REP PR-1100 Power Rack

  • Manufacturer: REP Fitness
  • Rack Type: 4-Post Power Rack
  • Tube Size: 2×2
  • Hole Size: 1″
  • Hole Spacing: 3″
  • Height: 82″
  • Footprint: 47.5″ Deep/58″ Wide (48″ on uprights)
  • Interior Depth/Width: 26″/44″
  • Weight: N/A
  • Numbered Uprights: Every 5th Hole
  • Color: Multiple
  • Made In: Import

Read below to get a detailed look at the REP PR-1100 Power Rack including product details, features, real user feedback, and more.


REP PR-1100 Power Rack

The REP PR-1100 Power Rack is REP’s most economically-priced rack. It has a no-frills spec profile and it’s great for the budget-minded lifter and/or the beginner/recreational lifter. The rack is constructed with 2×2 steel and it offers 1″ holes.

This PR-1100 differs from the slightly more expensive PR-1000 in that it comes in multiple colors, it has a multi-grip pull-up option instead of two standard pull-up bars, it offers fewer hole options (3″ spacing vs. 2″), and it doesn’t have weight storage posts on the base.

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Features & Highlights

  • Steel Size – The PR-1100 is built using 2×2 steel and it’s assembled with a bolt-together design. This rack is rated to 700lb, which is plenty for most, but 2×2 does lag behind 2×3 and 3×3 in terms of capacity and attachment options.
  • 4-Post Design – As a 4-post rack, you’ll save some space and money compared to a 6-post rack. With most 4-post racks, plate storage on the back uprights can be tricky. With the PR-1000, there are no side holes so plate storage isn’t possible unless you buy the optional weight storage add-on. This effectively makes it a smaller-profile 6-post rack.
  • Hole/Hardware Sizing – This rack uses 1″ hardware, which is a common hole size. The rack will accommodate all of REP’s 1000-Series Attachments as well as some from other companies (read more in the compatibility section below).
  • Hole Spacing – The PR-1100 utilizes 3″ hole spacing throughout the rack, which is not a very common hole size. This will reduce the number of hole options available to you, and it may create some issues for lifters in between hole sizes. For example, in the bench press, you may have to extend further or do a partial lift to un-rack the bar.
  • Exterior Rack Dimensions – This rack is space-friendly with a total footprint of 58″ wide, 47.5″ deep, and 82″ tall. The majority of the rack is only 48″ wide, but the rear base extends 10″ further for structural stability and plate storage. In terms of the uprights themselves, the dimensions are 30″ deep and 48″ wide. If you’re training in a low-ceiling room, the 82″ height will likely appeal to you. It’s actually 1″ shorter than the PR-1000.
  • Interior Rack Dimensions – The interior lifting area measures 26″ deep. While this is enough room to safely lift in, some users may find it to be too cramped.
  • Safety Options – This rack includes chrome-coated pipe safeties that extend off the front of the rack to serve as extra J-cups if needed. It does not offer upgrade options like flip-down safeties or safety straps.
  • Color Options – The PR-1100, unlike the PR-1000, does include color options. Currently, there are 4 color options including red, blue, black, and matte black.
  • Laser-Cut Numbers – The rack includes laser-cut numbering every 5th hole.
  • Bolt-Down Not Required – With the PR-1100, you do not need to bolt it to the ground or a platform given its rear support.

What’s Included in the Box

The PR-1100 includes several pieces as standard:

  • (2) Standard J-Cups
  • (2) Pipe Safeties
  • (1) Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • (4) 78″ Uprights (82″ Total Height)
  • (2) 26″ Crossmembers
  • (1) Base including rear support

Attachment Compatibility

The PR-1100 Power Rack is constructed with 2×2 steel and 1″ hardware, which is compatible with REP’s 1000-Series Attachments.

Some attachments that I think are worthy of consideration include the Lat/Low Row Attachment, the Landmine, and the Dip Station.

The Lat/Low row allows you to perform cable movements off the back of the rack, the landmine opens up additional barbell movements, and the dip station allows you to perform various-width dips using the safeties.

As for attachment compatibility outside of REP Fitness, one notable place to look is Titan Fitness.

What They’re Saying at REP Fitness

The REP PR-1100 Power Rack receives excellent feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “Love the PR 1000 power rack. Purchased this along with adding on the lat attachment, dip bars and weight horns. The rack went together very nicely and the powder coating of the rack not only is functional as well as makes the rack look sharp. My son and I really like spending time lifting and using the power rack. The rack is very sturdy and definitely makes your workouts safer. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and recommend REP Fitness.”
  • “The rack is perfect for my garage gym, for the price it’s an amazing deal!! I’m about 150lbs and can easily do pull-ups feeling safe. I feel safe using the rack alone, obviously still being careful. It was very easy to put together and great directions. You don’t need to spend a ton and get quality equipment and REP you proved that. Thank you for making this product! I love REP products.”
  • “I was split between the 1100 and the 4000. I opted for the 1100 due to price, with the idea that a few years down the line if I really felt the need to upgrade I could and CL or fb marketplace the 1100. For the price, this is an excellent piece of equipment, at a fraction of the cost of others (be it Rep or other brands). I added the lat/row attachment, and it makes all the difference for me.
  • “Super solid cage, everything I need. Great customer service too which is much appreciated. If you want a no nonsense solid cage for your garage gym that is very functional and looks great too look no further than rep fitness.”
  • “I use the rack daily. Its finish is excellent, definitely solid, and probably my favorite piece of equipment. I got the dip bars and its amazing how many variations of dips can be done. The cost was definitely a factor in my purchase…and it was worth every penny. I cant see why a person needs to spend more. Happy customer.”
  • “Great value, am glad I got it with the additional weight storage rack too. Was straightforward to assemble and is very sturdy. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great home gym power rack.”


  • “The wrench that comes with it is pretty awful so have a big socket set or crescent wrench ready.”
  • “I felt the instructions should be more clear especially when describing what goes where.”

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