American Barbell Mammoth Bar

  • Manufacturer: American Barbell
  • Purpose: Powerlifting
  • Bar Weight: 20kg
  • Gender: Men
  • Tensile Strength: 210,000
  • Yield Strength: N/A
  • Knurl Type: Medium
  • Center Knurl: Yes
  • Knurl Marks: Powerlifting
  • Shaft Finish: Cerakote over Stainless Steel
  • Shaft Diameter: 29mm
  • Sleeve Finish: Hard Chrome
  • Sleeve Type: Smooth
  • Rotation System: Bushing
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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American Barbell Mammoth Bar

The American Barbell Mammoth Bar is a well-regarded power bar that is capable of handling each of the big 3 lifts while offering a more subdued knurling compared to some others.

If you’re looking for a high-quality all-around barbell made by a reputable company and backed by a strong warranty, the Mammoth is certainly one to consider.

I personally own and use this bar – it offers beautiful craftsmanship and a couple of unique features.

Here are some further details about the bar:


The knurling on the Mammoth Bar, like most bars made by American Barbell, is on the more moderate side. Although this bar does offer a more mountainous profile than some of their other bars, I believe this was done by design since the Cerakote finish will naturally eliminate some of the aggression. Said another way, if this knurl pattern was on a stainless steel shaft with no Cerakote, I believe it would lean more aggressive than what American Barbell aims for.

The bar does include a center knurl in the same pattern as the rest of the bar. I tend to enjoy it more on high-bar squats than low-bar squats, but it’s capable of handling both. As you would expect, the bar also includes single powerlifting knurl marks.


The Mammoth bar offers a 29mm shaft, which is consistent with most other power bars on the market. This diameter creates a rigid shaft that’s ideal for the squat, bench, and deadlift.

The tensile strength of the shaft is 210k, which is higher than the other American Barbell power bar offerings, and right in the sweet spot for power bars overall. 

The shaft is finished in a gray Cerakote coating, which makes it very resistant to oxidation. In fact, this is likely the most rust-resistant barbell on the market since it has a stainless steel shaft with a Cerakote coating over top.


The sleeves on the Mammoth Bar include the infamous recessed welds that American Barbell is uniquely known for. The recessed weld is purely cosmetic, but it differs from the traditional friction weld that other companies use. It’s beautiful. 

Another quality of these sleeves is that they’re smooth and finished in hard chrome. The hard chrome is a very common finish for barbell sleeves. The smooth surface will largely come down to preference, as some people prefer grooved sleeves. The benefit of a smooth sleeve is that they’re quieter to use. The potential downside is that they may not keep the plates on the bar as well as a grooved sleeve. That said, if you’re using collars, which most powerlifters are, then it’s a complete non-issue. I will say that the Mammoth bar is in the top 3 quietest bars in my collection. 

The sleeves utilize composite bushings to spin – the spin is slow, controlled, and it comes to a gradual stop. Lastly, the end cap is affixed with a heavy-duty snap ring.


This is definitely one of the nicest looking bars in my collection. The Cerakote comes in a very cool matte gray color. Juxtaposed with the hard chrome sleeves, it creates a great overall aesthetic.

The recessed welds are just awesome. They are among the nicest looking sleeves you’ll find in the entire industry.

The end cap looks clean with the red/black design, and I like the silver snap ring as opposed to a black one.

It’s an all-around beautiful looking bar.

Features & Highlights

  • Cerakote Finish – Cerakote is a high-quality finish option that has been made popular on barbells due to its outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion. Originally created to be used on firearms, Cerakote has been shown to withstand abuse and harsh environments. If you train in a humid environment like a garage gym, Cerakote is a great option. The potential downside to Cerakote is that it’s applied on top of the shaft, which has a tendency to remove some of the raw feel of a bare steel, stainless steel, etc.. shaft.
  • Stainless Shaft – As if the Cerakote finish wasn’t enough, the stainless steel shaft itself is one of the most resistant to oxidation. Although you don’t get the texture benefit of a pure stainless shaft, you can rest easy knowing that it’s highly unlikely you’ll see surface rust… not for many years, at least. 
  • Smooth Sleeves – The smooth sleeves will generally create less noise when loading/unloading plates compared to a grooved sleeve.
  • Recessed Welds – The bar includes stunning recessed welds that American Barbell is known for. 
  • American Made – This bar is 100% made in America.
  • Strong Warranty – The Mammoth Bar comes with a limited lifetime warranty from American Barbell.

From the Manufacturer

The American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth Power Bar, formerly the Super Power Bar, has a shaft made from super stiff precision grade stainless steel. The Mammoth Power bar is finished with Savage Stainless Cerakote for a look, feel, and performance that is unparalleled in the fitness industry today. The strength of the shaft is tested with every shipment of raw material and is then heat treated to ensure we have a consistent 210,000 PSI tensile strength.  This ensures reliable long-term performance day in and day out.  Our selected steel grade for our Mammoth Power Bar provides very little flex, making it ideal for a variety of max load lifts.

After many years of producing some of the finest Olympic barbells in the world, American Barbell is proud to introduce our latest innovation: Cerakote finished bars. Nothing ever produced rivals the corrosion and abrasion resistance of this finish. Cerakote is used by major firearm manufacturers around the world in some of the most abusive and corrosive environments. Corrosion salt spray testing has shown that this coating lasts as much as 70x longer than chrome and even stainless steel.

American Barbell’s design team has been producing innovations in bar technology for more than 18 years, and this is one of our most exciting accomplishments. Every type of bar finish has its story, and we’ve determined that our Cerakote Mammoth Power Bar is unrivaled. This is an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful precision barbell that will last through the ages.

What They’re Saying at

The American Barbell Mammoth Bar receives very positive feedback from users. With a 4.9 average rating at, here are some of the things people have said:


  • “I’ve used the Ohio power bar for the last two years, and have previously used a Texas power bar. The mammoth is by far my favorite bar. Aggressive knurl without making my hands bleed, not too stiff but no whip, a perfect bar for powerlifting training.”
  • “The barbell is amazing from the design, quality, and performance. The knurling is not aggressive vs other bars I’ve used but still has great grip to it without tearing your hands up. The barbell just performs great and I’m glad I went with this bar to rebuild my garage gym.”
  • “I could have purchased any power bar. After doing my “homework,” I decided to go with the Mammoth Power Bar. Best decision, and best bar for bench and squat. I look forward to using it for years to come.”
  • “This bar has very little flex. It spins at the perfect speed for the deadlift, squat, and bench (and other non-olympic lifts). The knurling does not tear up your hands, but provides plenty of grip, kinda a “sticky” feel like fine sandpaper. The cerakote coating over stainless steel promises to last a long time. Overall, a great barbell, I am happy that I own one.”
  • “The bar is absolutely flawless. Truly amazing craftsmanship.”
  • “The fit and finish of the bar is outstanding. Beautiful craftsmanship. Lovely attention to detail. The bar feels very solid and well put together. The knurling/cerakote has a great feel.”


  • “I do wish there was more aggression with the knurling, which I know is attributed to the cerakote cutting down the aggression of the knurling. But still, some more “bite” is left to be desired somewhat.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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