Titan Multi-Grip Camber Bar

  • Manufacturer: Titan Fitness
  • Purpose: Neutral & Angled Cambered Swiss Bar
  • Bar Weight: 47 lbs
  • Grip Widths: 2 Neutral Widths & 1 Angled
  • Total Grip Options: 4
  • Shaft Finish: Powder Coat
  • Sleeve Finish: Powder Coat
  • Olympic-Sized Sleeves: Yes – Almost
  • Rackable: Yes
  • Made In: Import
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Titan Multi-Grip Camber Bar

The Titan Multi-Grip Camber Bar is essentially the same as the Titan Multi-Grip Bar v2, but with a cambered center. This bar offers two neutral handles and a set of angled handles within the camber.

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Features & Highlights

  • 3 Grip Widths/4 Total Grip Options – The Titan Multi-Grip Camber Bar offers three grip widths: two neutral grips on the outer portion and one set of angled grips in the camber. By flipping the bar over, you can access the opposite angle, giving you four total grip options. Note that when you flip this bar over, you will achieve a shorter range of motion, much like that of a board press.
  • Camber – This bar offers a cambered center which allows for additional range of motion on certain lifts, such as bench press variations and row variations.
  • Knurled Handles – Unlike many swiss bars that offer smooth handles, and the Titan Multi-Grip Camber Bar offers a knurled handles for extra grip. The knurling isn’t aggressive, but provides some tactile feeling beyond a smooth powdercoat.
  • Rackable – This bar is rackable and it will fit a 49″ width rack (Rogue, etc…).
  • Sleeve Length – This bar offers a 13.75″ loadable sleeve length, which is in-line with similar bars.
  • Powder Coat Finish – Powder Coat is a very common finish on specialty bars. It does a good job at limiting oxidation, but it does tend to show scuffs easily, especially on the sleeves and rack contact points.
  • Almost Olympic-Sized Sleeve – The Titan Multi-Grip Camber Bar offers a sleeve that’s 49.55mm, which is just thinner than a standard 50mm. While you may be able to get a standard collar to fit without issue depending on which you’re using, it may be beneficial to purchase a set of collars to accommodate a smaller sleeve. My personal recommendation is Proloc since they can be used on any bar. They would very well and they’re well-priced.

From the Manufacturer

The Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Camber Bar allows athletes to take their workout to the next level! The cambered design allows you to gain a greater range of motion and combined with the multiple grips, you can target specific muscle groups with ease. Whether you are bench pressing or doing rows, the extra 2″ camber will increase the stretch and pull of each rep pushing you harder than a standard barbell ever will. The camber and angled/neutral grips not only allow you target muscle groups but also reduces stress to your shoulder’s for a healthier workout.

What They’re Saying at Titan Fitness

The Titan Multi-Grip Camber Bar receives very good feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.8/5, here are some of the things people have said at titan.fitness.


  • “A great addition to the home gym at an affordable price! The grips have a good knurl, although a bit larger. Balancing the bar can be tough but with time it gets better. The welds look pretty solid too. Overall a great buy.”
  • “Greatly relieves stress on shoulders when benching and prevents elbows from flaring. So glad to be able to push myself again on bench without being hyper-focused on my shoulders. Not to mention the ability to go deeper!”
  • “Solid bar take your bench press to the next level balance is the key to lifting it the camber dip in the middle makes shoulder pain free bench pressing I love it for military press also.”
  • “Another solid piece from Titan, at half the price of other competitors, just wish someone could explain to me why anyone would choose something 2x, 3x the cost. Big deal sometime welds aren’t pretty, but it doesn’t play a roll in its functionality, nor it’s usage, just saying.”
  • “stop reading reviews. just buy the bar. worth it. ships fast. ships free. get yoked.”


  • ” this bar is nearly too wide to rack on my X-3 power rack. While it fits, I would guess there is no more than a 1/4 of space between the square part of the bar and the uprights of the rack. This means that you have to be very careful and precise when racking it, and there’s still a chance the square portion is going to hit the uprights rather than the bar portion hitting the j-hook.”
  • “Just received the bar but one initial observation is that it’s a little tricky to ra-rack on my RML because of the squared off corners towards the sleeves. They tend to hit the jcups if you’re not careful. I have a non cambered multigrip bar from another company that has 45 degree bends into the sleeve section which allows for a lot more clearance. Maybe this is something to consider in future versions. Other than that this feels like a solid piece of equipment and gives a good stretch.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

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