Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plates

  • Manufacturer: Fringe Sport
  • Plate Type: Rubber Bumper Plate
  • Insert Type: Stainless Steel Center Ring
  • Weight System: LB/Pounds
  • Weight Increments: 10LB-55LB
  • Durometer Rating/Bounce: 85/Medium Bounce
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%
  • Diameter: 450mm
  • Hole Size: 50.4mm
  • Color: Color
  • Made in: Import
  • Warranty: 1 Year on 10-15LB & 3 Years on 25LB+

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Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plates

The Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plates are high-quality bumper plates with a great-looking full color scheme, nice specs, and very solid feedback from users. These plates are the higher-end version of the Fringe Sport Black Bumpers and their Contrast Bumpers, with the only difference being color scheme and price.

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Features & Highlights

  • Low Bounce – These plates have a 90 durometer rating on the 10LB and 15LB plates and an 85 rating on 25LB+. This creates a medium-to-low bounce, which means you won’t be chasing your bar around the gym like you would with a bouncier plate. These ratings are generally consistent with plates of similar style.
  • Center Ring – These plates use a stainless steel center ring insert with a 50.4mm diameter. This is consistent with similar plates and it accommodates Olympic-sized barbells nicely.
  • Raised Flanges– The outer edges of the plates are raised to help when picking the plates up from a flat position or otherwise carrying them.
  • Weight Offerings – Fringe Color Bumpers can be purchased from 10LB up to 55LB and they’re sold in pairs. They’re also available in sets ranging from 100LB up to 370LB, which differs from the black bumpers and contrast bumpers, both of which go up to 460LB. Still, this is a very comprehensive offering and, like with all of their plates, they ship for free.
  • Plate Width – These bumpers offer a nice overall width. They aren’t as narrow as higher-end plates, but they’re very comparable to competitive similar-style plates. Plate widths are as follows:
    • 10LB – 1.05″
    • 15LB – 1.2″
    • 25LB – 1.87″
    • 35LB – 2.35″
    • 45LB – 2.9″
    • 55LB – 3.2″
  • Durability – These plates have a very strong reputation when it comes to durability. They include a hooked center insert that helps improve longevity. With this style of plate, the most common durability concerns center around the insert loosening over time and the rubber chipping. User feedback has been excellent overall, however, and these should last years, especially in a home gym setting.
  • Weight Tolerance – The Color Bumpers from Fringe have a weight tolerance of +/- 1%, which is very competitive on this style of plate.
  • Aesthetics – These are arguably the best looking of the “economy” bumpers from Fringe Sport. The full color looks great and the raised lettering is always a nice touch.
  • Warranty – Fringe Sport offers an impressive warranty on these plates. They warranty the 10LB & 15LB plates for 1 year, which is longer than most (6 months or less), and they warranty 25LB+ for 3 years.

What They’re Saying at

Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plates receive very positive feedback from users. With an average rating of 4.9/5, here are some of the things people have said at


  • “I have used crumb, virgin rubber, urethane, and pretty much any other type of bumper plates you can think of. These are by far the best option. The second the plates arrived I loaded up my bar with a set of 10s and dropped it from overhead to test out the “no taco” ten. I was blown away when the plates didn’t bend or taco. The bar didn’t shoot across the platform. The sound was very minimal for a plate with such little bounce. I am going to replace my full set of hi-temps with these ASAP. If you are outfitting your garage or your gym, look no further.”
  • “Really embarrassed I ever wasted my money on another bumper plate. Excellent construction, excellent shipping, and the customer service rivals anyone in the business.”
  • “I love my new bumpers! They compare to the high end bumpers at a fraction of the price!”
  • “I highly recommend these bumper plates to everyone. The low bounce feature is great. Good buy.”
  • “Really awesome plates for the price. They fit nice and snug, no wobble or looseness at all. Shipped real quick as well. Will be purchasing more in the future.”
  • “Love love love these plates, I have a set of plates from rogue and to be honest I love my new ones from fringe a lot more. The sound the color the feel and just the over all quality of them! I’m for sure getting more! Thank you fringe!”


  • “The only complaint I have is that they smelled like gasoline when I opened up the package. This smell was terrible and lasted for a week. But now they are perfectly fine with me.”

Garage Gym Lab Review

Best Weight Plates Logo 2022

The Fringe Sport Color Bumper Plates were a winner in the Garage Gym Lab Best Weight Plate Awards and the Best Bumper Plate Awards.

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