Marrs Bar

  • Manufacturer: Marrs Bar
  • Purpose: Multi-function Squat Bar
  • Bar Weight: 65lbs
  • Handle Type: Long/Straight
  • Knurled/Textured Handles: Textured
  • Shaft Finish: Zinc
  • Sleeve Finish: Black Oxide
  • Olympic-Sized Sleeves: Yes
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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The Marrs Bar

The Marrs Bar is a very unique and quite revolutionary safety squat bar alternative that isn’t really like a safety squat bar at all. While this bar does offer a yoke in the traditional SSB sense, it doesn’t pitch you forward like a normal safety squat bar. Rather, it’s a low bar squat alternative for those with shoulder mobility issues or those who are just looking for a more comfortable low bar squat option.

I personally own and use this bar very frequently. It’s one of my favorite specialty bars.

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Features & Highlights

  • Backpack Style Yoke – One of the most unique features of the Marrs Bar is the backpack-style yoke. The yoke wraps around the shoulders and provides a perfect balance.
  • Molded Padding – The padding on the Marrs Bar consists of custom molded polyurethane with a grippy vinyl exterior.
  • Custom Vinyl – For an additional charge, Marrs Bar will custom create a vinyl cover with your colors, logos, text, etc…
  • Versatility – Because of the backpack-style yoke and the overall design of the bar, it allows you to perform a variety of lifts. Some notable ones include a low bar back squat, front squat, good morning, lunges, etc… The front squat in particular is a personal favorite on the Marrs Bar.
  • Zinc Coated Shaft Zinc is a cost-efficient plating that does a pretty good job at fighting off rust. Because you’re not actually gripping the shaft of this bar, there is none of the traditional trade-off with the plating interfering with feel in the hand. 
  • Grooved, Black Oxide Sleeves – Black Oxide isn’t a very common sleeve finish because it will show imperfections over time from plates sliding on and off. These sleeves are also grooved, which will keep the plates on better when not using a collar, but which will also produce a louder noise than a smooth sleeve.
  • Standard-Sized Sleeve – A nice feature of this bar is that the sleeves are Olympic-sized, which isn’t always the case on specialty bars. This means you can use standard collars. They also measure 16.25″ long, which is a great loadable area.
  • American Made – This bar is made in Waterville, Kansas.

From the Manufacturer

  • By distributing weight like a “backpack,” you will activate your glutes and hammys and increase your power. Great as a “volume” bar in the rotation.
  • With an ultra-comfortable memory foam harness, you can squat more weight due to the pressure isn’t sitting on your neck.
  • Patented design lets you do squats, good mornings, lunges, and front squats – hands free – like no other bar on the market.
  • By reducing axial load on your neck and back you will reduce wear and tear on your spine, shoulders, hips and knees. Lift longer and don’t get hurt

What They’re Saying at Marrs Bar does not currently offer reviews on their site, however, they do have a testimonials page you can check out here.


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