REP Fitness FB-5000

  • Manufacturer: REP Fitness
  • Bench Type: Competition Flat Bench
  • Bolt Together/Weld: Bolt Together
  • Bench Height: 17″
  • Pad Dimensions: 12″ Wide, 48″ Long, 4″ Thick
  • Bench Weight: 62lbs
  • Weight Limit: 1,000lbs
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Tripod Design: Yes
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Made In: Import
  • Warranty: 10 Years on Frame

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REP Fitness FB-5000

The REP Fitness FB-5000 is REP’s high-end flat bench and what I consider to be one of the best flat benches on the market for the money. I own and use this bench as my primary flat bench, and I highly recommend it.

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Features & Highlights

  • Bolt-Together Design – The FB-5000 has a bolt-together design using 3×3 11-gauge steel, making it the heaviest-duty bench in REP’s lineup. Some assembly is required by attaching the rear feet, the front post, and the pad.
  • Tripod Design – This bench is designed with a single post as the front foot. This allows more freedom for the lifter’s feet, which is a very important factor in generating leg drive.
  • Weight Limit – The REP FB-5000 offers a 1,000lb rating, which is strong enough to handle basically anything you can throw at it.
  • IPF Height – This bench measures 17″ tall from the floor, which is an ideal height for most users and which is also within IPF specs.
  • Includes Wheels & Handle – The FB-5000 includes two rear wheels and a front-post handle. At 62lbs, this helps to easily move the bench around the gym.
  • Thicker Pad – The FB-5000 includes a 4″ pad vs. a 2.5″ pad on the FB-4000 and FB-3000 benches. With the frame being shorter on the FB-5000, this allows it to maintain the 17″ height and it generally creates a very comfortable lifting surface.
  • Grippy Vinyl – This bench offers a textured vinyl that produces a great grip and reduces slippage while benching.
  • Wide Pad Compatible – You can mount a wide pad to this bench frame with the REP wide pad or the Thompson Fat Pad (additional hardware required on Thompson).
  • Upright Storage – Another nice benefit of this bench is that you can store it vertically by tilting it towards the wheels, which include a flat wheel guard.
  • Color Options – The FB-5000 can be purchased in red, blue, metallic black, and matte black. The matte black serves as the base price while the other options include a slight price premium.

What They’re Saying at

The REP FB-5000 receives very positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “This competition style flat bench was an amazing price, great shipping and great customer service. I have mainly purchased equipment from another great company but decided to purchase this bench based on reviews I’ve seen on YouTube from Coop at Garage Gym Reviews and Brian Campbell Diamond. Bench is very well built pad is very firm pad material is extra grippy. Pad is medium thickness in my opinion and a decent height from floor. Not too wide but wider than my adjustable bench of another brand. Frame of bench will last forever however the pad material is thinner than more expensive flat benches in this style. It is solid and heavy wheels make it easy to move and maneuver. I bought red to match my gym colorways and it looks great no concerns about finish. Bench is imported, flat packed and easy to assemble. Thank you Rep.”
  • “Heavy, stable, nice finish, good quality welds, grippy. Everything I want in a bench. Cant find one thing I don’t like about it. I cant believe they don’t charge more for this! Killer product.”
  • “I was looking for a Flat Bench that was solid, not too high off the ground, and offered enough padding to be comfortable while benching. This Bench checks all those boxes. The price when compared to Benches from other places makes me feel even better about my purchase. Great job Rep Fitness!”
  • “Love, love, love this bench – its a world of difference from my old adjustable bench which is taller than competition benches and dangerously wobbly. Feel very secure when benching heavy. Once I get my bench back up to over 400, Ill upgrade to the 14″ wide pad. Cant say enough good things about this bench.”
  • “This bench is solid and stable. The stock 12 inch wide pad is thick, good stiffness and has a gripping texture to reduce slipping. The wheels and built in handle make moving the bench a breeze. The tripod design is a huge plus for lifters who like close foot placement and if you’re tall enough then this type of design works well for box style squats. Great bench at a great price.”
  • “I picked up this bench to finish off my garage gym. The red on it really pops. It is extremely sturdy and easy to move around and stow away when not using. This is a great addition to any space.”


  • “The only negative was several minor paint flaws and imperfections.”
  • “This bench is a sturdy piece of equipment. So far no issues other than stability. The cross bar doesnt seem quite wide enough to stop the bench from tipping if weight shifts to either side. That would be my only issue. “

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