Kabuki Strength Trap Bar

  • Manufacturer: Kabuki Strength
  • Purpose: Trap Bar
  • Bar Weight: 30kg
  • Single/Dual Handles: Dual
  • Knurled: Yes
  • Handle Diameter: 26mm, 38mm, & 51mm Options
  • Shaft Finish: Gloss Powder Coat
  • Sleeve Finish: Clear Zinc
  • Olympic-Sized Sleeves: Yes
  • Rackable: No
  • Sleeve Length: 17″
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Kabuki Strength Trap Bar

The Kabuki Strength Trap Bar is one of the most feature-rich trap bars on the market. With an open-ended design, dual handles, swappable grips, various grip widths, and a build-in bar jack, there's a lot to love about this bar.

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Features & Highlights

  • Dual Handle Height – The Kabuki Trap Bar includes dual handles to allow for full and partial range-of-motion lifts.
  • Knurled Grip Options – This bar brilliantly offers swappable grips depending on your preferences. The bar comes standard with a 1″ option and a 1.5″ option, but you can also add a 2″ option as well an extra 1″ or 1.5″ option. For instance, if you want both handle heights to be 1.5″, you can add a single pair of 1.5″ grips. The benefit of the 2″ option (Love Handles) is that it gives the user the option to have them set to rolling handles or fixed handles. All handles are zinc plated and the offer a fairly aggressive knurling.
  • Grip Width Options – While most trap bars offer fixed handle widths, Kabuki allows users to select from three bracket options when purchasing: Narrow (23″), Standard (25″), and Wide (27″). This is an awesome feature because handle widths can play a major role in overall comfort with a trap bar.
  • Not Rackable – One downside to the Kabuki Trap Bar is that it's not rackable.
  • Open-End Design – This bar offers an open-end design, which is a versatile feature that allows for a variety of movements that aren't possible with a closed-end design.
  • Integrated Bar Jack – This bar includes a built-in jack that can easily be flipped, allowing for plates to be loaded/unloaded effortlessly.
  • Sleeve Length – The Kabuki Trap Bar offers 17″ long sleeves, which is the longest among all trap bars. This bad boy is capable of carrying a lot of weight.
  • Olympic-Sized Sleeves – Another great feature of this bar is that the sleeves are Olympic sized, which means you can use any collar. They're also finished in clear zinc, which will look much better over time compared to conventional powder coat on many trap bars.

From the Manufacturer

The Trap Bar HD features an industry first variable handle system that allows for a 23″, 25″, or 27″ intra-handle width using swappable handle brackets. The standard bar includes 25″ brackets and customers can use the checkboxes above to add a wider (27″ width) or narrower (23″ width) handle brackets.

The age-old struggle of loading and unloading plates from your trusty trap bar is over. We are proud to introduce a simple, effortless solution – the built-in bar jack. Our design features 2x inch-thick “legs” with tread to provide grip and stability when the bar is positioned in a vertical orientation for easy loading/unloading. We designed The Trap Bar to allow for an effortless transition from horizontal to vertical position, requiring minimal effort and taking advantage of human kind's earliest discovery – the lever.

An industry-first, The Trap Bar by default comes with two sets of machined, knurled grips finished in bright zinc. The grips are easily swappable for your specific training need.

  • Included: 1″ Set (26mm)
  • Included: 1.5″ Set (38mm)
  • Optional: 2″ Love Handle Set (51mm)

Another industry first, the 2″ Love Handles are an optional add-on for The Trap Bar that allows for both rolling (the grip will spin freely) or fixed usage. Each set of Love Handles includes adapters to allow for both rolling and fixed use.

In an effort to make The Trap Bar as versatile of an implement as possible, we opted to open up one end of the bar while still ensuring it retains a fully-balanced design. This open design allows for much more variation beyond your standard deadlift, including loaded carries, split squats, RDLs, and lunges.

What They're Saying at Kabuki Strength

The Kabuki Strength Trap Bar receives very good feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at kabukistrength.net.


  • “This is the single best trap bar I have ever used. I purchased this bar for my home gym and it was worth every bit of waiting for it. The versatility of this bar is second to none. Even more impressive than the versatility is the balance and geometry of this bar. As a collegiate strength coach I've interacted with and utilized many different trap bars and none has felt as solid and steady as this bar. The integrated jacks alleviate the headache that is loading a trap bar. If you're in the market buy the best there is and never have to look again! Will be buying from Kabuki again in the future!”
  • “I bought this bar, the Kadillac Bar and the Transformer Bar. Out of those three, this one is definitely my favorite. Construction only took less than 10 minutes and the bar came in perfect condition! My other two bars scratches on arrival but Kabuki’s amazing customer service was able to remedy the blemishes. This bar is amazing for trap bar deadlifts and my unilateral movements. The built in jack is what really sold me as well. Loading something onto this bar is so effortless due to the jack.”
  • “This Trap Bar is absolute perfection. Easy to load/de-load, best knurling I've ever used, etc. 100% in agreement with all the 5 star reviews. I'd give Kabuki customer service 6 stars if I could. During shipping some of the parts were damaged and customer service sent me replacement parts fast while making it easy to package up and return the damaged parts. Thank you to the entire Kabuki team.”
  • “What a great trap bar. I use it once a week and I absolutely love it. It is well balanced and easy to load and unload plates. The customer service is outstanding and they will answer any questions you have with their products. The turn around time was long but they did explain that on the product and is well worth the wait for me. Looking forward on purchasing more equipment in the near future. Thank you”
  • “I have waited this bar for a while now and was really impressed by the material and design. the Knurling was also very aggressive…even with a bit of sweat it felt equivalent to chalked dry hands on other bars.. Awesome.”
  • “I have waited until using this bar a for a few months to post a review. I never thought I'd say this, but it is worth every penny. Engineering, precision, balance, quality…. all exceeded my expectations. I have to limit regular bar deadlifts to just prior to competition as I have spinal stenosis. This bar takes the strain off the lower back and allows me to do the volume I need to continue to increase my regular deadlifts. It seems to isolate the quads and hips. GREAT BAR.”


  • “My only hope would be that they find a way to make it rackable in the future. This would obviously open up more use for it (pin pulls, possibly squats, etc) and there would truly never be an argument for best trap bar on the market. I still think it’s the best bar but this would be an obvious upgrade making it far superior than anything else out there.”

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