Sorinex Performance Bar – Bright Zinc

  • Manufacturer: Sorinex
  • Purpose: Multipurpose
  • Bar Weight: 20kg
  • Gender: Men
  • Tensile Strength: 190,000
  • Yield Strength: N/A
  • Knurl Type: Medium
  • Center Knurl: No
  • Knurl Marks: Dual
  • Shaft Finish: Bright Zinc
  • Shaft Diameter: 28.5mm
  • Sleeve Finish: Hard Chrome
  • Sleeve Type: Grooved
  • Rotation System: Bronze Bushing
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: N/A

Read below to get a detailed look at the Sorinex Bright Zinc Performance Bar including product details, features, real user feedback, and more.


Sorinex Bright Zinc Performance Bar

The Sorinex Performance Bar is a made-in-the-USA multipurpose bar that comes in two finish variations. This particular version uses a bright zinc shaft.

Equipped with a 28.5mm shaft, dual knurl marks, and bronze bushings, the Bright Zinc Performance Bar is built for a variety of lifts.

Here are some further details about the bar:

Features & Highlights

  • Bright Zinc Finish – Bright Zinc is a cost efficient plating that does an OK job at fighting off rust. You won’t get the same feel as you would with a non-plated finish like bare steel, stainless steel, etc… but you get a good blend of feel and rust resistance without the larger price tag.
  • 28.5mm Shaft – The 28.5mm shaft on the Sorinex Bright Zinc Performance Bar is comfortable in the hands and provides a nice balance between rigid and whippy, making it ideal for a variety of lifts.
  • Grooved Sleeves – The grooved sleeves will tend to keep the plates on the bar better than a smooth sleeve when not using collars, but they will also be louder.
  • No Center Knurl – The Bright Zinc Sorinex Performance Bar does not offer a center knurl, which is useful on high rep training sessions and/or in cases where a lifter wants a more comfortable bar.
  • American Made – This bar is made in America.

From the Manufacturer

For close to a decade, we have put our Performance Bars in weight rooms across the country. The concept was simple. Offer a barbell that is durable in design, versatile in function, and cost effective.

We are expanding this effort with the launch of our Sorinex Standard Series Barbells. We have taken the guess work out of bars with straight forward solutions and a no frills approach to their application.

The Sorinex Performance Bar is our favorite all-around barbell. Simplified and perfected performance that you can rely on. Clear bright zinc, one-piece sleeves are pressed, machined and plated for high-performance output and strength. Built to International Weightlifting Specifications. The Sorinex Performance Bar has upgraded bronze bushings & more aggressive medium knurl pattern. A noticeably positive difference when performing Olympic Lifts. The Performance Bar Shaft (190K PSI) comes in either Black Zinc or Bright Clear Zinc coating. Pull, clean & press, squat, deadlift, shrug, lunge and more.

100% Made in USA. Custom Colors and Branding Available.

What They’re Saying at

The Sorinex Bright Zinc Performance Bar receives positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5 at, here are some of the things they have said:


  • “Ordered the bar and have absolutely loved it so far. The knurl is somewhat aggressive and holds chalk very well. This is another great example of sorinex quality, i will be ordering a rack very soon.”
  • “The bar itself feels super high quality. Knurling is very grippy, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how grippy, without being too sharp. This bar will fit all my needs which is mostly powerlifting, with some presses, and power cleans. Definitely recommend this bar, and this company. Quality, high end product, excellent customer experience.”


  • “Just received the bar. After unboxing there appears to be slight damage on both ends of the sleeves. Not a huge deal but definitely disappointing considering the cost (bar+shipping). This bar is in addition to the American Barbell Cerakote Training Bar I recently received. Given the price of the two bars and different approaches in shipping, I will most likely go with American Barbell in the future.”
  • “For having to pay so much for shipping, I am thoroughly disappointed in the package it was delivered in. I’m not sure how or why it was permitted to ship such an expensive piece of equipment in an open tube that wasn’t even long enough to completely cover the barbell.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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