Titan X-3 Power Rack

  • Manufacturer: Titan Fitness
  • Rack Type: 4-Post Power Rack
  • Tube Size: 3×3
  • Hole Size: 5/8″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside (1″ ) through bench zone. 2″ above and below.
  • Height: 80″ or 90″
  • Footprint: 33″ or 45″ Deep/54″ Wide (48″ on uprights)
  • Interior Depth/Width: 24″ or 36″/42″
  • Weight: Varies
  • Numbered Uprights: No
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: Import

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Titan X-3 Power Rack

The Titan X-3 is one of Titan’s top power rack offerings. This 3×3 rack offers 5/8″ holes, Westside hole spacing, and two height/depth options.

With many available attachments, the X-3 is a very versatile rack option. This is the bigger version of the 2×3 Titan T-3 Power Rack.

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Features & Highlights

  • Steel Size – The X-3 Rack from Titan is constructed with 3×3 11-gauge steel and it’s assembled with a bolt-together design. 3×3 steel is becoming increasingly popular for its strength, attachment compatibility, and its overall aesthetic. With this being an imported rack, keep in mind that it’s actually 2.95×2.95 (not truly 3×3) since it uses the metric system. This may have an impact on attachment compatibility from American-made companies. More on this in the below attachment section.
  • 4 Post Design – As a 4-post rack, you’ll save some space compared to a 6-post rack. There are two other differences worth considering: plate storage and stability. On a 4-post rack, while you can store plates on the back upright, you may find that the plates can interfere with your setup when lifting inside the rack. This is particularly true on the bench press. The workaround is to bench press from the inside of the opposite upright. In terms of stability, it is highly recommended to bolt this rack into the ground or onto a platform (unless you purchase the stabilizer feet). You can also buy the Flat Foot Version of the rack, which doesn’t require you to bolt it down.
  • Hole/Hardware Sizing – This rack uses 5/8″ hardware, which is one of the most common hardware sizes used on power racks. The rack will accommodate all of Titan’s X-3 accessories as well as some from other companies (read more in the compatibility section below).
  • Hole Spacing – The Titan X-3 offers Westside hole spacing, which is a popular feature on 5/8″ racks. The holes are spaced 1″ apart through the bench zone, allowing for more adjustments on your J-cups and safeties. This can be useful for people who are “in-between” sizes. Above and below the Westside section are holes with standard 2″ spacing between them.
  • Exterior Rack Dimensions – The Titan X-3 can be purchased in one of four different configurations based on your depth and height requirements. Depth options include 24″ and 36″ while height options include 80″ and 90″. The outside width of the uprights is 48″, which is a benefit compared to some 3×3 racks with a 49″ width. This is because you have more room between the uprights and the plates on your bar, which reduces the chances of accidentally hitting the uprights with racking or un-racking. The following breaks down the dimensions for each rack option:
    • 24″ Depth: Total length of 33″ and a total width of 54″. The uprights themselves measure 30″ deep and 48″ wide.
    • 36″ Depth: Total length of 45″ and a total width of 52.5″. The uprights themselves measure 42″ deep and 48″ wide.
  • Interior Rack Dimensions – The interior lifting area measures 24″ or 36″ deep. While the 24″ depth is enough for someone to cleanly lift in, some users may find it to be cramped. I recommend the 36″ depth for most lifters.
  • Safety Options – This rack can accommodate pin & pipe safeties or safety straps. I highly recommend the safety straps, as they are much easier to set up and they do a much better job of protecting your barbell. Titan also sells spotter arms to be used inside or outside of your rack. These include a UHMW lining and they do a nice job of protecting yourself and your equipment.
  • No Color Options – The Titan X-3 is currently only sold with a black powder coat.

What’s Included in the Box

The Titan X-3 includes several pieces as standard:

  • (2) Standard J-Cups
  • (1) 2″ diameter Pull-Up Bar
  • (1) 1.25″ Diameter Pull-Up Bar
  • (4) 80″ or 90″ Uprights
  • (4) 24″ or 36″ Crossmembers

You will need to purchase your safeties separately in the attachments section.

Attachment Compatibility

The Titan X-3 is constructed with 2×3 steel and 5/8″ hardware, which is compatible with Titan’s X-3 Attachments.

Some attachments that I think are worthy of consideration include the Lat/Low Row Attachment, the Safety Straps, the Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, and the Extension Kit.

The Lat/Low row allows you to perform cable movements off the back of the rack, the safety straps are more convenient and safer for your barbell, the multi-grip pull-up bar offers several additional pull-up options, and the extension kit converts the rack into a 6-post rack with on-rack plate storage.

As for attachment compatibility outside of Titan Fitness, notable places to look are Rogue Fitness and REP Fitness. Each of these companies offers attachments that will fit 3×3 and 5/8″ hardware (Rogue Monster Lite and REP PR-4000). One thing to keep in mind is that imported racks use the metric system vs. the imperial system on USA-made racks. This means that hole spacing will be slightly shorter. If you find an attachment that has two pins (or a single pin with a second hitch pin) then it may not fit properly. Single-pin attachments tend to work fine.

Another thing to consider is that Titan uses a 48″ width while REP and Rogue use 47″ and 49″, so any attachment that spans the width of their racks will not fit the Titan X-3 without modification.

What They’re Saying at Titan Fitness

The Titan X-3 Power Rack receives very positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at titan.fitness.


  • “This is the best investment you can make. The 3×3 inch is what most in the industry seem to be switching to. Comparable racks from rogue and rep will run 100-200 more and not even include shipping. Includes the fat bar and standard pull-up bar. The j-cups are solid and it went together no problem at all. Hardware was all there and had no issues with shipping or any missing pieces. Powdercoating looks good- little if any scratches, and the welds are much improved from previous Titan generations. I haven’t bolted it down yet but will do soon. Zero wobble. I bought the 80″ but probably could have gone with the bigger size. Either way I’m so happy. This thing will outlive me. The Titan branding on it looks great too. Westside hole spacing is a huge plus. The only con would be that there are no pin/pipe safeties included. Not a huge deal but most racks usually include those. All in all I couldnt be happier. And huge kudos for Titan to 1) keep this in stock and 2) continue to provide free shipping.”
  • “Overall I’m very happy with the rack. Very strong and sturdy.”


  • “There were some scratches and flaking of the powder coat, but I’m not too bothered by it.”
  • “The only issue I have with it is the J-cups. The plastic that is supposed to protect my barbell is shredding very quickly and leaving black residue on my bar.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

Garage Gym Lab has not yet reviewed the Titan X-3.

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