Rogue Black Training Plates – LB

  • Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness
  • Plate Type: Rubber Training Bumper Plate
  • Insert Type: Chrome Steel Disc
  • Weight System: LB/Pounds
  • Weight Increments: 25LB-55LB
  • Durometer Rating/Bounce: 94/Low Bounce
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 15 Grams
  • Diameter: 450mm
  • Hole Size: 50.4mm
  • Color: Black w/ Color Stripe/Lettering
  • Made in: Import
  • Warranty: N/A

Read below to get a detailed look at the Rogue Black Training Plates (LB) including product details, features, real user feedback, and more.


Rogue Black Training LB Plates

Rogue Black Training LB Plates are built identically to the more expensive Rogue Competition LB Plates but with a different aesthetic. Instead of being full color, these plates are black with colored lettering and colored edges for easy identification. In general, these are very high-quality, durable, and beautiful plates.

These plates are ideal for any lifting style… Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, general-purpose, CrossFit, etc…

This is the LB variant – you can find the KG Black Training Plates here.

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Features & Highlights

  • Dead Bounce – These plates have a very high durometer rating of 94, which is among the highest in the industry. The higher the rating, the harder the material and the lower the bounce. A rating of 94 will produce a very minimal bounce, which means you won’t end up following your bar as it bounces across the gym. 
  • Chrome-Plated Steel Disc – The Black LB Training Plates from Rogue have a beautiful chrome-plated steel disc, which is smooth on one side and which has 6 bolts on the other side for a very secure plate. The hole opening measures 50.4mm, which is standard for this style of plate. This creates a snug fit on an Olympic-sized barbell.
  • Raised Flanges– The outer edges of the plates are raised to help when picking the plates up from a flat position or otherwise carrying them. There is also a raised flange around the center disc to prevent metal-on-metal contact and to extend the life of the plates.
  • Weight Offerings – Rogue Black LB Training Plates can be purchased from 25LB up to 55LB and they’re sold in pairs. They’re also available in sets ranging from 210LB up to 320LB. Pricing on sets includes shipping, whereas individual pairs do not.
  • Plate Width – A great benefit of these plates is their width. Their slim profile means you can load more weight onto the bar. Plate widths are as follows:
    • 25LB – 1.25″
    • 35LB – 1.70″
    • 45LB – 2.15″
    • 55LB – 2.50″
  • Durability – These plates are extremely durable, whether in a commercial setting or in a home gym. They are built to sustain thousands and thousands of drops without material concern.
  • Texture – The plates have a pebble grain texture to them that helps your grip and creates a nice-looking matte finish.
  • Weight Tolerance – The Rogue Black Training LB Plates have a very accurate weight tolerance of +/- 15 grams.
  • Aesthetics – These plates look great. If you’re looking for full color, the competition plates are the better option, but the training plates have colors that pop very nicely against the black background.

What They’re Saying at

Rogue Black Training LB Plates receive very positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “I’m impressed by the quality of these plates as none arrived damaged despite some sketchy packaging rips and tears, and they are highly resilient to drops from overhead and general use. They seem accurately weighted/calibrated with little to no discernible difference from plate to plate, as you sometimes find with the hi-temp variety. Added bonus for general use – they are easy to grip while laying flat on the floor, with enough of a ridge to make pickup easy. The look is fantastic – I love the colored stripe as a perfect compromise between plain black and full color, both of which I didn’t want. Beyond the aesthetics and general use, perhaps my favorite thing about these plates is the way they rattle on a barbell during Olympic lifts. I’ve never had a bar and plates combo that produces so much audible feedback to confirm that I’m making contact with my body on the snatch and the clean.”
  • “These plates are excellent! Had the Hi-Temp ones since 2014, those are very good as well. However just can’t get a lot of weight on the bar due to the thickness of them. These do the trick, I can now get much more on. Plus they bounce 90% less, loving these.”
  • “These weight plates look cool, they fit tightly on the bar so they don’t make too much noise, they are easy to grip, and they are easy to tell apart even from across the room. As advertised, they have very little bounce and because of the raised rubber, they do not rub against each other when loaded on the bar. I bought 600 lbs. worth of these during Rogue’s Black November sales even and I could not be happier. I highly recommend them.”
  • “Was looking for plates at a reasonable price for general lifting, low bounce, and thin. These fit the bill perfectly.”
  • “Excellent weights! You can’t beat the quality. I will definitely buy more when they become available.”
  • “I have been lifting on these plates since last December and love them. They looks GREAT, feel great in-hand thanks to the small lip around the circumference, and they are durable. I’ve even taken ten of my sixteen 45s to a deadlift competition I hosted at my church, and they help up perfectly despite being dropped thousands of times throughout the course of the day.I purchased these instead of the competition purely for aesthetics, and I’m glad I did!”


  • “These have arguably the nicest aesthetics of any Rogue bumper. Unfortunately the quality of a set I received had a nasty blemish. The second set possessed no such issue. Rogue partially comped me, but do be aware. They are functional, but you shouldn’t be paying full price for boneyard bumpers.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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