Rogue RM-3W Fold Back Rack

  • Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness
  • Rack Type: Wall-Mount Rack
  • Tube Size: 3×3 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Size: 1″
  • Hole Spacing: 2″
  • Height: 90.375″
  • Footprint: 25″ or 44″ Deep/56″ Wide (49″ Upright Width)
  • Weight: 165lb or 190lb
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: USA

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Rogue RM-3W Fold Back Rack

The Rogue RM-3W Fold Back Rack is the best wall-mounted rack that Rogue makes, which makes it also one of the best on the market. Built with 3×3 uprights and 1″ holes, this is a very versatile and sturdy rack.

With “floating” crossmembers, this rack can handle sloped garage floors. And with UHMW plastic feet, your flooring won’t get damaged no matter where you mount this rack.

You can purchase the rack with a 21.25″ depth or with a 41.5″ depth. You also have the option to add a stringer for easier installation and extra support.

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Features & Highlights

  • Steel Size – The RM-3W rack from Rogue is a part of their Monster lineup. It’s constructed with 3×3 11-gauge steel and it’s assembled with a bolt-together design. 3×3 steel is becoming increasingly popular for its strength, attachment compatibility, and its overall aesthetic.
  • Wall-Mount Design – Wall-mount racks are popular for lifters who are working with tight space constraints. The most common place you’ll see this style of rack is in a garage because when it’s folded up, you can still park a car. This is a very efficient style of rack that takes up practically no room (less than 5″) when folded. This rack folds into itself and retracts very easily once the quick-attach pull-up bar is removed. By folding in, there are no additional height constraints as may exist on racks that fold up.
  • Assembly & Installation – This rack can be mounted to a variety of surfaces, including wood studs and concrete. Most home gym owners will be mounting to studs. While you can mount using the provided brackets, it’s strongly recommended to purchase the Stringer along with your RM-3W rack. This stringer provides more flexibility with stud spacing, it’s easier to install, it’s more supportive, and it looks great.
  • Hole/Hardware Sizing – This rack uses 1″ hardware, which is also increasing in popularity. 1″ hardware racks tend to get the best, most refined attachments. The rack will accommodate Rogue’s Monster Attachments/Accessories as well as some from other companies (read more in the compatibility section below).
  • Hole Spacing – The RM-3W includes 2″ hole spacing from top to bottom and it includes the same number of side holes as front/back holes. This rack also uses a key-hole design on the sides, which creates additional attachment compatibility.
  • Exterior Rack Dimensions – This rack can be purchased in two sizes: 21.25″ or 41.5″ depth. The total footprint of both is 25″ deep x 56″ wide or 44″ deep x 56″ wide, respectively. If you add the stringer, the total width increases to 59″. Those width measurements are on the wall only. In terms of the uprights themselves, the total width is 49″. The total height of the system is 90.375″.
  • Floating Crossmembers – The crossmembers are attached to the provided bracket via a vertical bolt and a vertical hitch pin in each. There is some extra room inside the bracket that allows the crossmembers to float freely. This means the rack can accommodate some floor slope without shims and without needing to mount one upright on different holes.
  • Safety Options – The RM-3W does not come with any safety options as standard. It is highly recommended that you purchase the safety spotter arms so that you can confidently lift on the rack. These spotter arms can also allow for rack pulls and other movements.
  • Laser Cut Hole Numbers – The Monster line includes laser cut numbers on every hole, which is a great feature for easy adjustments on J-cups, safeties, etc… It’s also much more aesthetic than non-numbered uprights, in my opinion.
  • No Color Options – This rack is only available in Rogue’s standard matte black powder coat. If you want color options, check out the Rogue RML-3WC, which is a Monster Lite rack (5/8″ holes).
  • Made in America – The Rogue RM-3W is made in Ohio.

What’s Included in the Box

The Rogue RM-3W Fold Back Rack includes several pieces as standard:

  • (2) Monster J-Cups – You can also upgrade to the sandwich cups directly on the product page, which I recommend.
  • (4) Mounting Brackets
  • (4) Hitch Pins
  • (1) Quick-attach Pull-Up Bar w/ Hitch Pin
  • (2) UHMW Plastic Caps for Floor Protection
  • (4) 21.25″ or 41.5″ Crossmembers
  • (2) 90″ Uprights
  • (2) OPTIONAL Stringer (Highly Recommended)

The Stringer comes with all necessary mounting hardware. If you do not purchase the stringer, you will need to buy mounting hardware elsewhere since the standard brackets do not come with them.

Attachment Compatibility

The Rogue RM-3W Fold Back Rack is constructed with 3×3 steel and 1″ hardware, which is compatible with Rogue’s Monster Attachments.

Some attachments that I think are worthy of consideration include the Sandwich J-Cups, the Adjustable Monolift, the Rogue Matador, the Leg Roller, and the Safety Spotter Arms.

The sandwich cups are nicer/more durable than the standard cups, the monolift makes it much easier to unrack a bench press, the Matador allows for a portable dip station, the leg roller makes unilateral leg work comfortable and easier to set up, and the safety spotters are necessary for safety.

As for attachment compatibility outside of Rogue Fitness, notable places to look are REP Fitness, Sorinex, Titan Fitness, Fray Fitness, Griffin Fitness, and Fringe Sport. Each of these companies offers attachments that will fit 3×3 and 1″ hardware (REP PR-5000, Various Sorinex, Titan Series, Fray Savage, Griffin GR3, Fringe 3×3). One thing to keep in mind is that imported racks use the metric system vs. the imperial system on USA-made racks (Rogue and Sorinex). This means that hole spacing will be slightly shorter. If you find an attachment that has two pins (or a single pin with a second hitch pin) then it may not fit properly. Single-pin attachments tend to work fine.

What They’re Saying at Rogue Fitness

The Rogue RM-3W Fold Back Rack receives outstanding feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “Seriously. I LOVE THIS RACK! It’s amazing. This thing is SO well built. I will never max this rack out BUT I opted to get this one over the lite version because this one has so much better attachments. I absolutely love it. Not too hard to assemble if you’ve got someone to help. It looks amazing in my home gym. Showed up quick and in perfect condition if your garage isn’t perfectly leveled then I suggest getting their spacer plates.”
  • “This rack is an incredible piece of equipment. It is both sturdy and versatile and a must for any home gym. It takes up very little space, is extremely well built, and definitely worth the price.”
  • “I purchased this a month ago, I received it in a reasonable amount of time in great condition. Installation was straight forward, I painted the wall behind the Rogue logo on the stringer, advice from a review I read, which makes the logo standout more. It was helpful having a second person to assist, the Rogue stringers made the installation go smooth. Definitely a sturdy piece of equipment…
  • “I ordered this rack to be the centerpiece of my garage gym. The construction and assembly was pretty straightforward. The rack is more than strong enough to handle BIG weights!”
  • “The pandemic accelerated my decision to end my gym memberships and invest in a home system. I have a small garage that I park my car in. This rack meets my needs perfectly. It wasn’t too difficult to assemble (as long as you have the right sized tools); and it is REALLY stable. Delivery time and price was also reasonable.
    I would definitely recommend.”
  • “This is a great fit for my home garage gym when your limited on space. Very versatile for your needs for big lifts. Go get one now!!!”


  • “The pull-up bar attachment scratches the rack when notched into place. The feet drag on the ground and make it unnecessarily difficult to fold or unfold, you can apply upward pressure on the swing arms to alleviate the issue if you’re tall enough (5’10”?).”

Garage Gym Lab Review

Garage Gym Lab has not yet reviewed the Rogue RM-3W Power Rack.

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