
  • Color Options – The bench can be purchased in red, blue, metallic black, and matte black.

What They’re Saying at

The REP AB-5000 ZERO Gap receives very good feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “I’m setting up a basement gym, and after researching adjustable benches, I decided on the AB 5000 ZG bench and internet stalked it until it was back in stock. So glad I held out! This is a commercial-quality bench that was packaged really well for shipment, was very easy to put together, and is heavily solid with smooth adjustment to incline, decline and flat positions and no movement once in position. The pads are firm yet comfortable and grip well. The zero gap feature was a major selling point for me, since I wanted just one bench and have really hated the gap on adjustable benches that I’ve used in the past. I’m really happy with my purchase!”
  • “The 5000 is sooo much bench for the money. Flat, incline, and decline – its the only bench I’ve ever used that does all three positions well. Its easy to adjust, its heavy and stable, the padding is super dense and supportive, and honestly I just cant think of anything wrong with this thing. The price, while still a lot to spend on a bench, simply cannot be beat. I’ve shopped half a dozen different commercial and garage brands and not only is the 5000 less costly but it has more features. Get this thing while its still at this price because its worth a lot more.”
  • “The Zero Gap bench is a rock-solid, very high-quality piece of equipment. I was most concerned with stability in a bench as I am on the heavier side, and this bench delivered as advertised. In addition to looking great is well manufactured, smooth operating, and would recommend to anyone. Cost-wise what you see is what you get and the price point on this bench is a great deal.
  • “Very solid and sturdy. The zero gap works just as advertised and the there is no wobble when using the leg attachment and decline. Perfect for my small gym in my living room. Thanks guys!”
  • “Built like a beast and exactly what you would want from a bench. The most near perfect bench you’ll find. Commercial gym bench’s don’t even come close to the quality of this thing. The grip is on another level and once your set you couldn’t slide if you tried to
  • “When building my home gym, I did it with the intention of never going back to a real gym ever again, and so I wanted to have the most versatile equipment possible. With the zero gap function and decline attachment, I have have everything I could ask for in an adjustable bench and I expect this to last me the rest of my life.”


  • “When reviewing the bench I give it a 10/10, but must say I do not like the decline set up at all. Real hard to get in there with heavy dumbbells, uncomfortable position to be moving into a rack for decline barbell press. I woulda not ordered that attachment if I could do it over.”
  • “Only personal complaint I have is the width of the seat is a little too wide for my liking even with the taper, if it was a bit more tight then it would be perfect. Still I don’t regret purchasing this bench, kudos to the Rep fitness team with this bench.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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