Titan Adustable FID Bench

  • Manufacturer: Titan Fitness
  • Bench Type: Flat/Incline/Decline
  • Adjustment Style: Ladder
  • # of Back Adjustments: 7
  • # of Seat Adjustments: 4
  • Flat Bench Height: 18.25″
  • Pad Dimensions: 11.75″ Wide, 54″ Long, 2.25″ Thick
  • Bench Weight: 71lbs
  • Weight Limit: 1,500lbs
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Tripod Design: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: Import
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Titan Adjustable FID Bench

The Titan Adjustable FID Bench is a budget-friendly, ladder-style FID bench with a no-frills spec profile and good-not-great overall reviews from users.

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Features & Highlights

  • Ladder Design – The Adjustable FID Bench from Titan uses a ladder-style adjustment on the back, which tends to be faster and easier to use than a telescoping spine. The seat adjusts with a pop-pin. The frame is constructed with 2×2 11-gauge steel. Some assembly is required.
  • # of Adjustments – The bench offers 7 back adjustments and 4 seat adjustments for a total of 28 potential adjustment options. The back pad ranges from 0 degrees to 85 and the seat can adjust down to -15 degrees for decline movements.
  • Pad/Seat Gap – The pad gap on this bench is fairly small, but still evident in the flat bench position. If you perform a lot of flat bench press, you may find this to be uncomfortable/problematic depending on your height. As with most adjustable benches, if you train the flat bench press frequently, I think also owning a dedicated flat bench is a good decision.
  • Pad Width – This bench offers a pad width of 11.75″, which will be comfortable for most users. 12″ is the most common bench width.
  • Weight Limit – Titan states a weight rating of 1,500lbs on the Adjustable FID Bench, which can handle virtually anything. 
  • Not IPF Height – One downside to this bench is the height in the flat position is 18.25″, which is not within IPF specs (~17.7″ max). While this height isn’t egregious, it may pose issues for shorter lifters when trying to get good leg drive. Again, an IPF-height dedicated flat bench would eliminate this concern.
  • Includes Wheels & Handle – This bench does offer a handle and wheels, which makes portability easy.
  • Vinyl – This bench isn’t known as having the highest quality vinyl. Some users have reported bunching and looseness. 
  • No Upright Storage – There is no built-in vertical storage feature on this bench.

What They’re Saying at titan.fitness

The Titan Adjustable FID Bench receives decent feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.4/5, here are some of the things people have said at titan.fitness:


  • “Great adjustable bench for the price, plus free shipping! Sure there’re better adjustable benches out there but you’re going to be paying double the price if not more. I would definitely recommend this adjustable bench to anyone starting up a home/garage gym.”
  • “Package was in perfect shape when it arrived. Bench was easy to assemble, seems very sturdy, and adjusts very smoothly. A great bench for any home gym!”
  • “This is a fantastic bench! I had the v2 incline originally as it came with my T2 and wanted something sturdier that would decline. This bench is a tank and the vinyl has been upgraded to be very grippy. It’s very sturdy, commercial grade and it came flawless and arrived almost a month before the estimated restock date when I back ordered it. Titan’s quality appears to have improved dramatically as I have had no issues with any of their equipment. This is a fantastic bench and is just as good if not better than benches almost twice the price. Definitely recommend it.
  • “Considering the price point and the many functions of the bench, it feels pretty sturdy and heavy duty, worth the $$. I’m not a power lifter; I am a triathlete that lifts regularly to maintain and build some muscle mass. I think this bench will be great for my needs. For the average home or garage gym, this should work without breaking the budget.
  • “Assembly was easy and quick. Bench is what I needed for the garage gym.”


  • “Good solid bench, directions could be better, only issue is the solid gage foot pads have sharp edges and no rubber protection scratching up lifting platform wood floor. going to try and find some no slip rubber pads. other wise good solid bench.”
  • “I have two concerns that I guess Ill find out over time. The first being the bench pad cover quality. It says these are made out of leather but it sure doesn’t fell like leather, or a durable cover product. The leg pads have a higher quality cover in my opinion that feels like actual leather you would be used to at a local gym. Ill just say I wouldn’t feel comfortable setting my dumbbells on top of the backpad, not that you should anyway but just saying. My other concern is a very small one that is not going to ruin this bench for you by any means. The 2-3 spots where the bench adjusts requires you to tighten some bolts, It doesn’t give you any direction on how tight. I don’t want them too lose to where they come off and the bench is shaky and I don’t want them so tight that the parts don’t move fluidly. Right now I haven’t found a happy medium. Everything is a bit tight right now…”
  • “The directions to assemble the bench is terrible. Also, one side of the holes to screw the cushion on didn’t line up, so I have yet another wobbly purchase.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

Garage Gym Lab has not yet reviewed this bench.

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