Rogue MG-3 Multi-Grip Bar

  • Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness
  • Purpose: Neutral & Angled Swiss Bar
  • Bar Weight: 43 lbs
  • Grip Widths: 2 Neutral Widths & 1 Angled
  • Total Grip Options: 4
  • Shaft Finish: Powder Coat
  • Sleeve Finish: Powder Coat
  • Olympic-Sized Sleeves: No
  • Rackable: Yes
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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Rogue MG-3

The Rogue MG-3 Multi Grip Bar is a straight-handled swiss bar with a single set of angled grips near the center to provide additional variety.

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Features & Highlights

  • 3 Grip Widths/4 Total Grip Options – The Rogue MG-3 offers three grip widths: two neutral grips spaced at 20″ and 28.5″ and one angled grip spaced at 10″. By flipping the bar over, you can access the opposite angle, giving you four total grip options.
  • Knurled Handles – Unlike many swiss bars that offer smooth handles, and the MG-1 offers a knurled handles for extra grip. The knurling isn’t aggressive, but provides some tactile feeling beyond a smooth powdercoat.
  • Rackable – This bar is rackable and it will fit a 49″ width rack (Rogue, etc…).
  • Sleeve Length – On the MG-3, you get a sleeve length of 14″, which is in the wheelhouse for this style of bar.
  • Powder Coat Finish – Powder Coat is a very common finish on specialty bars. It does a good job at limiting oxidation, but it does tend to show scuffs easily, especially on the sleeves and rack contact points.
  • Non-Olympic Sized Sleeve – The sleeves on The Rogue MG-3 Multi-Grip Bar are not Olympic-sized, which means you will need specialty collars. My personal recommendation is Proloc since they can be used on any bar. They would very well and they’re well-priced.
  • Made in the USA – This bar is made in the USA, using USA & CAN steel.

From the Manufacturer

The MG-3 Knurled Multi-Grip Bar is a versatile hybrid of Rogue’s heavy-duty MG-1 and MG-2 bars, with (1) set of interior angled handles, (2) sets of vertical neutral-grip handles, and 14” of loadable sleeve length. Spaced at 10”, 20”, and 28.5” apart, the knurled handles enable an athlete to freely switch from a closed grip–for working the triceps–to a wider grip for targeting the pectorals. The MG-3 Bar can also be turned 180 degrees (with the Rogue logo upside down) to reverse the angle of the inside handles for curls or an “elbows-in” bench press.

Unlike some Swiss or football barbells, all of Rogue’s Multi-Grip Bars are rackable on standard power racks and compatible with Olympic plates. This type of bar can be greatly beneficial in reducing stress on the wrists and shoulders during press movements, as well as strengthening the triceps for better lockouts.

What They’re Saying at Rogue Fitness

The Rogue MG-3 receives very good feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.8/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “I get shoulder pain performing regular bench press so I stopped 2 years ago. I read a review on this product that mentioned this person having similar issues and bought this with great success. Intrigued I decided to try out. Bought it and have benched last 2 weeks with little or no shoulder pain. Maybe it’s the angle or whatever but all I know is I can bench again with no pain, so I am recommending this with pride.”
  • “With the various hand placements on this bar you can find a comfortable grip that will aid in shoulder recovery for all pressing movements”
  • “This thing is hardcore, if I had to breach a door this is my instrument of choice. Works ok for curls, but for pressing and skull crushers this is amazing. The rack ability makes it perfect to lay on the bench opposite of traditional bench to press it up and then go to town without hinderance for heavy tricep extension work.”
  • “I partially tore a couple of ligaments in my elbow and had given up on even the thought of attempting to bench. Then this gem arrived and I’m not sure if it’s due to the angle of hand placement and bench pressing technique but I am able to lift pain free and moderately heavy with this bar. I also use it for curl to press and seated rows. I couldn’t be happier. The axle collars fit like a glove as well. I would definitely recommend this bar!!”
  • “Bought this bar for my training facility and for my own training as well. Built Rouge tough, I am very impressed with all aspects of the bar. Gives another dimension of training possibilities for my younger athletes being able to introduce strong man lifting techniques and much more.”


  • “Barely fits in my rack. I’m lucky because I didn’t check my rack size before ordering — which my rack is pretty standard. CONSIDER IF YOU NEED TO RACK A HEAVY LOAD QUICKLY, THIS COULD BE PROBLEMATIC. So consider that in your rack clearance as well if you’re considering this bar.”
  • “This bar is sturdy and well made, aside from the powder coat finish which will literally scrape off on your pegs. However, the main fault lies in the width of the bar which will only rack on a select few bench presses/power cages.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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